Central Vacuum Electric Kits
Direct Connect Hose and Corded Hose
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Direct Connect or Corded Hose
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Why Electric Kits?
Owning an electric kit is like winning the lottery for a clean home. You are instantly blessed with a cleaner carpet and indoor environment. The electric motor in the vacuum brush allows for deep, consistent carpet grooming and a more penetrating air flow than air driven turbine vacuums. Electric vacuum heads are also much quieter, break less belts, and have more features. The electricity is supplied through a lightweight hose with a pigtail electric cord. See the graphic to the right for more information.

YES! 99% of central vacuums, no matter the brand, are "plug-and-play" with any of the electric kits below. See the orange bar below for details. Every central vacuum on the market can simply upgrade without any modifications. Take a moment to read the kit overviews below and take a look at the Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Stealth Central Vacuum Kits
Stealth Central Vacuum Kits The Stealth Kit is at the top of its class for durability, control, and power. For consumers wanting the industry's best, the Stealth is the right choice for all your cleaning surfaces.
  • Microchip Power-Control
  • Quietest Brush on the Market
  • Lifetime Belt Warranty
Complete 360 Central Vacuum Kits
Complete 360 Central Vacuum Attachment Kits The Complete 360 Kit offers a well-built, powerful brush head. It is known for quality, power, and easy manueverability. With this kit, your home will be cleaner than ever.
  • Bright LED Headlight
  • Pivot and Swivel Neck
  • Step-On Height Adjustment
Ace Central Vacuum Kits
Ace Central Vacuum Attachment Kits The Ace Kit delivers deep, quiet cleaning to all carpets from the shortest carpet to pretty tall shags. Keep your home as clean as it can be with all the features of Ace brush and tool kit set.
  • Brush Foot-Release
  • Low Profile
  • Head Light
Blackhawk Central Vacuum Kits
Blackhawk Central Vac Attachment Kits Our entry level BlackHawk Kit is made of lightweight materials, making it a joy to use. As with all our kits, high quality cleaning tools are included, allowing you to complete any task.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Crushproof Hose
Electric Kits are compatible with 99% of all brands. For more details look up