Hard Floor Accessories for Your Central Vacuum

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Homeowners love clean floors, and we have a variety of tools to make sure your unique home gets cleaned just right. Learn from the thousands of homeowners who provide ratings and comments on all our vacuum tools for all central vacuum models. Accessories fit all vacuum hose ends 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" diameter.

Hard Floor Accessories for Your Central Vacuum
Part #441HFT
The Hard Floor Turbo Brush is a new air-driven beater brush perfect for all hard floor types.

VacShield Antimicrobial Vacuum Tools
Part #vacshieldgroup
Vacuum Every Room with Vacshield Antimicrobial Accessories. Central Vacuum Experts. 1000s of Reviews. Local Dealers.
$5.55 - $33.45

4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set
Part #400GRP
This accessory set is a must-have for every central vac system! Includes a 12-inch hard floor tool and 3 basic cleaning tools.
$31.25 - $32.00

Part #400L
The 5-piece central vacuum accessory set contains a wider 14 inch floor brush and 4 of the most popular cleaning tools.

Part #402MAN
Manta Mop allows you to vacuum and dust in one pass, with hundreds of soft tufts along the super-wide 16 inch head.

Part #402CM
The CentraMop simultaneously vacuums and mops for effortless cleaning of all hard surface floors. It uses front and rear vacuum channels with a damp pad in the middle.

Axis Floor Brush
Part #402AGRP
The Axis Clean-Agility floor brush makes it easy to clean hard floors with a 90-degree swivel neck. Perfect for all types of hard floors.
$29.55 - $33.45

12-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels
Part #402WGRP
This 12-inch Floor Brush with wheels is a great choice for versatility to quickly clean hard floors and rugs. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$18.95 - $23.10

14-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels
Part #402WXGRP
14-inch Wheeled Deluxe Hard Floor Brush makes cleaning hard floors and rugs quick and easy. Available in White, Black, and Antimicrobial.
$21.49 - $25.39

12in Deluxe Central Vacuum Accessory Floor Brush
Part #402DGRP
The high quality bristles make this attachment perfect for cleaning all tile, wood, marble, and many other types of floors. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$20.45 - $23.90

Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tools
Part #ComboTools
The Rug and Floor Combo Tools changes from a hard floor tool with bristles to a gliding carpet tool. Available in multiple styles.
$21.25 - $25.30

Part #488GRP
The Response CT10 QuietDrive Electric Brush and Wand can clean both hard floors and carpet. Includes options for wands. Check out the video.
$139.00 - $204.00

18-inch Plastic Wand
Part #406PGRP
Connect several of these 18-inch Plastic Wands together to dust rooms with high ceilings. Use two for hard floor brushes. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$4.10 - $5.55

Vacuum Bumper Small - All Hard Floor Brushes
Part #403VBS
Your hard floor tools, whether on a central vacuum, canister or portable, will no longer mark your home when cleaning with the new vacuum bumpers.

Quick Clean Kit
Part #410Q
Easily clean spills and quick messes with the easy-to-store stretch hose and basic tools perfect for quick clean ups with your central vacuum.

Maximum Cleaning Accessory Kit I
Part #MaxKitGroup
Comprehensive accessory kit contains all the best accessories for cleaning your home at a lower price than if purchased separately.
$73.35 - $213.36