ModernDay Vacuum
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Hand-Crafted, Designed & Assembled in the USA

Powder Coated
ModernDay central vacuum units exude old-fashioned quality with modern high-tech performance. Easily meet the unique cleaning needs of your home using one of the reliable vacuum unit models while receiving all the benefits of using a central vacuum system. ModernDay is designed for value, having been built specifically for small to medium-sized homes. They are also built to last. Our customers enjoy decades of service with little to no repairs for their vacuums. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with all North American parts, ModernDay provides excellent central vacuum cleaning and worry-free longevity.
Smart and Friendly Filtration

ModernDay's unique filtration design makes for a healthier home and simple maintenance. ModernDay brings debris in from the top where it compacts into a large paper bag with 9 feet of surface area. The tapered shape of the bag allows air to flow around the debris. By contrast, most competitive central vacuums have a design flaw that involves bringing debris into the bottom, causing it to constantly swirl around. This impedes the small filter which has only one foot of surface area.

Filtration Comparisons Compared to other systems, changing the filter is easy. There is no bucket to dump or filter to shake; instead, just set the dirty paper bag in the trash. Plus, having the motors at the bottom allows them to stay cooler and last longer than top mounted cyclonic units.
Learn more about filtration differences.

ModernDay Highlights
  • Solid Power and Longevity
  • Large 8-Gallon Capacity
  • Less Filtration Maintenance
  • More Sustained Suction
  • Utility Valve Hose Connection
  • Dual Debris Intake
  • All Central Vac Options Compatible
Swap-out & Attachment Kit Compatible

MD ModernDay units are an excellent choice to replace all other central vacuums, no matter the brand. Use the same PVC pipe that is connected to the original unit as well as the same low voltage wire. MD units plug into a regular 3-prong electrical outlet; the Model J only draws 12.5 amps. The new unit works with all vacuum inlet ports in all homes and is compatible with all central vacuum hoses and accessories. In fact, every unit produced by MD Manufacturing is compatible for swap outs of any other brand. Ask one of our local dealers to help you select the item you need, or let them make the swap for you.

ModernDay is also compatible with Attachment Kits such as Stealth, Ace, TurboCat, and others. We highly recommend using the right attachment kit for your home, so that all the powerful suction of the vacuum is put to the best possible use.

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