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Feb 4 2016 8:50AM
awesome works great

Gary, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 4 2016 6:00AM
Comments not provided.

Jill Tatman
Feb 3 2016 9:50AM
The order was here in the blink of an eye! Best customer service. I ordered the right wand by your great description. Love the pet attachments, but haven't tried the blind attachment. Anxious to.
Thank you

Feb 2 2016 7:35AM
Great site to shop , will always reorder from this company

Jan 31 2016 5:44AM
Awesome customer service. Took care of an issue with an order immediately and even offered a military discount. Thank you!

Jan 30 2016 4:16PM
Comments not provided.

Ray Cross
Jan 30 2016 2:52PM
Excellent service -- appreciate the thorough and speedy handling of my order. I now need a second motor so I will be ordering that shortly.

Jan 30 2016 5:12AM
Comments not provided.

Nancy Franich
Jan 28 2016 11:54AM
I phoned to see about how to repair one of my stealth products and the technician was very helpful in finding a place nearby me where I can seek repairs.

Glen Kammers
Jan 12 2016 6:46AM
Great service

B. Martin
Jan 11 2016 6:40PM
Your Customer Service Team is great! Recently, I ordered a replacement vacuum hose for our Hayden system. After receiving the hose, the electrical connector on the hose handle didn't fit the wand for the power brush attachment. The representative knew the exact solution and helped me get the correct part needed.

The representative was very knowledgeable and friendly. Part was ordered and I received it the next day!

Thank you!!

Jerry Headrick
Jan 11 2016 10:16AM
You have an outstanding individual in customer service. She handled my issue quickly and professionally and in a cheerful manner. Two big thumbs up!!!!

Jan 10 2016 5:44AM
Most helpful in determining which hose to purchase.

Jan 5 2016 2:38AM
Comments not provided.

Dean Baker
Jan 4 2016 2:30PM
Fast and informative reply to my question. Thanks!

Dec 28 2015 6:06AM
The representative was incredibly helpful in finding and recommending a replacement part. She was very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.

Lucy, Connecticut
Dec 27 2015 10:55AM
It took weeks and 3 parts later to get to finally use my new hose and attachments for my central vac. Thanks to Customer Service, and her persistence, I did not have to return what I had originally ordered. Could not ask for better customer service!

Dec 21 2015 3:08PM
Comments not provided.

Dec 19 2015 6:17PM
I ordered the wrong part for my vacuum. 100% my mistake (I transposed the model number digits). When I contacted MD to reorder the correct part, they were super helpful, got the right part out to me and were absolutely sweet about making the return no cost to me ... even though this was all my bad. Great service!

Keith Hooks
Dec 19 2015 6:21AM
She did a great job. Answered all my questions and made good suggestions.

Charles Gates
Dec 18 2015 8:44AM
Works great.

Leonardo Gonzales from Millstone Township, New Jersey
Dec 17 2015 6:02AM
Excellent motor replacement for my Vacuflo 360. Perfect fit and works like it. Easy install and saved me money.

Dec 17 2015 2:00AM
Customer Service was great, and very helpful

Dec 14 2015 3:30PM
Fast shipping! excel customer services! will buy again. Thanks

Dec 12 2015 1:30PM
Customer service over the phone was excellent both times.
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