Electric Inlets for Your Central Vacuum

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Electric Inlets for Your Central Vacuum

All vacuum inlet valves on this page have dual voltage. A connection for wiring low voltage on the backside and two small holes 3/8" apart on the front side to supply 110 volts to an electrified hose and power head. Electric valves can also receive any type of hose including Basic, Low Voltage, and Stretch. If you do not have valves with 110 volt connections click here for Basic Vacuum Inlet Valves.

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These electric inlet plates are used in every home for all central vacuum brands.
SuperValve Electric Vacuum Outlets have a permanent 110 volt connection plug.
ElectraValve Electric Vacuum Outlets have a removable 110 volt connection plug.

SuperValve and ElectraValves are not interchangeable when it comes to replacements but both can be used for new installations in new construction and existing homes.

More information on SuperValve Electric Inlets and ElectraValves can be found by reading the pdf located to the right. It is recommended an electrician installs and replaces electric inlet valves.

Super-Valve Inlet Cover Kit FullFace
Part #ElectricFullDoor
Full Face Electric Super Valve Inlet Cover Kit. Be sure to watch the video on how to replace valves. Hayden Mfg Assembly #2050. Available in White, Ivory, and Almond.

SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door
Part #ElectricSquareDoor
Square Door Electric Super Valve Inlet Cover Kit. Be sure to watch the video on how to replace valves. Hayden Mfg Assembly #1750.
$25.94 - $28.00

ElectraValve rough-in, 12-gauge 14ft romex
Part #663HS-GRP
Newest Model! Full-face, side-opening Super Valve Inlet Cover Kit. Be sure to watch the video on how to replace valves. Replaces #2050 Full-Face SuperValve.

Central Vacuum Inlet Trim Cover
Part #BasicDoorTrimPlate
Vacuum Wall Inlet Trim Plate covers up any mess around the inlet. Fits inlets by Hayden (Outer 4-1/8"x5-7/8" Thickness 1/4")

ElectraValve Inlet Cover
Part #ElectricDoor
ElectraValves are an electrical vacuum wall plate like SuperValves but the electric tie-in to the home is done through a snap-in plug attached to a length of romex wire. Made by Vaculine - Canplas. Available in Almond, Black, Ivory, and White.

Inlet Valve Extension
Part #614
Use as many of these as needed when the wall is too thick, causing the mounting plate in the wall and wall plate not to meet. Each extension adds 3/4 of an inch and can be cut to shorter sizes.

Part #517CEK
Canplas E-Box Rough-in Kit includes plaster guard, mounting plate, and e-box. This is the new ElectraValve from Vaculine/Canplas and is not compatible with older ElectraValves. Made by Canplas 775850

Central Vacuum Inlet Trim Cover, Canplas VacuValve
Part #BasicCanplasTrimPlate
Trim plates hide imperfections on the wall surrounding your new inlets. Fits VacuValve inlets. Available in White, Ivory, Almond, or Black.
$3.75 - $6.25