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Don Fraser
Aug 18 2014 2:45PM
The service was terrific!

Mark Pofelski
Aug 18 2014 7:42AM
Dear MD, I called prior to placing my order to assure the bags I would buy were the correct items for my Air King central vac unit which is no longer in business. It seems an effort was made to locate a compatible product, but was told that effort was unsuccessful. After that conversation, I logged off your site disappointed, but later logged back on and selected a product which sounded to me like it would work and took a chance and made a purchase. Lucky for me, it has worked out, the product is compatible and is working fine. I do believe some product education is needed for your customer service reps, but that being said, she was polite and professional.

nathalie martin
Aug 18 2014 6:33AM
Your Customer Service Rep was very helpful, polite and patient. Kudos to her.

I also appreciated the quick credit once the vacuum I ordered (the wrong one) was returned.

Greg Frank
Aug 16 2014 2:25PM
The Customer Service department was incredibly gracious. When I received my first order, I realized that I ordered the wrong part, so placed a 2nd order. I contacted CS by e-mail and asked if I could just send back the $15 part for credit and they told me to just keep it and they would credit my account, which occurred immediately thereafter. The 2nd order was $55 and is what I needed ... I have not installed it yet, so cannot provide feedback on that inlet.

Aug 16 2014 12:05PM
Second time I ordered from you, and the service you provide is excellent. You make it very easy to find everything I need for my central vac.

Aug 16 2014 4:34AM
The service was excellent, however product did not fit

Anthony G
Aug 13 2014 8:35AM
Absolutely First Rate Customer Service AND follow up. Website is/was easy to navigate, made my purchase, received my order in a very timely manner. Thank You!

Aug 12 2014 6:28PM
They knew exactly what the problem was and sent the right part.

Aug 8 2014 11:14AM
Best customer service!!
Very impressed!!

Aug 8 2014 10:34AM
understood what i needed

Aug 4 2014 6:51AM
Had the parts I was looking for at a reasonable price and were delivered on time in excellent condition!

Aug 3 2014 5:23AM
I don't remember the young lady's name that helped me, but she was very polite, professional and very helpful. I am very pleased with your business and I will continue to purchase products from you.

Thank you.
G from CT

Aug 1 2014 9:02AM
Thank you very much for the information!

Joyce Bachman, Sun Lakes, AZ
Aug 1 2014 6:14AM
Absolutely the most amazing customer service of any company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business. If there were 6 stars I would be rating higher.

Aug 1 2014 5:59AM
Comments not provided.

Jul 29 2014 8:08AM
Had a great experience. I had a couple of technical questions, which they promptly answered, prior to my purchase.

I replaced my flow-through silencer for an HP central vac, with a closed-end HEPA filter. It's approximately as quiet as the previous unit, with the benefit of polishing the exhaust air, before it gets dumped into my garage. Just that much cleaner in the garage, now.

Jul 29 2014 12:51AM
Quick and accurate response to a request for information. Thanks.

Liz G, Shelton WA
Jul 27 2014 7:38AM
I called customer service because no instructions came with the new hose handle for my Stealth system. The representative was awesome and directed me to a PDF on the site. The PDF is better than instructions would have been because I could see the handle in color - which helped me a lot. Probably I should have looked more carefully *first*, but it's good to know the customer service is as excellent as the website.

Lois Munzel
Jul 24 2014 5:12PM
Very helpful solving my problem. Great customer service!

Jul 24 2014 1:49PM
Comments not provided.

Jul 24 2014 6:13AM
Very much appreciative of the answer.

Robert Schine
Jul 19 2014 4:34PM
I spoke with a representative who was extraordinary: he diagnosed the problem with my unit over the phone, took my order for new parts, explained to me how to install them, and offered to follow up if I had any need. I did not. He was simply terrific: competent, smart, courteous.

Edward Contant
Jul 19 2014 8:26AM
Patient, knowledgable people eager to help.

Jul 18 2014 8:24AM
Your customer service was needed and spot on with correct information. It seems that buying a replacement part would be simple, but with all of the variations out there choosing the correct parts was tricky. I felt that I needed help to make the choices so I did not order directly from the website. Your service folks provided all of the needed information and took the order. The parts arrived on time, and were exactly what I needed.

Dr. L.J. Hansen, Santa Clara, UT
Jul 18 2014 8:08AM
I ordered the fuse/plug replacement without the cuff assuming it came with the two little clips to attach to the wire. They were not included unless you buy the cuff + fuse pack. Customer service solved my problem free by finding and sending the needed small clips. Without the clips for my old hose my Beam system would have been useless. Great people to work with.
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