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Apr 18 2014 7:49AM
I called customer service twice as I was making up an order. I actually
got a real person on the MD end and one who did not have to put me on "Hold" over and over but knew the answers to my questions immediately.
The customer service representative was polite, knowledgeable and easy to understand. Everything I was told by the representative was exactly what happened as the order was processed. This is truly "customer service" as it should be!

Donna Moore, Mocksville, NC
Apr 18 2014 3:04AM
Superb customer service and follow up!!!

Apr 18 2014 3:02AM
Very fast and helpful reply to my question. Thank you.

Richard Hiebert
Apr 17 2014 1:27PM
Excellent service. Had to phone in to complete the order. Whoever I spoke to was helpful and pleasant. Price given over the phone did not match price I saw online so she adjusted it to the lower price with not hesitation. Shipping was prompt. Unit has now been installed and works like a charm.

Apr 17 2014 9:30AM
Comments not provided.

Teresa Lieber
Apr 15 2014 6:12AM
Customer Service was exceptional. I was given great advice and we were able to make the repairs at home.

Thank you sooo much.

Jo Broder
Apr 15 2014 5:27AM
I found the customer service most helpful in obtaining the right parts for my vaccuum would highly recommend your company

Noel Carr
Apr 11 2014 8:04AM
I did have a problem with the order initially. I called and spoke to one of your reps who took good care of me. I received a replacement w/in a few days and very happy with the service!
Noel Carr
Monterey, CA

Sally Bisesti
Apr 11 2014 5:54AM
I have called your company a few times and have been very pleased with the service. I will use your company any time I need vacuum parts. Thank you for being so thorough.

Apr 10 2014 8:28AM
Customer care was excellent except I was not informed that by replacing the inlets to fit my new hose, I would no longer be able to use the inlet to clean my brushes, etc.

Otherwise, everything works great.

Betty K, Phoenix, AZ
Apr 9 2014 3:13PM
Purchased product 1716 and 2432,and was received promptly. The dust mop attachment works great on my new hardwood floors.

Apr 9 2014 10:58AM
Customer service was very friendly and quick to fix the problem. Thank you.

Apr 6 2014 6:24AM
Good service and fast

Jack B. Oak Ridge, MO
Apr 6 2014 4:33AM
Comments not provided.

Phil Ballai
Apr 5 2014 8:19PM
Customer service was very helpful each time a called and worked out my issues to my satisfaction. I would recommend your business to others for certain.


ken murray
Apr 5 2014 6:26PM


Mar 28 2014 6:51AM
Comments not provided.

Laura Kiely
Mar 28 2014 5:43AM
Great customer service!

Mar 28 2014 5:16AM
Customer service was awesome to talk with. They listened to my situation and communicated with emails and phone calls. It was a small order and they took care of it. I will definetly be ordering from MD when we determine parts needed during remodel. We will be needing pipe parts abd power head for sure. Thanks again for taking care of us. I Appreciate your company.Guy

Russell Williams
Mar 24 2014 8:16AM
The lady that I ordered from has been extremely helpful. She has good knowledge of your products.

Mar 24 2014 6:53AM
Very helpful for need requested. Just wrong part for motor mentioned in detail. Not CSR's fault. Poor manufacturer/vendor specs.

Roger Dock
Mar 21 2014 5:33AM
Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the customer service department. All the products we ordered were exactly what we needed. The product was delivered in a timely order and all the parts were packed so it would not get broken or damaged.

Thank to all,
Roger Dock

Mar 16 2014 12:05PM
Comments not provided.

Mar 15 2014 8:33PM
They were very helpful!

Mar 14 2014 10:15AM
Comments not provided.
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