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Sep 15 2014 10:20PM
Not only is Stealth vacuum a great product, but customer service also provided excellent help.

Kim Kasdorf
Sep 14 2014 4:46AM
Recently I ordered a new low voltage handle and switch for my older vacuum hose. The new handle didn't fit the old hose (ordered from you in 2005) but customer service sent me a complete new hose. Thanks you very much for the excellent customer service and product quality.

Bernard Asselin
Sep 12 2014 10:01AM
Comments not provided.

Sep 11 2014 3:50AM
This was so easy online! Thank you!

paul rudolph
Sep 8 2014 6:10PM
exceptional service,i wouldn't even consider buying elsewhere,even at a lower price!

Cindy Ondrak
Sep 6 2014 6:38AM
Comments not provided.

Sep 5 2014 9:27AM
Excellent support

Sep 3 2014 6:15AM
Really disappointed in the lack of interest in getting us answers regarding the new motor we purchased that does not work. CS has been horribly lacking.

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize for the delayed reply. A large volume of customers needing assistance over the Labor Day Holiday weekend created a lengthened response time for our customer service team. We are doing everything in our power to make this right for the customer.)

Sep 2 2014 7:28AM
We mistakenly ordered the wrong part and when we called to return it for the right one, the service rep couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. Absolutely the finest service!

Aug 31 2014 9:39AM
The MS system I have is 23 years old.I ordered a his and other parts.The new hose w trigger does not work so I suspect the Linear receiver is bad.It would be good if you had a tech in house that could answer my questions. I am returning the hose but keeping the other parts.

(MD Notes: We apologize we could not resolve your concerns with the Linear receiver.)

Ken Wells
Aug 29 2014 3:09PM
I have a VERY old system that was hard to identify. And ai needed a new hose. The customer representative made a good guess and promised if it didn't work I could return it. I had to use the old fitting that plugs into the wall. But the new hose went right on. And I'm a happy camper. Also since I am a man I refer to this as a power tool so it's a more masculine activity.

Thanks for the confidence. I would not have bought a new hose without the customer rep giving me the encouragement. Very happy.


Roland M
Aug 29 2014 2:19AM
When I first called to order a replacement hose for my central vac I was in sure if I could get the correct unit.
The person I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable . She asked what attachments I would be using and when I told her she explained I only needed to purchase a low voltage unit, so I saved a few dollars.
That was a nice touch. She of of easily sold me a more expensive unit and me not knowing. Thankyou for your honesty.

Aug 28 2014 9:19AM
I had made a mistake on my order & called to try & correct it. The person I spoke with was friendly & helpful. They corrected my error & i received what I wanted. The experience that I have had with my new vacuum is great. If I have any problems in the future I am sure that I will let you know.


Aug 26 2014 6:46AM
Comments not provided.

Aug 24 2014 9:04AM
Comments not provided.

Aug 24 2014 4:35AM
I had a hard time finding the right CV hose and customer service helped me. I forgot the young lady's name, but their customer service is great. I would have never found the right hose, but after 2 e-mails she found it for me....Wonderful....

Patricia P., Sacramento, CA
Aug 20 2014 6:13PM
After reviewing the website, I was fairly certain the electronic circuit board I would need to go with my new 115334 Lamb Motor but wanted confirmation before I purchased. MD Central Vacuum staff put my mind at ease, answered my questions regarding the retrofit of the circuit board, and confirmed I had made the correct choice. Extremely patient, a pleasure to do business with, and my preferred choice for all my central vacuum needs.

Don Fraser
Aug 18 2014 2:45PM
The service was terrific!

Mark Pofelski
Aug 18 2014 7:42AM
Dear MD, I called prior to placing my order to assure the bags I would buy were the correct items for my Air King central vac unit which is no longer in business. It seems an effort was made to locate a compatible product, but was told that effort was unsuccessful. After that conversation, I logged off your site disappointed, but later logged back on and selected a product which sounded to me like it would work and took a chance and made a purchase. Lucky for me, it has worked out, the product is compatible and is working fine. I do believe some product education is needed for your customer service reps, but that being said, she was polite and professional.

nathalie martin
Aug 18 2014 6:33AM
Your Customer Service Rep was very helpful, polite and patient. Kudos to her.

I also appreciated the quick credit once the vacuum I ordered (the wrong one) was returned.

Greg Frank
Aug 16 2014 2:25PM
The Customer Service department was incredibly gracious. When I received my first order, I realized that I ordered the wrong part, so placed a 2nd order. I contacted CS by e-mail and asked if I could just send back the $15 part for credit and they told me to just keep it and they would credit my account, which occurred immediately thereafter. The 2nd order was $55 and is what I needed ... I have not installed it yet, so cannot provide feedback on that inlet.

Aug 16 2014 12:05PM
Second time I ordered from you, and the service you provide is excellent. You make it very easy to find everything I need for my central vac.

Aug 16 2014 4:34AM
The service was excellent, however product did not fit

Anthony G
Aug 13 2014 8:35AM
Absolutely First Rate Customer Service AND follow up. Website is/was easy to navigate, made my purchase, received my order in a very timely manner. Thank You!

Aug 12 2014 6:28PM
They knew exactly what the problem was and sent the right part.
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