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Nov 29 2015 9:48AM
I spoke with (Customer Service) and she is terrific. Very helpful and together we solved my wand issue with the new hose. Long story not told she is great and someone to value. Because of her you gained my loyalty as I will order a power head in the near future.

Nov 28 2015 7:53PM
Customer service was very helpful in my returning the wrong hose.

Nov 18 2015 8:05PM
Comments not provided.

Nov 16 2015 3:06AM
Customer Service was outstanding - they helped me with my questions, made sure I was purchasing the correct parts, and were very very nice. I received my order very quickly and was extremely happy with my order. Will definitely order again from this company.

Erin K.
Nov 10 2015 8:12AM
Great products and delivery! Thanks!

Nov 8 2015 4:27AM
Two thumbs up!!

Robert Merritt
Nov 6 2015 9:17AM
Thanks for the great service.

Nov 2 2015 4:47AM
Excellent service! Knew exactly what I needed even knew what parts I needed from a purchase from them many years ago.

Craig Smith, Delmar MD
Oct 30 2015 4:56PM
Comments not provided.

Oct 26 2015 8:33AM

Oct 23 2015 6:10AM
The staff member I spoke with was helpful and very polite!

Oct 20 2015 2:38PM
Very quick with a response to a question

Oct 19 2015 12:24PM
Needed to determine proper part to order. Sent in picture of broken part and Customer Service responded quickly with the part number and links for ordering.

Dianne S., Winchester, TN
Oct 18 2015 9:53AM
Although I have not been very satisfied with the quality of the electric vacuum hose, I DID have a very pleasant experience interacting with your customer service representative. She suggested that I e-mail her photos of our vacuum and hose to make sure that a replacement hose would fit. She responded quickly to what I had sent her, providing me with a link to the correct product to buy. Great customer service is no longer the norm, but it SHOULD be! Thank you Customer Service!

Oct 12 2015 5:25AM
Needed to return a part and it was simple and easy and no hassle. Thanks.

WD Hole, Tucson
Oct 9 2015 3:09PM
Great products, excellent pricing and SUPER customer service!!

Oct 6 2015 11:01AM
Customer Service is amazing!!!

Sep 29 2015 7:26AM
Comments not provided.

Sep 27 2015 1:46PM
The agent who helped me on the phone was SUPER helpful. She let me email her pictures of the part I needed, identified it and then helped me buy it. I couldn't be happier with her customer service.

Sep 20 2015 12:40PM
Comments not provided.

Sep 18 2015 4:21AM
called to let me know part was backordered.

Phil Tonsoline
Sep 15 2015 4:04PM
Excellent customer service

Sep 8 2015 1:36PM
good system you get what you need and that's all came on time as quoted

melody struna
Sep 5 2015 9:47PM
awesome price and great service thank you

Lee Ramsey
Sep 3 2015 3:45PM
Comments not provided.
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