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Apr 26 2015 4:00AM
so helpful in determining that the new wand that was sent was defective and getting a new wand shipped out right away.

john nash
Apr 24 2015 9:10AM
excellent customer service provided over the phone by a knowledgeable employee.

Frank morris
Apr 21 2015 9:54AM
Great service. Very helpful thank you

Apr 20 2015 7:16AM
Very prompt and helpful.

Apr 20 2015 6:07AM
Great customer service! I am enjoying the MD Stealth power unit and hose. Works very well.

Apr 16 2015 7:48AM
Because I do not give out my phone number, you will not accept my order? I will give my email address and if that is not good enough, well...

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear this customer was disappointed in the ordering process. We are reaching out to this customer to resolve the issue.)

Apr 15 2015 7:36AM
Courteous and prompt service. Didn't have the original color I wanted but at least you contacted me and gave me an option which I accepted. Thanks.

Columbus, OH
Apr 12 2015 4:43AM
Correct part, proper fitment, problem fixed. Thanks for the fast shipment.

Apr 11 2015 6:24AM
Your web site is, by far, the best I've ever used.
Keep up the good work!

Apr 9 2015 6:40PM
Thank you

John T. Caskey
Apr 6 2015 5:17AM
This cutter works great for quick, clean, easy cuts in vacuum pipe. Had to adjust the blade a little deeper for quick cuts but that was easy. Don't try to cut pipe any other way, this is what you need to get the job done. Looks and feels like a high quality tool. Spend the money for this tool, you will not be disappointed.

Mar 27 2015 4:35AM
Very good help -- I would have ordered the wrong item without their guidance. Got the right part and it works well.

Mar 27 2015 3:56AM
Customer service was very helpful. Seemed to be very knowledgable about the products that I ordered. They made it very easy.

Mar 27 2015 2:07AM
Most Satisfactory.

Mar 25 2015 9:33AM
Worked perfectly. Perfect fit to replace old board.

Mar 25 2015 2:54AM
This head is bigger than the hardwood floor head that came with my unit which is a good thing. It gets the job of cleaning the large open areas done faster so I recommend it . You have to get used to the extra amount of swivel. adjusting to it happened quickly for my husband and myself. When you learn its ways, it is easier on your muscles and joints than a more fixed head. Well made, high quality piece of equipment.

Mar 24 2015 1:20PM
Very thoughtfull answer and corect one. Two thumbs up.
Thank you very much
Steve R.
Mar 22 2015 9:05AM
Your customer support representative was very insightful, competent and most of all friendly. The parts worked perfectly. Thank you.

Kelly Klein
Mar 21 2015 6:50PM
Extremely friendly and very helpful!

Mar 20 2015 12:29PM
The customer service agent was very helpful and knowledgeable with my problem.

Neeta Y, Saratoga
Mar 20 2015 12:14PM
Our house came with a central vac. House is 2.5years old. Since we are the second owners I had no clue as to where it was bought from - the MD central vac. sales person was very helpful and understood what I was saying, on the second call she agreed to send me a new main telescopic wand (as the one I had did not lock in place) for free as it is still under warranty!

Thanks for an excellent customer service!!

Mar 20 2015 11:11AM
Comments not provided.

Mar 18 2015 5:22PM
Customer Service was very helpful..

Dan Keogh
Mar 18 2015 10:13AM
Your sales people were very helpful and seemed very concerned to get the right parts to us. things were done in a timley fashion & delivered as promised. We were very satisfied.

Dan Keogh

Mar 15 2015 4:55PM
Knowledgeable about products and what I needed. Very fast service!
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