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Low Voltage Wire Not Connected to Wire at Unit

We have the AV2500 Airvac central vac system. The low voltage wire is still connected/plugged/snapped into the unit at the top. However, the bare wire ends don't go anywhere and look like they were pulled out and are live (we shut the breaker off). We discovered this when we could not get our in house system to turn on but the unit works when turned on manually with the on/off switch (breaker on). Where are these wires supposed to go? Thank you.

There should be a wire following the plastic PVC pipe coming from the house to carry the debris to the unit. Find the wire and attach either end of the wire to the bare wire and the same for the other end. There is no polarity. Use small wire nuts to attach the wires together.

FX3000 Continuously Trips Breaker

I have a FX3000 home vac system. I have already replaced the motor, but it continually trips the microswitch breaker when we use it. Should I replace the breaker, as it may have become weak or is something else possible more likely to be the problem? Joe from Huntsville AL.
Yes, you should replace the breaker as it may have been compromised when your motor previously failed.  Please compare your breaker with our Mini Breaker Options on our website.

Filter Not Staying In Place

I have an AV625 with the weighted cloth filter. The filter will not stay in place long despite my many efforts to clean and re-insert it. Can you advise if there is a trick to this, it seems pretty straight forward.
The original filter should stay in place between two ridges. If it is not then the filter is bend, or something, and needs to be reshaped or replaced.

Red Light on AirVac Regarding Motor

just moved in to place with air vac. when hose is plugged in to outlet red led light comes on saying that further operation could damage motor . what could be problem. tim. thanks
To our understanding those are "idiot" lights that come on after so many hours. It may mean to change the bag, clean the filter, or check the carbon brushes on the motor. It is most likely the later. At about half life or 400-500 hours the motor brushes can be checked and replaced if needed. Most motors are never checked and they last a very long time. Sometimes it is a benefit to check the brushes. We have an article on changing the brushes here We also suggest you ask AirVac what they know about this light.

AirVac Platinum Burn Smell

Jody - Marion IA - 6 mos ago we moved into our house that has a AirVac Platinum Series Central Vacuum System. I was using the carpet attachment when there started being a burning smell, it also smells that way in the garage where the unit is located. What caused that? We are trying to clean out the carpet head and take it apart, but there is no easy way to do that and the only instruction manual we have show how to install the unit. Any suggestions?
Congratulations on the new home. Sounds like a couple of issues with vacuum system. Do you want to contact a local dealer for help? The smell at the main unit is probably a bad motor. The smell at the vacuum is probably a belt. Where do you want to take it from here?

Nortek FX100 Vacuum Parts

I have a Nortek model FX100. The fuse ( 15A 32V 311 ) is blown where can I get a replacement Walter East Meadow NY
That is an oldie! We don't know where to get a fuse but do know that others have replaced ALL the electronics with one circuit board here Use the large photo for a wiring diagram (yes, that is all there is to it). The only creative part is having to use or drill another hole for the minibreaker and black tower to stick through. An electrician can do this in under an hour.

AirVac AV425A Relay Replacement?

I have an M&S Systems Air Vac Model # AV425A. The problem is the motor runs continuously when the unit is plugged in. I can turn it on and off with the rocker switch. The motor continues to run when the hose is plugged into the wall unit and when turning the unit to off at the hose handle. Is this a relay problem. The unit has a separate transformer and relay. Can I get parts for this unit? Thanks! Lance
Original parts are no longer available. It sounds like the tank's on/off switch is 110 volt, not low voltage, and acts like a kill switch. The relay is bad but all the electronics should be replaced with a new circuit board and low voltage on/off switch. An electrician will be able to handle all this easily using the simple connection diagram on the enlarged photo of the board. The hardest part is adding an additional hole, if needed to the tank for the board to pop through into two places. Here is what you need:,251

Motor Brush Replacement Instructions

Don in Sanibel, FL. AV3500 installed a few years ago, not many hours on it. Stopped working. How do I REMOVE the brushes to replace them? (purchased brushes a couple of days ago, can't get the existing ones out). Thanks

You will find instructions on how to replace the motor brushes by clicking on the following link:

Replace AV550 Unit with Newer Vacuum

Hello: Our house came with an AirVac AV550 (or 220, hard to read the label); i recently purchased an AirVac Deluxe kit from you guys to use with the CV. Now I am thinking of replacing this old unit because (1) it is noisy, (2) there seems to be no exhaust tube, so the fine dust is probably being vented into the garage, and (3) i am not sure if this CV is powereful enough. Qustions I have is, (1) do i have to buy an AirVac replacement because I already purchased the AirVac Delux attachment kit, (2) what is the corresponding AirVac new model to replace my old AV550, (3) i am reading multiple reviews about type of CVs, tornado, bag, bagless, etc., what in your opinion is the best option (I can add a vent to funnel the dust outside the garage if needed). Thx
Your vacuum can be replaced and used with all the existing pipe, wire, hose and tools you have. Today's basic vacuums are 50% more powerful than the 550. We suggest the M85 Flo-Master or S44 SilentMaster. Our opinion is a top emptying vacuum with a disposable bag is best. The trash compacts at the bottom of the bag instead of swireling around and embedding itself on a permanent filter or screen. The suggested vacuums are sold by dealers near you that you can find on our dealer locator.

Remote Key Fob For Central Vacuum Systems

I lost my remote fob (transmitter) for my airvac wireless (model VMRC2). Is there any place I can buy a replacement remote fob? Thx N, San Jose, CA
We carry a replacement kit (receiver and transmitter) which you can view here: Please note that this will only work on central vacuum systems that have a low voltage wire coming from the home to the system itself.

Wiring Diagram or Relace with Circuit Board?

I have an AirVac 425A and I'm trying to locate a wiring diagram (Separate relay and transformer). Can you provide / help me to find? Thanks you. Chris, NJ
That is no longer available. These days it is always recommended to replace all the electronics with a single circuit board from this page They are something you can do yourself you using the large photo as the wiring guide and the questions and answers for particular information.

AirVac Red Series and Blue Series Fitration Removal and Cleaning

hi there, we bought an existing house with the red airvac series probably the vr3000, or w.e. the person before us had dogs and everytime we run the vaccum we better have the garage door open because it stinks, we dump the bucket atleast once a month-6weeks and im wondering if theres any way to clean that top filter or w.e it might be. my husband is tempted to just stick a hose up there to push everything down haha. please help. ali in jacksonvile
This is for all AirVac Blue Series and Red Series for Fitration Removal and Cleaning. You can remove and wash your filter or replace it with this one To remove the center-weighted filter you have to grab near the side and pull inward horzontally to the center really hard. Or use a screw driver to lift and flex the rim in one spot. The rim flexes and the filter falls out. Be sure to replace the filter only after it is completely dry. There is another thin filter above main filter at the air intake  that can be cleaned as well.

Switch on Tank Keeps Vacuum On?

I have an Airvac AVR 7500 central vacuum system. If I turn the unit switch on, it runs all the time with or without plugging in the hose. If I turn switch to off position, the unit runs only if I plug hose into the wall connection. Is this related to the low suction. Thanks. Yu
This is the correct operation of any central vacuum unit. The switch is to remain in the off position on the unit tank.

AV625 Replace Motors or the Loud Unit?

AirVac AV625 My AV625 is approx. 18 yrs old. It appears the motors need to be replaced. We have been happy with performance but the vacuum has always been uncomfortably loud. (located in the garage) Assuming it will cost approx. $400 to replace two motors and filter would I be better off buying a new, hopefully a much quieter unit. I have seen mufflers for vac units. Can I put one on this vac? Also, it is not exhausted outside. Should it be? Thank you, Phil Rock Hill, SC
You have a powerful and durable two motor 240 volt machine. To replace it with a quieter one (SilentMaster S5 or FloMaster M92 which is not as quiet as the S5) the cost would be double that of the motors. If you can afford it the difference is amazing. Mufflers on your particular system will not help and yes, it can be vented as yours is with TWO lines and vents to the outside to avoid any dust  and vacuum smell in the garage. The replacement units can be vented outside as well if you desire. The replacement units are available through local dealers. Please use our locator to find one near you or if you have questions we can help you further.

Water Damage to Motors

The reset buttons on my airvac 525a will not go in. The unit has no power at all. Outlet works just fine. I reset the breaker anyway. A water line had a pinhole leak and water sprayed down over the unit. I unplugged it and let it dry out for 6 days before trying to start it. Nothing happened at all. The reset buttons just won't go in. The unit is 18 years old. Is there a fuse inside the unit? How do I determine if I need to put in a new motor, or should I just get a new unit at this point? Mary Warrensburg
Motors rust out and will not work. You can replace the two motors and circuit board or buy a new unit for twice as much money. The motors are here and the circuit board here Let us know if you need any help.

Will Not Shut Off

I have an AirVac AV3500. The unit will run fine, but will not stop running unless I flip the breaker. Any suggestions?
Please use this guide to help you find the issue and solution

Wiring Diagram

I have an AirVac 425A and I'm trying to locate a wiring diagram. Can you provide / help me to find? Thanks you. Chris, NJ
Does that unit have a circuit board or a separate relay and transformer?

Filtration Different Than Expected, Low Suction

Hi I have moved into a house with a gold airvac 3500 system. Manual says use disposable paper bags over filter but ours looks different to diagram in manual? Also suction is terrible. I've removed filter bag & washed it, what else can I do please? Jan, Rochester, NY
What does your filtration look like? To check more suction issues see solution #3 here

Low Voltage Connections

Hi, I bought a house which has an M&S Filtex FX 3000 model central vac. installed. The low voltage wires are not connected to the unit and I can't figure out where to connect them. The wire strands are crimped into the slip-on connectors and I do not know where to connect these. Any help is greatly apprecited. Thanks. Boby, Germantown, MD
They will connect to the back of the unit to two small metal plates near the power cord.

Airvac Replacement Relay

Have a airvac central vacuum system. System put in 21 yrs. ago. Vac. would not turn on, thought it was the motor, put new motor in and still did not come on. I overrode the relay and motor turn on. So I am looking for a Potter & Brumfield relay, #s87r1a2b1d1-24 volt. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
You can use our generic relay for your system found here,  Wiring diagrams can be found in blue letters in the description of the part. Just click on the appropiate one for your system.

AV 410 Electronics, Relay

I have an AirVac 410 system with a Lamb 116207 motor. After a recent power outage the relay maybe the transformer are not working. I have tested the motor and it works great. Is there a new board with a relay and transformer on it I can replace my old one with or should I just replace the transformer and relay separately? If separately what parts should I use?
Your electrician can use this one relay and install it under an hour, easily. Use the large photo online as the wiring guide.

AirVac Gold Series Turns On and Off

I have a gold series AirVac 6 years old that runs then cuts off for a few seconds, back on, off again. Never more than a few seconds. May run for a extended amount of time without shutting off. Never shuts off when connected directly in garage. Thinking maybe problem with wiring in hose. Thank you, Tom in Aiken, SC
This could be a problem with the hose, the inlet, or the relay in the vacuum unit itself. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue.

AirVac AV5500 With No Power

i have av5500- does not have power, and can't find reset swich
Follow our troubleshooting flow chart to locate the issue,

AirVac AVR2400 Trips The Reset Button

AirVac AVR24000 runs for couple of minutes then reset switch kicks out. My AirVac is about 2 years old, but only installed for 1 year, and only been used for 6 months. All of the sudden it will only run for a minute to 5 minutes then the reset trips. I have cleaned the filter bag and even the Hepa filter over the motor (do I need this? it is very hokey)? San Francisco - Brian
Could be a couple of different issues, follow our troubleshooting flowchart to locate the issue.

AV850 Electronic Replacements, Relay, Fuse, etc.

I have an Air Vac 850B, 19 years old that does not run. The local dealer said one fuse was blown but when replaced the unit still did not run. M & S no longer has parts for this model. Do you know where I could get parts? If parts are not available what would be the easiest fix for my 4000 ft2 three level house?
Have an electrician replace everthing except the motors with one of these boards Use the large photo of it as the instructions. The retrofit of this board should take less than an hour.

Missing Circuit Board

I have a AirVac model AV3500 serial# K011563. It seems to be missing the relay board and or transformer that the low voltage board connects to. What part do I need to make the low voltage wires to work. Thanks Tony Charlotte, NC
Please call us for help and ideas for your issue.

180 Model - Motor or Replace Unit?

have an airvac 180 1. there is still suction, but it has gotten very quiet-does this mean the motor is going ? 2.I am thinking of getting a replacement unit, but don't know the air watts of this unit. what is it ?
The Model 180 has only 275 air watts. A new vacuum, that works perfectly with your system can have 650 air watts! That is a huge difference. The Flo-Master M85 is something to look into as a replacement. It has a lot of the same quality characteristics of the one you have but is quieter and more powerful. You can buy it from one of our dealers here Or you can replace the motor on your system with this one,256G,221,how2mtr. The price difference will be around $450.

Weighted Cloth Filter

I have an AirVac 3500 and cannot find the instructions. I emptied out the bottom container but cannot find a way to remove and clean the filter. It feels like there is dirt in the filter; is that simply the weighted bag? Do I remove to clean? Thank you, Paul Myrtle Beach SC
Yes, that is a weighted bag. The bag should be replaced every 5 years or so but between then put a trash bag up over the bottom, grab the filter, and shake. This is the only maintenance you need. To remove the filter, when it's time, simply grab a top edge and pull hard inward. The outer stiff rim bends in and the whole thing falls out.

AirVac Single Motor Board

Vic from Florida. I have a circuit for the AirVac AV-3500, do you one that would work
You can use this one and easily retrofit it in. Use the larger photo of it as your official wiring guide

AirVac AV480 Capacitator

I have received the new motor for my AirVac-model AV480(Lamb 116765 3st 5.7) and 5.7 gasket. A local vacuum dealer will install it. He said the old one had a wire dangling and it showed on my original wiring info as a capacitator C1 .47 MFD 250 VAC. I have not been able to find this part online and he also cannot find it. Is it necessary to have this part installed on the wire for the new motor to run properly? If we need it, where might I purchase it? Thanks.
Please call us for assistance with this.

Replace Motor Brush on AV525?

Can brushes be replaced on motors in an AV525 vac?
Yes, the brushes can be replaced with these, but if the motor has its 800 plus hours on it you'd be better off replacing the motor. Here is the motor It takes two.

AirVac 850B, Motors or Brushes, 110 volt.

AirVac 850B trips the breaker about 1 sec after starting up. Lot of sparks from one of two motor when it starts. Inspected brushes. One is bad - you can see a metal core in the face of the brush. Armature is slightly scored, but otherwise undamaged. Can't figure out how to remove the brushes since the wire is crimped in the metal band and there isn't enough extra wire length to pull it out to work on it. The other brush has about 1/4" left. Unit is 19 yrs old and has never required service. Do you recommend replacing motors at this point or would new brushes fix it? If brushes, please describe removal. If motor, is 119413 correct replacement? I don't have a parts list, but the circuit diagram indicates motors are 110V. Thanks. Tim, Phoenix, AZ
Tim, you'll be better served replacing the motors. They are meant to be replaced after their 800-1000 hours are up. Other parts are worn and new brushes will not pay off. Plus, you'll have to solder the wire back on. The correct motors to use are two of these Thanks for asking.

Motor Stopped when Vacuuming

In the middle of vacuuming, the unit stopped cold. Do I assume that I need to replace the motor at this point or is there something else I need to check? I have an Air Vac Central cleaning system Model #AV410 Thanks much
It is most likely the motor but please use this guide to know for sure.

AirVac, Filtex, M&S, Nortek BLUE UNIT

I have a Air Var central vacuum unit that came with the house - 22 years ago. The unit will not turn on, all it does is makeing click sound when I switch it on (switch on the unit). I can't find the model number for this Blue unit, all it has was 'Air Vac M & S Systems Inc and Nortek Company, Dallas Texas 75220' on the unit. How can I find out what is the model number so maybe I can find out what replacement part to order? Thanks.
See if your vacuum unit looks like any of these When AirVac bought Filtex, there was a time when the units had the AirVac and M&S name on them. If you see the one that looks like yours then you have also found the needed motor.

New to Central Vac

Is there any way to get a user's manual for the AV425? I have just moved into a house with this unit but no instruction manual---can i download one somehow? Thanks, Susan Richmond, B.C.
AirVac was recently bought out by Linear and it is unlikely they have an older designs manuals, but you can try them. The only maintenance is emptying the bucket and shaking out the center weighted cloth filter (put a trash bag up around it so you don't die of dust). There are a lot of answers and tons of tools for your system here We are also available if you need anything.

AirVac Overheating

I have an Air Vac-Blue Series that uses (2) 117123-00 240V motors. It is about 6 yrs old and I have replaced several motors. Normally I find minimal wear on the brushes but the amature burnt. One time the wire was burnt off of the brush holder which I fixed but it didn't last long after that. I have replacement brushes but never get the chance to use them. Vac is in the basement and is exhausted outdoors using (2) 2" PVC pipe runs that have several long radius 90's. My best guess is it is drawing excessive current? I am about to throw it out but afraid the next one might do the same. I have ruled out any high joints in the supply power. Your thoughts?? Thanks
There are a couple things you need to look at. There where a lot of these built with a ridiculously small foam filter hidden beyond the main filter. Remove the main filter and remove that foam filter, you don't need it. (If your main filter is the center weighted cloth, remove it by pulling inward from a top edge. The outer rim flexes and the filter falls out.) Another thing to check is the exhaust. You must  have two exhaust runs from two exhaust ports. If there is only one port then the motors are going to overheat (BAD ENGINEERING). Start with that and let us know how it goes.

Not Resetting

The AVP24000: The weighted interior bag cannot be washed as you advised me to do. The instructions state not to remove this bag. But the paper bag was new and I did get up inside the weighted bag and around it to remove as much dirt as possible. The vacuum will not reset. It still shows 3/4 full bag. Cindy in Elk Grove, IL.
Please call for further help.

Air-Vac 220 Central Vacuum Motor

What is the best motor to replace with in my "Air-Vac #220" Central Vac ? Lance, Woodcrest, CA.
As you probably saw, there is no 220 model on the AirVac motor page here Most likely the motor is on that page, however, because they only used several motors for all their models. Using the Details link for the motors please see the photo and description to help match the right motor. If you have the motor in front of you then we can help you on the phone as well. Some measurements, amps, exhaust setup, and voltage are all the clues we need.

Replace Motor or Unit?

I have an Airvac red series #AV3500 that I have already had to have serviced once in the past because the board(?) went bad. Ayway, yesterday it shut off and there was a bad metal smell. I realized that the built-in circuit breaker had been thrown and reste it and plugged it in. It runs for a bout a second or two, and there are sparks going off in the top (wasn't brave/stupid enough to run it without the top cover on it to get a closer look). I'm guessing the motor is it worth repalcing, or should I spend extra for an update unit? It is about 8-9 years old. Also, can a person with some mechanical savvy (say, someone who can install garage door openers, ceiling fans, etc) replace the motor themselves? Thanks, Corey Orlando, FL
Hi Corey, thanks for the question. You can easily swap out the motor to a new for around $150. The motor and instructions are here The smell was the motor going bad and the sparks and shutoff indicate the same. The motor is powerful and really great for homes up to 3,000 square feet. If you wanted to spend around $500 you could get 50% more power. A new unit, something with 650 Air Watts, easily fits into your existing system. The choice is yours. If you need more information please call us.

Green Light, but Not Running

AirVac Model #AV2500 Red Series, I see the constent green light but stopped and not working/starting. I cleaned and reset it also but all in vain. Please advise what to do?
Hi, most likely the relay or motor are bad. Use this guide to determine it and nevermind the green light.

Old AirVac Filters

My Airvac is old but works. It's an Airvac 160 and I need new filters. What should I order?
Hi, it should take one of these filters. If in doubt go with the smaller filter.,730EXF

ARM-10 Vacuum Filter

I have a model AV850 B that uses a cartridge filter, model ARM-10. I have been unable to locate a replacement filter "air refiner" and would request your assistance in locating a replacement cartridge. Gene
Hi Gene, we should the universal replacement filter as being an 8x8 inch foam filter here Let us know if you have any questions.

Low Suction

Air Vac 3500 Filter, is it replaceable and/or is it supposed to be emptied. I have poor suction and I have put named bounce sheets and it has gone thru. Builder left no instruction manual. Can I get any instructions? All the attachments and floor cleaner products that I purchased from MD are THE BEST!
Hi, first go through this process to find where the suction is low The center weighted cloth filter can be removed by pulling a top side inward hard. Test without it and see if there is a difference. We have a 14" wide filter as a replacement, just measure your diameter first The lower part of the unit needs to be emptied every couple months. We appreciate your coming to us again for technical help.

Stays On

I have an AirVac 425 and it stays on with no hoses in use. I disconnected the low voltage wires but it still stays on. What do I do now? Marla, Berkeley Heights
It sounds like your relay is bad. You need to replace it or if on a circuit board then you can use this

Relay Issue? Not Always Turning On

I have an M&S Systems Central Vaccum System (AV 525A). Everything works fine when the main switch is turned on. When the vacuum hose is inserted into the inside outlets, the vaccum doesn't always turn on. I have verifed that there is 24 V at each of the outlets at the metal contact points and the hose metal conductor is clean. If I connect the two low voltage connectors together at the vaccum, it doesn't always turn on either. Is it simply that the relay is sticking and needs to be replaced ? If so, how do I get one ? Is there some other measurement needed to diagnose the problem ? Steve, Memphis
That does sound like a relay issue but can be a bad motor. Has it ever should off while in use? That is the motor. If not then the relay which is on a circuit board or stand alone. Please call us with which it is.

AV550 Motors

I have an older M and S model AV550 (about 18 years old). Can you supply me with a motor for it?? If so what's availability and also cost. Thank you! Bob W
Hi Bob, that is AirVac or M&S, same company. The motors can be found in this chart. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Motors Turn Off in Minutes

i asked about repairing an ms model av525A vacuum 2 weeks ago. it turns on and both motors function. after a few minutes it quits. after waiting a bit it resets and works again but for a shorter period. i thought perhaps it might be the circut board? please respond. thanks harvey
Hello Harvey, the motors are going bad and the electronics are fine at this point, doing their job. Rarely will the heat from the motor going back kill the minibreaker or other electronics. Your model and motors are listed here

Replace Lower Bucket?

I have an AirVac AV2500 central vac system and need to replace the dirt cannister (part#561609). Would you have this available. Thanks. Gene Palo Alto, CA
Sorry Gene, we do not have the bucket and they are not made anymore. There may be some older dealers with inventory or used ones you can try looking up.

Shuts Off After 5 Minutes

lads and lasses: i have a 12 year old ms airvac model av525a. when i fire it up it runs for about 5 minutes and shuts off. if i wait a few minutes, it works again but for less time. this makes vacuuming a great workout and gives me more free time but my luv dart is not so impressed. both motors work. maphaps it is the circuit board? please advise. harvey
Hi Harvey, this is usually a sign of the motors overheating and correctly triggering the board to turn the system off. Most clients replace the motors at this time. You can also check your exhaust run and make sure it is not blocked thus creating hot back pressure.

Will Not Start with Hose

I have a few questions - First I have an AirVac ZX6000 with a CEN-TEC CT14DX head unit. This was all installed in February 2002. We also have the built in Dustpan. First, since day one, when we plugged in the Hose unit and statred the suction, the AirVac would start and stop serveral times before finally after 7 or 8 cycles would remain on. I believe that when we used the dust pan it would remain on. This leads me to believe there was a problem with the hose. Now when ever we plug the hose into any outlet, we get nothing. The only alternative was to turn on the AirVac switch to continuous power. Now that being said, I assume I need to replace the hose unit. I saw a hose kit that was a 6 ft to 27 ft hose. this would be great as we have alwars considered the hose hauling a pain. Continued -
You are correct, the extra wire in the hose was too difficult for the low voltage signal to travel through so the relay chattered and eventually fried. The reason for this is the installer didn't use 18-20 gauge wire but thinner wire without the ability to carry enough energy. If you don't have two pins on your hose's wall end you can put the hose into the inlet 90-degrees in either direction. This will short the two metal connections inside the suction hole (if your relay is not fried) and start the suction with the hose handle switch. You know your relay is dead when you do not hear a click when shorting the low voltage wire contacts on the side of the unit. So, the hose is not the issue, at least not yet. And you don't want to use the Stretch Hose as your regular hose because the further you pull the more is wants to coil back and it can't handle being stepped on. It is a great hose for quick cleanups though.

Reset Motor Life Light to Green

How do you reset the motor life light to green from red?
Hi, hold down the reset button for seven seconds.

Filter Maintenance

I have an FX3000 Blue Series and need to know how to clean the filter. Unable to find the handbook. Lake Jackson, Tx
Hi, we show that the top comes off exposing a cardboard rimmed disposable paper bag sitting in a cloth support bag. Here is the replacement paper bag Let us know if you have any trouble. Your unit may say AirVac, Filtex, or M&S.

Hidden Filter, Weak Suction

I have a model AV425A AirVac central cleaning system that is 14 years old. The filter inside the heavy canister has never been replaced. The air flow is low. Could this be the problem? If so, what filter do I need please? Thanks, Michelle, Atlanta
That filter only needs a beating. Look under it though and you will see yet another smaller filter that needs cleaning.

AV525 Low Suction

I have an AIR-VAC M&S model AV525A. It's about 13 years old and has worked fine until recently, while using the vac., the suction suddenly became low. I have not had any problems with this unit until this now. I emptied the cannister with out any improvement. Does the round weighted filter bag need to be replaced? There does not seem to be any leaks anywhere in the system or the hose. The motor seems to be working fine. Where can I find specific instructions?
Hello, first, this unit has two motors and with its age one motor may be out. See if the reset button popped out. You can replace the motors with the ones on this page If you think the center weighted filter is causing low suction try it with it out. Take the top side and pull to the middle. It flexes and falls out. For suction testing, disconnect the intake pipe and test there so that way the unit is isolated. Let us know what you find and if you have more questions.

VM110 Filter and Washer

We purchased a home damaged by Katrina just outside of New Orleans. It has an Air Vac VM110, the unit is fine but we are missing the filter and retainer. Do you carry replacements? Thanks Patrice New Orleans
Hello Patrice, we suggest this filter and if there is a threaded rod then a large 2" diameter washer and wingnut from a hardware store.

Little Suction at Hose

I have a unit Air Vac av3500. It sounds normal operates normally, but for some reason it has no power it won't pull the dirt of the rug. What do I need to do?
Hello, sounds like you have a clog, most likely. Click here to determine the issue.

Motor Auto-on, Bad Relay?

i have an m&s model 180 central vac. when i plug it in 1 motor starts running even if there is no hose connected to the unit and the switch is off. if i hook up a hose or turn on the switch it works fine. there is a solenoid and what looks like a transformer i am guessing one or both of those are defective im leaning more to the solenoid. am i right? and do you sell them? and if so how much and should i just replace them both or is there anything else i should replace? i greatly appreciate any info you can provide thanks tom
Hello Tom, original parts are no longer available for this unit since the company was sold twice over. We are trying to help customers who are stuck such as yourself. We have relay's, transformers, minibreakers, and circuit boards. It sounds like you have dual relays and one is bad but the relays we have usually don't work on your machine. Call us for further comments please. Our electric parts:

Removing Cloth Bag

Hi. I called about removing and cleaning the bag for a AV625. The technician said to reach up and collapse the rim of the bag. I have reached up through dirt, dust and debris, and cannot get the rim to collapse. Am I doing something wrong? I really feel like the bag needs to be cleaned because the dirt comes into the top, I'm not sure how much is NOT getting into the canister. Any advice? Thanks.
Hello, the weighted center cloth bag filters dirt before it gets to the motor. What do you mean "dirt comes into the top"? The bag, when the motor is on, is lifted up towards the motor. When off it stinks down. To remove you really need to pull hard from the top edge inward.

Manual Needed

I need a owners manual for Airvac Central Vacuum system. Model number AV550 A Serial number A 901 297 It is installed in the house I purchased and moved in on 8/1/2007. The previous owners lost it. Can you send me one?
Hello, we don't carry their manual but we can let you know what motor and filter the system takes by looking at your model number here The bucket is latched on at the bottom of the unit and is full of dirt. Empty it every couple months and remove the foam filter and shake it out. Sometimes wash the foam with water and thoroughly/completely dry before inserting. That is all the maintenance you need. For the accessories, you have standard wall inlets so you can use any complete kit found here. If you have carpeting we suggest an electric kit such as the Stealth. Call us if you have any questions and congratulations on the home.

New Owner, Need Manual and Accessories

Hello, We just bought an existing home with an Air-Vac Red Series filter system w/permanent fabric filter. The previous owner made off with everything except the unit in the garage. I would LOVE to use this system but I have no tools or manual. What do I need to purchase? I would like to know about any and all accessories for this unit, if possible. Hopefully you can lead me in the right direction? Clisty - Salt Lake City
Hello, good news is you have a standard system and therefore have all your options. All the attachment kits are compatible with your system that are on our website, as well as all the accessories. The only maintenance is emptying the debris bucket and putting a trash bag up around the unit to shake the center weighted cloth filter. If you have carpet we highly recommend an electric kit such as Stealth. Call us if you need any clarification. Congratulations on the new home!

Need Relay

The relay on my 12 yr old Air Vac Model AV 425A is stuck. Can you get me a replacement relay/Transformer? Thanks, Joseph Warren, NJ
Hello, sorry to say that AirVac was bought out and they are not supporting much at all. But if you can find a relay that would work you are in luck. We have one here I am not sure it will work or not. I know others have used our #235S Circuit board and replaced all the electrics for $40 or so. An electrician should do that.

M&S AirVac AV525A Filtration, Suction, Accessory Kit

I have several Q's for you: 1. We bought a house w/ an AV525A system. It is at least 10 yrs old. Please recommend filter replacements - not sure if this model has a perm filter or not. 2. All the accessories are shot - I need a new hose and new tools. My house is mostly hardwoods with low-nap oriental rugs and one room w/ berber. Please recommend best hose & tool kit. 3. I don't have patience for low suction! Please advise me on how to maximize suction, including the impact of different length hoses, tools, etc. Thanks so much! Wendy in Atlanta
Hello Wendy, your unit does have a permanent cloth filter and you can use one of these to replace it: For accessories we recommend the Stealth II Kit because you can adjust the vacuum to ANY height you want so that your carpets are groomed but not beaten. The Stealth has an infinite height adjustment on it whereas all others give you 3 positions or none at all. Here is the Stealth page: Regarding suction, your unit has two motors If one is dead you will have really low suction right at the unit itself. New motors are easy to put in. You have a strong unit so you should keep it and fix it up. All our hoses are the largest interior diameter so don't worry about suction loss, though if you want a 40-50 foot hose will will notice some loss.

AirVac VM212 Worth Saving?

I recently 'inherited' an AirVac VM212. The sticker on the side says that the warranty is to expire in 1989:) Is this system worth saving? Is it strong enough to clean a 1600-sqf house? I haven't plugged it in yet to see if the motor works, but replacement motors on your site are affordable. So would I just need to replace the motor and the foam filter? I wish I could find a manual for this system. Thank you for your help! I hope the system is worth saving! Kim Nashville, TN
Hello Kim, hopefully the motor runs so you can feel the vacuum power. It is not the best but for your home and, if you have carpet, using an electric attachment set, it should be fine. The only maintenance is cleaning the filter every couple months. It is good to have an extra so the wet clean one can dry fully. The VM212 and wall ports in the home are compatible with the attachment kits on this website. So, it looks like you may be around the corner from the easy cleaning that comes with central vacuums! If you'd like further help please call us toll free and note the days of operation.

Replacement Center Weighted Cloth Filter 14inch

I have a Air Vac model # AV425A and the rubber gasket that fits between the collection bin and the main unit is frayed and needs to be replaced. I think the rubber gasket is about 45" around and about 14" in diameter. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks Bill Brentwood, Tn.
Hello Bill, that would be our 14" wide #711B here

Central Vacuum is Humming

I bought a new AV425 Motor and 15AMP screw-in BREAKER from you for my AirVac AV425. They work fine but when put together in the vaccuum it still makes a humming noise. Do you have any idea what else may be wrong? Maybe there is a connection problem with the other parts? Do you have the spec for the entire AirVac AV425?
That sound is the rivets of your transformer vibrating, not too uncommon, but harmless (and annoying), and doesn't waste electricity. New central vacuums have circuit boards that can't hum, but stand alone transformers such as yours can hum over time.

No Suction

I have a AV4500. It is only 2.5 years old and does not have suction. I called the company that put it in (Dehart) and they say there is nothing they can do. I need to have a unit and am willing to replace with larger unit. What do I do?
Hello, first please take a moment to find the issue using the guide After that please call us for direction.

Filtration for AV325, AV425, and others

We have an 11 year old AV325. Okay, it has no bag inside at all? Should it and which one? Is there a secondary filter that should be changed? It never has been changed. Vacuum is still working just fine. Marla, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Hello Marla, the AV-325 has a cloth filter that dangles down from the bottom when you remove the debris bucket, right? That is your primary and only filter. To clean it, lift a trash bag over the bottom of the canister, grab the filter and shake. If you want to replace it or take it out you grab the edge of it near the side of the can and pull inward. The stiff outer ring will flex and the entire filter will fall out. We sell 11.5 inch and 14 inch diameter replacements of this filter. Oh, there usually is a weighted center so don't confuse it for trapped dirt.

AV525 Filter and Exhaust

We have an AirVac central cyclonic cleaning system AV 525 7 years old. We just bought this house and have no instructions or manual for the system. I have 3 questions: 1. How many filters should be there? And what are they? 2. My AirVac is in garage and it blows the air to garage (There 2 outlets ). Can I buy a filter? What kind? 3. Are there better models with better filtering?
The 525 has a single inverted cloth bag that can be shaken when a trash bag is up around the unit. You can buy an exhaust filter #723EF or two. There are better filtered units that you can use such as the SilentMaster that has a disposable paper bag.

Filtration Easily Clogs

We recently moved into a house with AV525A vacuum system and no instructions. After cleaning each room, the vacuum loses suction and I have to remove the bottom bucket and cloth filter, then use a yardstick to remove dust and debris clinging to 2 filters up high in the center of the tank. Any suggestions?
We suggest a new cloth filter. Large debris should not be getting past it into the secondary filters.

Remote Control Hose and Receiver

I have a Model VM180 Air Vac system with the wireless control. I am wondering what frequency this operates on as I need to replace the part that is on the handle and turns the system on. If I can find the frequency, a garage door opener may work to do this. Right? Do you still have parts to replace the handle part that is broken? I believe the board part works, the piece that holds it to the vacuum handle is the broken part.
We don't know much about the specifications but have sold a new clicker and receiver kit to homeowners like yourself. You can see it here

Inverted Cloth Filter Constantly Comes Off, Clogs

We have an M&S AV2500 Central Vac system that is almost 10 years old. The filter bag inside has been troublesome. It is cloth with a weighted center. It is supposed to lock into a rim in the center of the vac. But it constantly falls off. The small screen at the top of the system constantly clogs, reducing the suction, and I have to open the system remove the bag, shake it out and try to set it back in the grooves. It does not work. Can I replace the bag with something else? should I replace the system with a new bagless system? Please give me some options. Thank you.
That should not be happening. If the diameter of the bag's stiff rim is 14" or 11.5" then we have a replacement. Also, we do push top emptying disposable bag type units over these ones because it is straight forward and very clean. It would probably be prudent to keep yours until the motor dies but then again the 2500 is the smallest one and a new vac would have more power. Please send your zip code if you want to buy a new unit.

Filter Stinks!

We have an AV 525 H that is about 11 yrs. old. the filter smells awful. How do I remove it to wash or replace it? Can it be washed?
You have a bottom emptying "permanent" cloth filter. Please grab it on the side and pull towards the center. It will fall out. You can try to wash and air dry it. You can measure the diameter of it and see if you can buy a new one. We sell 11.5" and 14" diameter replacements.

Remote AirVac Systems

Reference is made to previous question entitled RELAY FOR AIRVAC" My previous statement proves to be incorrect..the test I ran on exterior wires proves that RELAY works fine. If unit turns on with remote but fails to turn off with remote (must unplug machine to turn off) will this problem be solved with a new receiver and transmitter? Do you have drawing that shows receiver placement for change out. Sincerely appreciate your patience with me and your advice.
Those systems are not longer supported by anyone. If you don't have low voltage wires running to your vacuum and inlets or if you have the AirVac models with the remote built in the vacuum unit you may be able to replace it all with a different type of remote unit. See:

Relay for AirVac

Reference AIR VAC Model AV 550, Serial #C901017. HOME USE. This unit has a remote control device. I am able to activate the unit by using the remote control but cannot turn the unit off with re- mote control. The only way the unit can be turned off is by pulling the plug or cutting off the electrical power. I have been able to trouble shoot the problem with Technical Support from Linear and know it is not the remote control device. I have been told I need the RELAY, specifically RELAY, 220v or PART NUMBER 470-003. Do you carry this RELAY? If not, where can I get one or a substitute?
Please take a look at the photograph at the very bottom of this page That is our relay #241 found here It does say 220v (which doesn't mean volts, by the way).

Model 110 Needs Filter?

We have just purchased a home with an AirVac 110 unit that most recently had the motor replaced successfully. Following the replacement of the motor the servicing representative indicated that this model "had no filter". In review of the sticker on the side of the unit it indicates that indeed there is a filter of some sort. I can't figure what type it needs. The unit has a funnel device in place but appears to need some form of fiber-filter otherwise secured by a wing-nut a the bottom of the motor/vac? Help! Shoot me back a message,please!
Yes you need this filter. There should be a rod, washer, and wing nut. If not, pick them up at Home Depot.

AV2500 Filtration

Is there a filter in the AV2500 vacuum? Thank You
Their is a permanent inverted cloth filter on the bottom of the unit when you remove the debris bucket. You can put a trash bag up around the vacuum unit and shake the cloth filter to clean it. That is all the maintenance there is!

Need Bottom Bucket

We recently purchased an existing home(built in 2003) which has an Air Vac AV5500 system. For some unknown reason there is no bottom catch bucket to collect the vacuumed debris. The system is absolutely useless without this part! We have had the local repairman out to check out the system and his reply is that we have a wonderful system if we can locate a bottom bucket for the unit. Can you help me? Thank you.
AirVac is phasing this style of unit out so you need to act quick. Another issue is they just got bought out and rumor has it ridded themselves of some older parts inventory. We don't have one but you may be able to find one if you can find a dealer who sells the actual units (we sell accessories/attachments/upgrades).

FX3000 Connections

I have procured a FX3000 model AirVac system by M&S Systems. What, I'm trying to figure out is what goes in the "outlet" to the right of the model number label. What goes here? I am replacing an old NuTone vacuum system. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
This is a top emptying machine, so the top ports are air in and the bottom port is air out.

Will Not Shut-Off

All of a sudden, the suction is unable to be turned off at the end of the hose. We have to unplug the unit from the outlet or it runs constantly. We looked for loose wires in the unit, but there is nothing obvious wrong. What do you think the problem could be?
It is your relay or low voltage wire that runs to each inlet. Follow this trouble shooting chart to find which and the solutions.

Removing Low Voltage Wire at Unit

I have a M&S Central Vacuum System Model AV 2500. The Mounting bracket came loose from the wall as it was not mounted in a stud. My question is, how do I disconnect the low voltage wire the plugs into the top side p[ortion of the unit? I tried just pulling it out however it didn't come out and I was afraid I might break it.
Over the years the wire was attached in several ways. There was the wire nut that unscrews, the slated female ends that pulls off the male end, the speaker type connections where you press in the side and it releases the wire, the hidden connection which you need to pull out of the unit from the rubber entry, and the screwed on terminal end. Hope that helps.

AirVac 425 Filtration and Maintenance

Just bought a house and I have an Air Vac central cyclonic cleaning system AV425. I have no instructions or manual. Can I get one? Is this system a Red, Gold, or Blue? Is it bagless? Should I be getting filters for it?
You have a "filtered cyclonic". The cloth filter is sucked up into the unit when it is on. Otherwise is hangs down when off. You can see it when you take the debris bucket off the bottom of the unit. To clean it, wrap a trash bag up around the bottom of the unit, hold on to the cloth filter through the plastic and shake. Regarding the system, it is not in the Red, Gold, Blue Series.

Sparks, Motor?

I have an M&S AV4500. Yesterday it stopped working and smoke and sparks were flying out from above the machine when I tried to reset it and turn it on. Do I need a new motor?
Yes, that is the clear sign that the motor is officially gone.

Cloth Support Bag

Hello, I have a Filtex FX900 and I need the cloth bag for this unit. Do you offer this part? Thanks, Randy Anderson
We sell one of the two sizes used on Filtex, M&S and AirVac. Click here, read the diameter, and determine if it fits your machine.

AirVac M&S 180 Series Motor?

I have a Air Vac Music & Sound Model VM 180A. Which motor do I need to buy to replace the old motor or motors? How much will the new motor cost and what else do I need to get to replace it. Thank You
You can find the correct motor for your system and installation instructions here,,221,how2mtr&qty=1,1,1&title=Motor+for+AirVac+180A

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