Upgrade to Electric Powered Carpet Grooming

The 8-feet pigtail cord is attached to the wall end of the
vacuum hose and plugs into any nearby electrical outlet.

Plug it in near vacuum wall inlets as needed - basically only
when carpet is to be cleaned. In other areas with only hard
floors there is no need to plug in the electric cord.

All vacuum systems can upgrade to a new Electric Attachment Kit no matter the brand, model or year.

Get cleaning performance from your central vacuum like never before with a new electric kit that grooms carpet with the power of an electric beater brush. The upgrade is simple, just buy an electric kit with a pigtail electric hose. Simply plug the hose into the vacuum port and the separate power cord into a nearby electrical outlet.

The lightweight, pliable hose carries the electricity through a protected integrated wire, through the hose handle and on/off switch, and down the wand into the power brush.

Get ready for the best clean your carpets have ever seen. If your home has any wall to wall carpeting or high traffic carpet areas, this is one upgrade you can't live without.

Top reasons to upgrade from an air driven brush to an electric kit.

  1. More suction power. Airflow through an
    electric carpet brush is 6-times greater
    than a non-electric model.
  2. Deeper cleaning because a central electric
    motor doesn't bog down as it digs into the carpet.
  3. Picks up larger items and virtually never clogs.
  4. The nozzles sold here automatically shut off
    when jammed, most always saving the belt.
  5. They also run so much quieter!

Fits 99% of all systems ever produced. The diameter of the hose end inserted into the wall valve is just under 1-1/2" which is standard for nearly all central vacuum systems. See the orange bar below for details by brand.

"I was never satisfied with the performance of our power nozzle and when it failed I did some research via the internet and consumer groups. Hands down, MD led the competition. My existing vacuum unit was fine, so all I ordered was the electric Stealth Kit. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE PRODUCTS I HAD ORDERED. "
- Vicki Olds, Richmond, KY.

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Electric Kits are compatible with 99% of all brands. For more details look up