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Rick H
Feb 21 2015 6:48AM
pretty good site! But a little difficult to navigate for parts.
Feb 20 2015 8:07PM
Comments not provided.

Feb 19 2015 3:47PM
I made the mistake of ordering the wrong type of hose twice but your customer service was terrific in handling the return. Fantastic service!

Feb 19 2015 8:26AM
Many thanks to Customer Service Representative for her prompt solution to our problem!
She gave first rate customer service.

Feb 16 2015 5:29PM
Thank you!

Feb 16 2015 6:09AM
Comments not provided.

Feb 16 2015 2:52AM
Great customer service!! Customer service explained to me how to adjust my vacuum hose in order for
it to be compatible with my central vacuum. All the attachments that I ordered are working
sufficiently. Thank you,

John Clearwater
Feb 15 2015 8:44AM
Very helpful.

Feb 15 2015 8:24AM
Comments not provided.

Feb 14 2015 11:52AM
Comments not provided.

Nancy Moul
Feb 10 2015 10:50AM
The service I received was exceptional.I believe it was (a lady) who helped me place the order and she even went out of her way to send me the correct parts when i mistakenly ordered the wrong thing. She saved me the hassle of returning the incorrect hose. I couldn't be happier.

Feb 6 2015 6:00AM
Works great. Excellent service. Thanks.

Jeff Evans
Feb 5 2015 8:11PM
Great prices and excellent service.
After I purchased some fittings to make changes to our existing system I found that our old system had vacuum pipes that were obsolete and that pipe or fittings of this size were no longer made. MD Central offered to send me two adapters free of charge. Instead I will purchase some additional pipe and fittings from MD to bring my system up to current standards.
MD customer service is excellent. I believe they understand how important this is to create loyal, satisfied customers. Thank You!

Cindy Tormey
Feb 5 2015 9:22AM
When I placed my order I mistakenly ordered the wrong thing. I contacted customer service and they promptly corrected it. I received my order on time and it was the correct item I really appreciated that it was taken care of so easily. Thank you!

Feb 4 2015 4:57PM
Very quick response and excellent customer service when I called them. Thanks!

Feb 4 2015 7:43AM
Kudos to your Customer Service department. You folks called to make sure that I really needed this part and that it was the right part for my hose. Bricks and mortar can't beat this level of service.

Feb 4 2015 7:38AM
C/S was very proactive in calling us to advise that the parts that we ordered were on backorder. We appreciated the advanced notice.

Feb 1 2015 8:01AM
I accidentally ordered the wrong type of wand to go with my central vacuum. I needed an electric one and I ordered the non-electric. When the 1st wand I ordered wouldn't work, I called customer service. The girl I spoke with was very nice. She issued me a credit for the non-electric wand and placed an order for the correct type of wand I needed. I appreciated her help very much because it was all my fault and she fixed the problem anyway.

Mike C.
Jan 31 2015 5:55AM
Customer service was very good. The issue with my order was addressed promptly.

Graham Walmsley
Jan 28 2015 2:43PM
5 starts out of 5!!
Customer Service gave me fast, helpful, and professional responses to my questions. I am very impressed with your company's customer service, and will mention it to anyone I know considering purchasing a central vacuum.

Terence Smart
Jan 27 2015 3:04PM
Outstanding service, I had ordered the wrong motor for my central vac and I realised this before the motor shipped. A quick message to you and a quick response resulted in the correct motor substituted.

As I embarked on foriegn travel before the motor arrived, I have not had a chance to install it in my vac yet so I have not completed your product survey.

Thank you,
Terence Smart

Richard Swenson
Jan 20 2015 2:22AM
one of the best sites/service i have seen.

1) incredible amount of information on the website
2) quick answer to my question i posted
3) help with combining 2 orders i had placed into 1, actually refunded some shipping costs without being asked.

thank you so much.

Jan 17 2015 9:14AM
I was missing one of the items I had ordered. Upon contacting customer service, they promptly shipped the missing item to me.

Roderick Day
Jan 15 2015 8:11AM
I received the wrong power head with my order. When I called, (Customer Service) asked me to send pictures of the incorrect part, which I was happy to do. She then profusely apologized and sent my correct power head in advance and a paid return label for me to ship back the incorrect part.

(Customer Service) was a pleasure to work with and handled the situation with professionalism and courtesy. She was personable, polite, and a joy to work with and I will be coming back to for all my future needs.

Roderick Day

Jan 12 2015 1:09PM
Fabulous customer service, the young lady was a gem and super helpful and knowledgable about the products and the website. Thank you again!
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