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Tammie Hietpas
Nov 20 2014 8:01AM
When you receive answers back on e-mails, and you ask for pictures of the product we are trying to get answers on there is NO place to replace to the e-mail and upload an picture, so you must start all over again. Also, it would be nice to add more than 1 picture into your site.

Nov 19 2014 12:20PM
excellent pre purchase, great product, and post purchase thanks

Nov 19 2014 9:18AM
Can't get a better and fast response.
Thank you very much MD Central vacuum.

peter fonkert
Nov 14 2014 12:29PM
We are satisfied with (our purchase) you Thank you Peter

Nov 10 2014 5:09PM

Belley. J.
Nov 9 2014 6:46AM
I have no news from Customer in Belgium , therefore no ratings. your Customer service is polite, patient, the lady I talked to was very friendly . Thank you.

Steven Kaufman
Nov 6 2014 3:45PM
Excellent fast customer service. I ordered a couple smaller parts that were wrong. Wanted to return them and order the right ones. Was told to just keep the wrong parts. But was much appreciated and nice I didn't have to mail them back. I put a system from you 10ish years ago. Now I'm helping my cousin install one. Which will be purchased through you.

Thank you

Nov 4 2014 8:38AM
Had a question regarding part compatibility that I posted to the site and got an answer the same day. Ordered later that day and the part worked great. Shipping cost seemed a little higher than I expected but overall I am very happy with the service and product I received. Would order again from your site. Thanks!

Antoine Saleh
Oct 31 2014 11:40PM
My wife is a clean fanatic and she was amazed and really happy with the Hayden Electric Vacuum Brush.

we are amazed of MD customer service good communication in particular (the customer service representative who assisted us).
We commend (this customer service representative) as she was grate assistance throughout the transaction
Without hesitation we would highly recommend MD central Vacuum & their products!

Oct 26 2014 8:19AM
The girl on the phone was very helpful & the parts are fine

Oct 25 2014 6:35AM
Comments not provided.

Oct 21 2014 4:38AM
Excellent delivery of just what I needed. Thanks

Oct 20 2014 6:07PM
The five star rating goes to your representative in Customer Service. She is a cut above average, friendly, professional, and pleasant.

Oct 20 2014 5:37PM
Your customer service person was very good and patient, having to convince me that the parts recommended were exactly what I needed.
Thank you very much.

Oct 20 2014 5:30PM

Oct 18 2014 5:02AM
Everything fits great, great customer service, quick and accurate responses to my questions regarding a 40 year old central vacuum.

Mona Deslatte
Oct 16 2014 3:16AM
We purchased the hose and the pieces needed to be able to use your hose with my Kenmore system. We also purchased several attachments. I was amazed at how well the new hose cleaned. Even more excited about the longer length of the hose then I had previously owned. Also love the wider attachments. Extremely satisfied!

Oct 16 2014 1:41AM
Comments not provided.

Oct 15 2014 9:38AM
Was very pleased with the timely manner in response to my email question. All information was given with ease in how to purchase product, if wanted. Appreciate the willingness to work with potential customers and their follow through.

Bill Collins
Oct 14 2014 10:23AM
Service was very prompt and efficient! Thank you

jan frederick
Oct 12 2014 3:36AM
Everything is good and works great. when we ordered they were very helpful. excellect shipping time only waited 5 days.

Oct 11 2014 4:42AM
Comments not provided.

Oct 11 2014 3:41AM
Comments not provided.

Oct 9 2014 5:33PM
Not good at all. I have phoned twice for an auth # with no response. Second time I was asked, who did u speak with? What does it matter? They couldn't look up order from my order or customer #?!!! The customer service rep said she would resarch and email me a return #, would take 24 to 48 hrs!!! What? Here's my info, sans order # that apparently isnt used...

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize for the oversight on our part. We are doing all we can to satisfy the customer.)

Oct 7 2014 5:44PM
Comments not provided.
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