Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Vacuuming at its Best
The Basic Central Vacuum Hose is a tremendous value. In the past, central vacuum hoses were not as smooth on the interior and had narrower diameters. That equates to less suction going through the hose and more time spent vacuuming. All that has changed. A new central vac hose delivers a lot more suction, making the home cleaner and vacuuming faster. Replace your basic hose with the new Basic Hose and gain the upper hand in your chores. The Basic Hose features:

  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Home
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses*
  • Metal Hose End
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Fits 1-7/16" to 1-1/2" Diameter Inlets
  • 30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Having a functioning central vacuum is a necessity, and having one that is more convenient is a real bonus. Consider upgrading to the Low Voltage Hose (the low voltage hose has features that take the frustration out of dealing with a long hose such as fewer kinks, a handle, air flow adjustability, and a switch to conveniently turn the suction on and off).

*After 2004 the interior of the hose increased to 1-3/8" diameter and was made smoother for maximum performance.

Basic Hoses for odd-shaped valves

All accessories are compatible with the Basic central vacuum hose. Accessories, wands, and brushes sold separately.

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Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets
Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets
Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care. Simply vacuum them through the hose and into the main vacuum unit. These handy sheets (25 per container) are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency.

Why should I use Free Flow Sheets?
Your central vacuum system represents a significant investment in your home. In addition, it is also an important contributor to your family's health and well-being. With proper care, your central vacuum system should provide years of trouble-free use. Free Flow is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean and maintain your central vacuum system.

What do Free Flow sheets do for your system?
Free Flow textured sheets are specially formulated to capture dirt and grime residue that exists in the hose and tubing. Also, when suctioned through the hose and pipe system, these sheets capture larger debris such as pebbles, lint, sticks, etc. and deliver these items to the canister. Finally, the treated sheets "wipe down" the inside walls of hoses and tubing, and their scented solution leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh.

Can I leave Free Flow sheets in the dirt receptacle?
Use of Free Flow sheets should in no way alter the central vacuum system manufacturer's recommended filling intervals. Used sheets can be left in the dirt receptacle, and will continue to emit a clean, fresh scent.

Do they ever clog your pipes?
If your system is developing a clog, this product may remove it or further clog it. Sometimes clogging the pipe more helps because then the powerful suction power can use its full sealed suction force to pull the clog out. We have documented customers in both situations.

Manufacturer's Note: As of 02/05/2015, we are switching products from Tornado Power cloths to Free Flow sheets. They are essentially the same product.

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#1 Issue of Central Vacs
With the number one complaint about central vacuums being the central vac hose, what can we do to help the situation? To start, how many hoses out there are over 10 years old? Way to many! Over the years certain hoses can get rigid, and those are no fun to work with. Besides how rough they are on furniture and the corners of your walls, they are a pain to manage. Want to stop the frustrations? Then the time has come to think about getting a new central vacuum hose. A brand new basic vacuum hose is soft and lightweight yet all the while very durable. With a new hose you'll wonder why you didn't get it sooner.

The Right Hose Waits for You
Take a moment to look at any compatibility notes in central vacuum parts, under your brand, then under hoses. Nearly all systems ever installed will work directly with the basic hose and with so many hose lengths available, you can maximize your cleaning. A fifty foot hose will go incredibly far, even to driveways and porches. Your central vacuum can pick up a lot of things so why not use it for the job? Remember that the tightest turn in the system is right at the wall so if something too long gets in the hose it will get stuck right there where it is easy to retrieve. Besides the long hose, there is also a 25 foot one available. This will be great to use in high-traffic areas that need more than the once a week sweep. A shorter hose is easier to handle and store, and it will actually have more suction for deeper faster cleaning.

Save Money or Gain Convenience
Taking a look at the customer reviews, you will see that only real drawback to a basic hose is the lack of a swivel at the handle end. That means the hose will want to kink as you pull it straight and you'll have to physically spin the handle as the hose unwinds. That means you'll have to disconnect from the vacuum wands at times, spin the hose, and then reconnect. If that is a deal breaker for you consider upgrading the basic hose to the low voltage hose for just a bit more money. It can make a world of a difference. Wherever the basic hose is used the low voltage hose can always be used in its place.

More Options
There are other useful hoses such as the Stretch Hose and Extension Hose, that fit all systems, and they are on the central vacuum hose page. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call one of our dealers or us directly. Let's be sure you get the parts you need and understand your options.