Electric Hoses for Your Central Vacuum

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Electric Hose Wall Ends

Made from the most durable, lightweight, crush-proof plastics and supported with a 3-year warranty.

The Wall End
An Electric Hose has one of two wall ends (pictured left): corded or direct connect. Both provide power to run electric powered head vacuums. The corded version utilizes a 6 foot cord that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The direct connect version has two prongs (5/8 inch apart) that plug directly into the inlet. If your hose does NOT have either of these wall ends, then you should consider a low-voltage hose. The diameter of the hose end is just under 1-1/2 inches and there are adapters to fit non-standard vacuum inlet valves.

The Handle End
There are different shaped handles and most are compatible with each other, however, the main area of concern is how the hose handle connects to the power cord and extension wands. The industry standard connection found on our site allows the handle’s stub tube (1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter) to slide into the wand and lock with a metal button. The electric cord connection is two inches back from the metal button. Compare your connection and distance to be sure this Electric Vacuum Hose is compatible with your system.

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Electric Hoses for Your Central Vacuum
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Part #electricHose
High quality and performance central vacuum electric hose. Two way switch controls suction and electric power brush. Grey.
$189.00 - $199.00

Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Part #electricHoseBlack
High quality and performance central vacuum electric hose. Two way switch controls suction and electric power brush. Dark Silver.
$189.00 - $199.00

Central Vacuum Electric Hose with Cover
Part #352-3KSCGRP
High quality and performance central vacuum electric hose. Two way switch controls suction and electric power brush. Includes cover.
$226.00 - $241.00

Importance of Compatibility
Whenever you are looking to buy a replacement central vacuum hose there are several things to consider. The most important is the type of carpet brush being used. If there are electrical connections or cords on the brush then you need an electric hose. We offer the most common hose replacement here but there are plenty of others that we do not carry. We recommend a visit to the central vacuum parts, looking up your brand, to review the compatibility of the hose for your central vacuum system. You can also click the graphic above (the one with the ruler in it). The wall end of the hose is compatible but it is the hose handle end that needs the scrutiny. When the cord from the carpet cleaner brush sits in a plastic channel at the top of the wands then the measurement seen will be crucial. If cord simply dangles at the top, then compatibility is not an issue.

King of Hoses
Upgrading any central vacuum to an electric hose is easy and extremely beneficial. The Electric Vacuum Hose is at the top of the ladder when it comes to central vacuum hose options because it delivers 110 volts to a carpet brush for ultimate carpet grooming. Yes, it is the most expensive hose, but the investment in your carpet is well worth it. If you don't have an electric carpet brush, you don't need an electric hose, but you should consider upgrading to a complete Stealth Kit to get all the benefits. A new electric kit fits into all built-in vacuum systems without any modifications. It is that easy because the hose end has a pigtail cord that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet.

Don't Be Fooled
Technology has produced amazing new hoses that can make some users question the quality of a new electric hose. Older hoses were heavier, bulky, and some were even wire reinforced, making the hose something of "substance." But the fact of the matter is they easily became distorted when stepped on and the internal characteristics were such that a lot of the suction was lost by the time it got to the end of the hose. The new electric vacuum hose has evolved to deal with all these issues. It is crushproof, lighter, and increases suction by 27%. The downside, if there is a downside, is the hose feels like you get less for your money. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you get more for the money, and your home is better off. It is cleaner and gets less beat up with the electric hose replacement.

Get a Good Grip
The gas pump shaped handle is now the common style for many hoses. Your electric vacuum hose may be in the shape of a pistol without the loop as in the gas pump style, but the gas pump style will directly replace it. The new style is comfortable to hold and easy to handle. On top of the handle is a three-way rocker switch. Left side is suction, middle is off, and right is suction and power brush control. To cut down on kinks, the hose connects to the handle with the ability to rotate all the way around. As you pull the hose it unwinds itself so you can get right to work.

More Options
There are other useful hoses such as the Stretch Hose and Extension Hose, that fit all systems, on the central vacuum hose page. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call one of our dealers or us directly. Let's be sure you get the parts you need and understand your options.