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Homeowners' Best Reviewed Kit:
Stealth Central Vacuum Kit
Stealth Kit

"Awesome package of quality products, powerful yet extremely light weight motorized head..."

Your central vacuum is only as good as your hose and tools! Try any of our complete kits risk-free for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return it for a complete refund. Our Stealth Kit is our customers' #1 favorite.

Why a Stealth Kit?

In 1953, returning Korean War Veteran, Captain Harold J. Lemmon arrived back home in the US with plans to start a built-in radio system for individual households. This idea was revolutionary at the time. He got right down to business and gave his new company the straight forward name, Music & Sound which later became known as M&S.

A Fascination with the “Built-in” Concept

Not long after a built-in intercom system was added to the list of available M&S products. But the innovations didn’t end there. Constant improvements led to an expansion of the M&S intercom system so that it soon included room to room communication as well as an added link to the front door; built-in door chimes rounded out this particular package. Lemmon had a fascination with all things “built-in” and eventually this commitment to innovation included the M&S central vacuum system. The M&S brand has been around for over 60 years now and they are still in the business of creating products that enhance the home.

Universal Design mean Interchangeable Components

All M&S central vacuum systems are designed to keep your home dust and allergen free. Keeping your system in top running order ensures the air in your home will be healthy for your family. When your M&S Air central vac needs a replacement part or repair, MD Central Vacuum systems can be of assistance. We focus on manufacturing central vac equipment that has a universal design, meaning that our central vacuum motors, replacement parts, accessory kits, and central vacuum hoses can all be used with other central vacuum systems, including the M&S line of central vacuum systems, making repairing an M&S central vac much easier. We also have specialty kits that will expand the good service that your M&S central vac system provides. Check out the MD Vacuum central vacuum Garage Attachment Kits that will make cleaning the garage, your vehicles, boat or walkway much easier.

Get Help Troubleshooting

Our trained technicians and customer service representatives are here to help you troubleshoot and repair your M&S central vacuum system. Call us at the phone number provided or visit a MD central vac system distributer for help and suggestions. We also have an excellent M&S Questions and Answers page on the website that provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. We have a large network of independent dealers that can assist you with a M & S central vac repair, if needed.

The central vacuum parts, products, and accessories above are compatible with all M & S central vacuum cleaner models produced over the years including the models listed below and those that are not, making it easy to find what you need and repair your M & S Central Vacuum. If your home has no hoses or accessories, we suggest a complete attachment kit. The kits here will work perfectly with the system and there is information to help you make an informed decision. If you have a M & S but need help repairing it, we have a complete line of compatible products and extensive product information to assist you. Should your system have non-universal hoses or inlets, please contact our office for alternative ways to upgrade your system into the more readily available universal components.

If you can't find what you need, please contact us by phone or through the M & S Questions and Answers, and one of our helpful technical customer service representatives will point you in the right direction. We also have a large network of independent dealers that can assist you with a M & S central vac repair, if needed.

*We have notes in the hose section regarding electric hose replacement compatibility.

*Note: M & S Vacuum is a registered trademark of Linear, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from M & S Vacuum but are designed to complement a M & S Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not M & S Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by M & S Vacuum.

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