Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hoses

Non-Electric Vacuuming Convenience

Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage On/Off Hose

Product Details

Non-Electric Vacuuming Convenience
Receive your new Low Voltage Hose and enjoy the convenience of turning the suction on and off without having to run back to the wall inlet. The Low Voltage Hose is far superior for every application wherever the Basic Hose can be used. The Low Voltage hose does not have 110-volts, only a low voltage wire to allow the suction circuit to be on or off. Use this central vacuum hose for all air-driven power heads, it is worth the extra money.

    Button Lock Friction Fit
  • 2-way Switch Controls Suction
  • 360-Swivel for Fewer Kinks
  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses*
  • Air Flow Adjustability
  • Durable Metal Hose End
  • Full 2-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fits 1-7/16" to 1-1/2" Diameter Inlets

*After 2004 the interior of the hose increased to 1-3/8" diameter and was made smoother for maximum performance.

All accessories are compatible with this central vacuum hose, including the button lock version. Accessories, wands, and brushes sold separately.

Buying Options / Reviews

$89.00 Part #380
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"Switch" to Convenience
The largest number of satisfied central vacuum owners use the low voltage hose for their cleaning chores. The price is right for all the helpful features and comfortable styling of the hose. We love it when someone writes another five star review of the hose and describes how much better it is to have an on/off switch on the hose handle. If anyone reading this doesn't have that switch, may we be so bold to say you are missing out. How many times have you set the other type of hose down and it sucks up something unintended or latches itself and inhibits any cooling air from entering the system? Or the doorbell rings or the phone goes off and you had to run back to the wall to stop the vacuum? With the low voltage hose, all that is a thing of the past. Simply switch the vacuum off before you put the hose down or if you get interrupted. And a good side note here would be that the vacuum can be turned on and off thousands and thousands of times without any damage.

Compatibility and Lengths
It is always a good idea to check with your specific brand page, found under central vacuum parts then click on the hoses link, to see if there are any compatibility notes. That said, for 98% of systems ever installed the low voltage vacuum hose will fit right in. You can maximize your cleaning with a variety of hose lengths. A fifty foot hose will go incredibly far, even to driveways, and porches, or past them. Your central vacuum can pick up a lot of things so why not use it for the job? Remember that the tightest turn in the system is right at the wall so if something is too long to go through, it will get stuck right there where it is easy to retrieve. Besides the long hose, there is also a 25 foot one available. This size is handy to use in high-traffic areas that need more than the once a week sweep. A shorter hose is easier to handle and store, and it will actually have more suction for deeper, faster cleaning.

Retractable Hose
The handle on the low voltage hose is pistol shaped and replaces all other shaped hose hoses with other handles. For those interested in the latest hose products, the hose handle is the only thing you up away, as the hose itself is suctioned back into the vacuum pipe in the wall. This incredible new hose system can be retrofitted into an existing system as well. It is called the retractable hose system - Hide-A-Hose and it is almost too good to be true.

More Options
There are other useful hoses such as the Stretch Hose and Extension Hose, that fit all systems, that are available from the central vacuum hose page. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call one of our dealers or us directly. Let's be sure you get the parts you need and understand your options.