Central Vacuum Wall Inlets (Outlets, Plates, Valves)
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The exact same wall inlet plates are used in 99% of all homes by 99% of all vacuum brands. The odd ones are Vacuflo series 4940, some Kenmore, and some Vacumaid and Filtex. Other than that, all inlets are the same. Take a look at your vacuum wall outlets and determine if they have 110 volts. All inlets have low voltage but not all have 110 volts. The determining factor for high voltage is two small holes 3/8" apart above or below the main hole.

Parts for vacuum wall inlets are not available, but swapping the entire wall plate is not difficult. Take a minute to watch the video instructions.

Basic Central Vacuum Inlets

Your beautiful home and pleasant vacuum experience depend on vacuum wall functional plates. Don't let a broken dirty vacuum inlet ruin the day. Check out the variety of colors and styles that are all interchangeable and ready to be on your wall today!

(Inlets WITHOUT two small holes above or below the main hole.)
Electric Central Vacuum Inlets
Electric Wall Oulet
Replace your vacuum wall oulet with a a more durable style such as ones that open fully up, down, or to the side. These are available in Basic or Electric versions.Variety of colors and styles. Click here if you have the electric two pin contact inlets.

(Inlets WITH two small holes above or below the main hole.)
WallyFlex is a helpful addition to any central vacuum system. With a hose that stretches 14 feet, there will be no need to use your long central vacuum hose for quick clean-ups in certain areas such as the kitchen, garage, bathroom, and laundry room. WallyFlex is easy to install as it fits into a standard inlet backing plate.

VacPan & VacuSweep
Often referred to as a toe-kick sweep and found in kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms, VacPan is down right convenient. Simply sweep and engage the suction with a kick. Takes a bit more effort to install but is a favorite central vac feature.