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Gary Andrew
Jul 30 2015 6:00AM
The Customer Service Representative provided us exceptionally high quality service with my order. She insured that I got the correct hose that I needed for my older vacuum system. She was a joy to work with!

Don Thomas
Jul 29 2015 7:22PM
"How to" videos and excellent instructions and excellent selection of items for sale are the best.

Jul 29 2015 8:51AM
Comments not provided.

Brian Fernandez
Jul 25 2015 9:39AM
Your customer service department is extremely efficient and helpful. First they guided me in selecting the correct model of circuit board to order, When I later realized that the problem with my vacuum system was not the circuit board, they arrange to take it back and process my refund very promptly.

I give a 10 out of 10

K. Kierpaul, Warren, MI
Jul 19 2015 6:39PM
Very grateful for the diagram on trouble-shooting - helped to diagnosis what the problem was and then we ordered the part to fix it. Great site; great information.

Jay, Mooresville, NC
Jul 18 2015 7:24PM
After some confusion about trying to use our existing wand with the new power head, we contacted customer service after not purchasing the proper part (based on the description on the site about compatibility), she was able to quickly figure out the right wand and was able to provide it to us for shipping cost. Exceeded my expectations! Excellent customer service. I wish I would have talked to them earlier, they would have saved me a lot of time.

Dana Williams, Denton
Jul 15 2015 6:19PM
I am so thankful for the excellent service and experienced personnel at MD Central Vacuum! After having technical difficulties with our 15 year old central vacuum system, I contacted MD Central Vacuum for advice on purchasing a new hose that would be compatible with our current wall outlet. I called several times for advice on brands and compatibility and each time I spoke with a kind, helpful, extremely knowledgeable representative. We ended up purchasing the ACE electric kit and I could not be more pleased with the quality of each piece included in the kit. I have been vacuuming since the kit arrived! : ) Thank you again, MD Central Vacuum, for your excellent service!

Toni rutter
Jul 12 2015 12:28PM
Very friendly staff. I got what I needed and I am very happy with the hose You have a very very friendly staff Good job everybody

Jul 10 2015 9:11AM

Jul 7 2015 9:11AM
We missed one item on the order and when I called in, they took care of it and shipped it out the next day. Great service and I will be calling back for vacuum items in the future. Thank you

Jul 7 2015 8:04AM
Support staff was very responsive and helpful -- I emailed and sent photos of my old machine for assistance getting replacement parts. When it turned out I needed another piece as well, it was shipped immediately via second day service. Awesome service, thank you very much!

Doug B., Erie, PA
Jul 4 2015 6:20AM
Not only excellent customer service, but the call center is US based, so they DO speak English . Not only that, but if the girl's name is Candy, it probably REALLY is Candy!

Jun 22 2015 4:45PM
The lady who helped me was outstanding. Thanks

Jun 22 2015 10:36AM
all fine, thanks

Alex Mesa AZ
Jun 15 2015 10:51PM
Comments not provided.

Harvey Bremer
Jun 13 2015 9:50PM
Sales staff was very helpful and the delivery was super quick. Thanks

Joe Lavallee
Jun 13 2015 6:19AM
the lady I worked with was excellent..... I needed help and she fit the bill! Please thank her. We are building a new home right now and we will be getting back to you.

Jun 11 2015 5:57AM
I ordered the incorrect end to my new 30ft hose. I called your customer service and they sent me a new end (no charge) and instructed me on how to replace. This saved me shipping cost and the time of returning the complete hose. I have used my MD system for 20 years and still love it!

Jun 9 2015 1:53PM
Comments not provided.

Jun 7 2015 12:27PM
Customer service is first rate.

D. Boman
May 27 2015 5:52AM
My only regret is that I didn't purchase this hose sooner. Huge improvement and way easier to carry to second floor. Love it. Thank you!!!

May 20 2015 4:41AM
Comments not provided.

Jay Croy
May 16 2015 5:45AM
Motor arrived quickly and was an easy installation. I can't believe how much the suction increased

May 13 2015 5:19AM
My first delivery was "lost in the mail" and when I contacted MD regarding that, a new shipment was promptly sent out, no questions asked. Thank you - I appreciate the quick response. I received my vacuum bags and they are great...never received the first shipment...FYI!

Carol Davis
May 11 2015 12:30PM
Ladies have been very patient and helpful with me. I will use this business again when needed
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