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Did you know an installed central vacuum system usually costs less than door-to-door portable vacuums? Or that they can be installed in new construction and existing homes? More and more Americans are saying goodbye to pushy vacuum sales and "disposable" portable vacuums in favor of installing a central vacuum. Our research shows everyone who made the switch is completely satisfied and recommends it.

Healthy homeowners clean with or have their home cleaned with a central vacuum system. 100% of all vacuumed dust and debris is carried out of the living area and into the powerful collection unit. A UC Davis clinical study shows significant health improvements due to the resulting indoor air quality. For your home, consider an MD Central Vacuum, ask an independent dealer for a free quote, or continue to learn more.

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Combine a broom, dry mop, and vacuum and you get the Manta Mop! Use any central vacuum to dustmop and vacuum in one pass. See all our hard floor tools and other time-saving and helpful Central Vac Accessories.

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The most abused part of any central vacuum is the hose. It gets pulled, dropped, and slammed. Don't settle for a generic hose when you can have lasting quality from any of our Central Vacuum Hoses.

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We understand that sometimes central vacuums want to do things themselves. That is why we have central vacuum tip videos on how to maintain your central vac products so you can keep your home fresh and clean.

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Central vacuum accessories help you clean your house everyday, so why not get a firsthand look as to what they can accomplish for you. Watch our central vacuum products in action, and order your central vacuum accessories today.

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"I run an electrical contracting business and every so often we get a call for a vacuum repair. I always call MD Central Vacuum first for repair parts. They are helpful in finding what we need to make the repairs and always ask to make sure we have any new seals or gaskets. MD is my first choice."

Morris, Southern UT
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"All Makes Vac & Sew installed our new S2 Central Vac the day after we called. The service was prompt and perfect. Not only was the new unit installed in less than 30 minutes they hauled away our old VacuFlo 260 and gave us a tutorial on how to care for our new unit. I highly recommend All Makes Vac & Sew to anyone looking for a new Vac."

Randy Farmer, CA
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