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12-inch Pigtail Cord

We have a Beam Model 287c that was installed in 1993. It is working fine but the hose needs to be replaced. Your hose looks like it will work but our hose has about a 12 inch pigtail. It looks like the direct connect would fit our outlets but how can I tell? Or do I have to get the 8 foot long pigtail and tie up 7 feet of it? thank you, Charles Landgraf Anacortes, WA
If the wall end of your hose has a short pigtail then you are correct that you'd buy the 8ft pigtail cord and keep the majority of it bundled up. If yours is corded then direct connect will not work unless you know you have two small holes above or below your main hole. Please see the following link and if your inlet valve looks like these then you could use the direct connect hose. http://builtinvacuum.com/inlets/electric.html

189D and Rugmaster Compatible?

I have a Beam built in vacuum model#189S, serial number 920100229 and a Beam Rugmaster Plus eletric brush with a three prong electic connector. I need a new 30' hose with a pigtail wall connector and a three prong power connector. I looked at your 30' hose with the three prong adapter and I want to be sure this will work with my system before I order it. Thanks in advance for your response. Sincerely; Bob Denton North Port FL 34287
Our Electric Hose for Beam is for the outdated Beam 3-prong cords (they are no longer made with 3 prongs but 2). The hose comes with two high quality adaptors. One of the benefits of the new hose is you are ready for a new powerful electric power head such as the Stealth - when you need it.

189D Vacuum Hose?

I need a new handle and hose for a Beam model# 189D; which should I buy? Bob Woolwich Twp, NJ
There are several hoses you could have that all work with your model. Hoses are not model specific but rather carpet brush specific. And that boils down to 110 volts needed or not - does your carpet brush have a cord coming out the back of it? Then you need this electric hose. If not then you can buy any Low Voltage or Basic Hose.

2-Prongs, BM 1393 Brush

I need to replace a beam hose that the electric 2 prong connector burned-out. The carpet beater attachment part number is BM 1393...... Which hose will work for me? Paula Marietta GA
The hose in question here is the correct replacement. Thank you for asking.

3-Prong Version?

Beam AB27 power hose replacement--I want to be sure i\'m buying the right replacement hose--which has a 3-way switch--Off, on vac only, on-powerhead, with a 3-prong connector to gas-handle control. I cannot tell for sure from descriptions on the website if the replacement hoses do this with direct 2-prong connect to wall outlet. Many thanks.
The 3-prong version is no longer supported. Our Electric Hose for Beam comes with two different adapters to make is work though so you can delay buying a new power brush. When the brush goes bad though you will have a modern hose ready for any of the electric brushes you've seen here for Beam.

A.B. 27 Hose Replacement

I have hose Model A.B.27 LR82648 E56267 that came with my Eureka Boss Plus central vac (model CV1801G). There is a break in the electrical wire in the hose and I need to replace it. Can you recommend an appropriate hose? I have a Eureka Power Head attachment (model E1393, 120V, 2.5A) that I do not want to replace at this time.
The replacement hose you need is the Electric Hose for Eureka (or Beam, same hose) here: http://builtinvacuum.com/help/eureka/hoses.html#electric. Choose the length and the wall end termination and you are done. Thank you for asking.

A.B. 27 LR82648 E56267 Replacement

I have a CEN-TEC Model CT14 Power brush with a hose base model A.B. 27 LR82648 E56267 3.5 amp 120V. Do you have a hose to replace it? Thanks. Dan in Collinsville, IL
Take a look at the photo on this page that shows the hose with the ruler. If the measurement in question is the same as yours then this is the correct replacement hose. http://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/electrichoses.html

A.B.27 LR82648 E56267 Hose Parts

I have hose Model A.B.27 LR82648 E56267. The electic cord has failed inside the wall-end moulding into which the two pins which conduct power into the hose itself are inserted. The power conductors within the hose itself are fine. Do you sell a replacement electric cord assembly only, which is an exact duplicate of the original and can be installed into the existing hose without modification? Thank you. Peter Hume Peterborough, Ontario
Yes, we sell the wall end connection replacements here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352CO,352CP. They have a molded-in diode fuse that can go bad.

Add 8-feet?

Is it possible to add a extension, let's say 8', to an existing Beam hose? Thanks Bob
For hoses with an on and off switch on the handle there is no way of adding wired hose sections to industry standard hoses. But if you wanted to switch your hose over to the Quick Click hose you would have a 20ft base and extensions of 10 or 15-feet that all connect together. http://builtinvacuum.com/quick-click/index.html. For Beam systems you will also need these adaptors http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GBA,406SU,480AC

Available in Gray

your web site doesn't show if you can order gray replacement hoses or just the white shown in the picture. I'm going somewhere else to find a gray one
Gray has been used on and off over the years. The key is the measurements on the electric hose page. Match up yours and the lighter colored hose will work perfectly and in some instances better.

Beam 1240FB Replacement?

Hi, I need a beam vacuum hose the same as Model 1240FB or a compatible one. Thanks Kathy Winipeg Manitoba
We offer these hoses for Beam. Please call toll-free so we can be sure we are matching what you need. Thanks. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/hoses.html

Beam 199D Replacement Hose

I have a model 199D Beam unit. I need a replacement hose. Which hose do I need and how much does it cost? Thanks, Ron in Morris, Alabama Also, does it come with the cloth cover?
If your current hose handle has a 2-prong female receptacle, you will need to choose one of these hoses http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352G,352GC,353G,353GC (just choose the length and whether you need it corded or direct connect).  If your current hose has a 3-prong female receptacle, you will need to choose one of these hoses http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GB,352gCB,353GB,353GCB (just choose the length and whether you need it corded or direct connect).  The hose covers are sold separately and can be found here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=370T,371T,370PZ,371PZ

Beam 199F

I have a Beam 199F and need a replacement power hose. Which model hose should I be ordering. The current hose color is tan. Do you have this hose in stock? Thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Valerie
Most likely you need the electric hose, they are for vacuums with an electric cord on the carpet nozzle. They are here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/hoses.html. If you have a separate cord on the wall end of yours then but the "8ft cord" type electric hose, otherwise buy the "direct connect" style.

Beam 2250B Hose?

I have a Beam model 2250B, which hose do I need to buy?
There where a number of hoses compatible with your model. To help you find the hose you "must" have then you need to look at the name of the carpet nozzle. If it is RugMaster or Butler then you need this electric hose. If you don't have an electric nozzle then you can use the Low Voltage Hose. Also, you can buy any complete hose and tool kit (electric or non-electric) and they will all fit right into your system without any changes.

Beam Compatible Brushes

I have a Beam Central Vac System that's about 11 years old. The model is B 1500 and the serial# is 100172881. I need to replace the power nozzel. What power head models available today will work with the rest of the system I have? I like the ones with headlights, have adjustable height, and about 12" wide.
We have one brush that meets your requirements, the Ace. You can view it here, http://builtinvacuum.com/ace-kit/index.html

Beam Compatible?

Beam Central Vacuum System. I need a new electric hose for my vacuum. However the system is about 15 years old. Will the electrical wall contacts still work with a new hose? Thanks
Due to the many types of inlets used over the course of time for central vacuums, you will need to call us to determine what type of inlet you have in your home and which hose will work with your system.  We carry many different styles of hoses and adapters for a wide range of inlet types.

Beam Compatible?

Is this compatible for the Beam Central Vac system (serenity series) Stacy, Wisconsin
Yes, this hose is compatible with Serenity and the others except the latest "Q". The hose includes adapters needed for outdated hose end configurations. The hose will work with all your attachments and you will be ready to simply connect-up a powerful industry standard carpet brush (such as Stealth or Ace) when yours fails. Let us know if you need any assistance. Here are the hoses for Beam and they come with all the adaptors you may or may not need: http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GB,352GCB,353GB,353GCB

Beam Hose Replacement

Will this hose replace the current hose for our Beam system -- here is the info on our current hose: model A.B. 27 LR82648 E56267 3.5 amp 120V
Yes, this will replace it. Eventually you'll want to get a new eletric head and metal tubes as well for the perfect fit but for now just buy the Electric Hose for Beam.

Beam Hose With Intermittent Power To Brush

Beam Butler brush BM1197, AB 27 electric Total Control hose, 3 prong. Brush started to go on and off. Hold hose bent away from the handle and it works. Then it quit working altogether. Seems like the problem is in the hose where it connects to the handle. We found white wire crimped flat (factory). 4 holes in hose with metal inside. 4 wires plug in. Are these the rings you were talking about? We pushed wires in, but still no power to the brush head & no light either.Where could the problem be? The hose or the handle?
You most likely have a short in the hose itself that cannot be repaired. You can replace the hose with a new one.  You will need the adapters for the 3-prong cord from the brush, that style is not made anymore. You can also upgrade the brush and purchase a new kit, which overall will save money.  When the kit is purchased, the individual items are discounted for the complete set.

Beam Master Plus Hose Replacement?

Does the Telescopic wand - button lock top #406TB come in your new lighter color? I am replacing my old hose with #353GB and would like them to match if possible!! Basically, I would like to replace all the parts (except the Beam Master Plus Power Head)....is there a "replacement kit" that does not include the power head? I plan to use the "old" set in the garage area. Thanks again for your help! Linda in Summerfield, Fl.
Maybe we can go over this on the phone so you get just what you need. This is the right hose though. The 406TB doesn't come in the lighter color but fits the hose and is used with your other tools besides the Beam Master. We look forward to your call.

Beam Model BCF 27 Replacement

We have a Beam Model BCF 27 direct connect hose - which replacement hose do I need? Also need a new wood/ceramic floor attachment and round brush. Thanks for your help.
You need one of these length hoses in this link. There are also some accessory options too http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GB,353GB,402D,402W,403,403R

Beam Models

I need a replacemnt vacuum hose for Beam Heavy Duty Vacuum Model 294. Can you give me the appropriate part number to reorder and any additional accessories (pligs, adaptors, etc) that I will need. Thanks John
Several hose and tool sets were used with the Beam 294. If your vacuum head nozzle has an electric cord up the metal wands then you need this hose and it includes adaptors that may be used if need http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/hoses.html. In fact, this electric hose for Beam is the correct hose for all applications except the latest "Q". Enjoy!

Beam RugMaster Plus 1393 Replacement Hose?

I have a Beam Rug Master Plus Model BM 1393 Will this hose work with my unit Bob
Yes this is the hose you will need. Regardless of the age of your vacuum nozzle or connnections types this hose will fit with the included adaptors if needed. Once the nozzle is retired you will have a hose ready for a better nozzle such as the Stealth or Ace.

Beam Series X-Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE Hose

I have the Beam Series X-Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE. That is what is on the end of the hose with the two prongs that goes into the wall outlet. The other end has the hose handle that with the nose that inserts into the pipe that holds the attachment. The handle has come loose from the nose so that when you pull back on the handle, the handle comes off the nose. Is this repairable or do I have to buy a new handle? Dave K
The difference between available handles is how far back the pin connection is on the hose handle. If you have a 3-pin connection you'll actually have to replace the entire hose with our Electric Hose for Beam.

BM1372 Hose

I have a BM1372 sweeper unit. Apparently, the conductor in the hose has an intermittant opening--it operates when the hose is wiggled into the exact right position. I guess I need a new hose? Which hose fits the BM1372 Type AA? Thanks, John, Albany, GA
Beam has several type of hose connections at the handle. Our Beam Electric Hose includes all those adaptors and costs less then the hose alone! If it doesn't fit we'll get you the right adaptor.

Broken Prong - Wall End

I have a Beam 189 Classic. One of the prongs on the hose where it plugs into ElectraValve came off. The vacuum still works,do I need to replace the connector. Can I just replace the connector on end of hose or do I have to buy new hose? Is it ok to use vacuum with just one prong? What is prong for? Thank You
You need both prongs. If the hose is cream/light grey colored you can buy the kit to repair it (http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352CP). Note that the connections you will have to deal with require some wire splicing since the manufacturer changed these connections recently and there are no more kits for the older hoses.

Continuity Broken

I have a less than three year old Beam electric hose that will not power my rug sweeper. I have check continuity and one of the connections does not go through. Is there anything I can do short of replacing the entire hose such as replacing the ends? Thanks Jim - Tucson AZ
You can replace the wiring and switch in the hose handle and you can replace the wall end cord or pronged plug. Usually that will solve it.

Cutting In and Out

I have a 10 year old 35'hose w/ pigtail. The power frequently cuts out no matter what wall outlet I use. I assume there is a kink in the hose and the hose should be replaced. Is this what you recommend ? If I get a new hose, will the low voltage hose w/o the pig tail still work. I never use the attachment requiring the pigtail. Joe, Wilmington, DE
It may be the inner connection of the hose in the handle. There are fingers that may need to be bent a little so they have proper pressure. Also, there are metal rings (fingers rest on them) and their connection is to a metal end of a wire under the ring. If the rings spin too easy then that connection needs help. Simply slide the rings off and you'll see how to bend up the metal on the wire's end. That said though, you really only need a low voltage hose since you don't use the electricity. That hose will work perfectly fine with your system and tools.

Direct Hose and Nozzle Replacements

I have a 10 year old Beam Rugmaster AB 27. I need a new head and suction cord that will still fit my wall outlet. Which model do I need? Snellville, GA
We have wonderful, direct replacements for the electric hose and tool set. You can see them listed as the first items on this page http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/kits.html. If you have any more questions please call us directly.

Electric Hose

Need to replace my series XY Model BCF 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE E56267 with 3.5 Amp and 120V hose. Can you please tell me where to get the new one? Rachelle in Bremerton, WA
You can use the Electric Hoses found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/electrichoses.html

Electric Hose for Beam and Eureka

Will this fit a Beam or Eureka central vac?
Yes, and it comes with adaptors to fit outdated styles of the hose to carpet brush connection.

Electric Hose for Beam Serenity Plus

Hi, do you have a 30ft direct connect hose for a beam Serenity plus Model 2775. if so what's your price? Thanks.Walter,Wichita,Ks.
Yes we have the hose in 30ft and 35ft here. It is the first hose section on the Hoses for Beam page http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/hoses.html.

Eureka Roto-matic Beam Hose

I use a Eurka Roto-matic power team beater bar and need to replace the 30' Beam hose (with electric plug in cord). The old hose was a friction fit into the beater bar. Will the new hose style with the small pop-up ball fit okay, or will it be difficult to disconnect? I don't need to buy the beam beater bar, just the replacement hose, which I see is $199.00.
This hose will work for you. Push the button down and it will slide into the friction fit. Good news is that you will be ready for an upgraded carpet brush such as the Stelth when then old head dies.

Finding a Short on Old Hose

I have a Beam B1500 that's about 5 years old - 2 prong electrical connection on a pigtail. The power head and light stops intermitently when cleaning (carpet, hardwood or tile), if I'm patient for a couple of seconds it powers back up. It sometimes feels like it needs to "warm up" to run better. I suspect I have a broken cable somewhere on the electrical feed to the brush head. I don't believe it's in the last connector to the head as when I wiggle it it has no effect on the power head. I cannot make it go on or off when I flex the hose - any thoughts on where the problem maybe? I'd hate to buy a new hose only to find it didn't cure the problem.
Carefully play with each connection point while it is running, twisting, pulling, pushing, rotating, while leaving the rest of it still. You need to find the short this way.

Gas Pump Handle Broken

I have a 10 yr old Beam central vac (Power Plus) with a Beam Rugmaster Plus. The "gas pump" handle is plastic and a large piece has broken off the end (the end you insert into the attacments). The piece that broke off includes the little ball that goes into and "locks" the attachments.I don't mind replacing the handle as well as the hose but I don't know which hose to order. The inlets on the wall say "Inlet valve assembly model 1750. Use only with Superhose I or II. Sandra - Durango, CO
The replacement hose options are here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GB,353GB. They fit the inlets and the Beam equipment. If you have any questions please let us know.

Handle Only?

The electrical receptacle in the grip handle of our Beam vacuum hose is corroding and making intermittent contact with the two-pronged plug in the Beam Rugmaster Plus. Can the grip handle be replaced or even just the receptacle in the handle?
This happens when the power is not turned off before the handle is disconnected from the power cord and wands. Yes, the handle for the Beam hose is sold separately. Please call us for more information.

Handle Parts Available?

Do you have a hose handle female cord receptacle replacement for a 10 year old Beam Rugmaster? Ed, Aldergrove BC
The part is connected to the entire switch assembly and is available here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GS,352GH. We also included the handle here too in case you need it.

Handle Replacement?

I have a Beam Butler Vac and the handle has cracked. I think the number is BM1197A / E10071 / 5349. That may be too many numbers but i don't know what you need. Can you tell me the proper replacement part? Sharon Murphy Scottsdale, AZ
Bad news is the older style handles are no longer supported. There are handles for the style after this though (the plug-in for the nozzle cord is closer to the end of the hose handle). If you want to buy a new hose and keep the Butler you can buy the Electric Hose for Beam. It comes with the needed adaptors. Or you can buy any of the complete electric powered kits here www.builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html. They fit right into your system and work so much better than the Butler. The new hose itself will have at least 27% more suction! We hope this is not too bad of news but the newer parts will bring better cleaning and you will not have to worry about the next thing breaking for a long time. Call us if you have any questions.

Low Voltage Hose Handle Replacement

Hello. The handle on my low voltage Beam hose (model AB 27) is cracked and broken. Can I purchase a replacement handle?

Need Handle Only

I have an older Beam Rugmaster Plus with a broken plastic gas pump handle. Your handle HP200 looks exactly like the handle I am trying to replace, but the description says it does not fit Beam Rugmaster hoses. Is this all Beam Rugmaster hoses or just newer models? (Pigtail hose, model AB27, power head model BM1393). Thanks for the help.
It seems like our hose handle will fit but it will not match up to the wand connection on the RugMaster. It will fit the hose but not the wands. The new one is a further distance back. Plus, if your cord on the RugMaster is three pin then that hose and handle are obsolete. You'd need to buy a new Beam Electric Hose which comes with adapters and later buy a new vacuum head that will not need adapters, just a new wand.

Need Handle Receptacle

I have a Beam AB27. The female receptacle on the handle has worn out. It has 3 holes, but the male connector only use 2 prongs, and after viewing the inside of the handle, it's only wired for 2 prongs. Is it possible to purchase just this female receptacle?
The receptacle is not sold alone. The entire harness will have to be purchased. Take a look at it here. It should work for you. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GS

No Suction

My Beam central vac will not suck. I tried all the outlets in the house and none of them will work. (Just a real gentle suction.) I emptied the canister and that did not help either. Help!
You have a clog in the hose or in the pipes in the home. Follow the guide here to the left of the "Start" on this troubleshooting page. www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Non-Electric Hose Needed

I have a Beam central vac Model 189D and need a new 36' hose. The wall plug-in end does not have prongs but rather is totally plastic and connects against plastic on the wall outlet.(again,no prongs) All of the replacement hoses pictured seem to have prongs. What hose will replace my non-prong non electric cord hose. Thanks.....Norm, Florida
You need the Low Voltage Hose. It has no prongs, no electricity. Don't let the name of the hose "low voltage" confuse you. Thanks for asking. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/beam/hoses.html#low

Nutone CH615 Electric Hose Conversion

I have a nutone central vacuum system and need to modify a CH615 hose from direct connect to pigtail connection. Is there an adaptor available to convert the electrical connection on the CH615 hose to a pigtail connection? Thank you.
You can use our conversion kit found here, http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352CO

On/off Hose from Switch on Handle?

My unit is a Beam Vauum system model #189S and a Beam Rugmaster Plus electric brush with a three prong electic connector. When I plug the original hose into the wall outlet the power unit does not turn on until I hit the "ON" switch on the hose handle. A hose that I got form Beam and since returned does not work the same way. If I plug it into the wall outlet the power unit goes on regardless of the three way switch setting on the hose handle. Will your hose works same as my original hose? Bob Denton, North port, FL 34287
Yes, the hose will turn on/off from the switch on the handle when plugged into any Beam inlet, outlet, or vacuum port. Be sure to put the hose in so that the cord, which is attached to the hose end on "corded" hoses", is up at 12 o'clock or down at 6 o'clock. Otherwise the vacuum will start when plugged in regardless of the switch position.

Parts for Hose?

I have a Beam AB27. The male molded connector inside the receptacle end of the hose has no cotinuity through it and therefore the powerhead won't operate the motor. It is about an inch long and has 2 female prongs inside and 2 male prongs outside that go into the recptacle.Is it possible to purchase this single piece? Thank you. Great site.
You need the new little plastic part as you described. You have the older version so the direct replacement is no longer available. Instead of two holes on one side there is now a hole and a slat. The replacement part comes with the tiny connectors to change your one wire to slat style. Also included in this link is the corded version for those that need it http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352CP,352CO

Plastic Beam Hose Handle Replacement?

I need a new replacement gas pump style "handle" for my Beam central vac because the plastic has chipped away and now the little ball that pops into the attachments has fallen off. I only need the handle, but do I have to replace the hose also? I'm sorry I don't understand the answer above? I can see my model is a direct connect (no pigtail or separate plug) and the rug vacuuming attachment is called the Beam Rug Master Plus. What do I need to buy and does it need the extra parts? Thank you
Upgrading to our complete hose would give you stronger plastic and metal where you had plastic before. Plus, if your hose is older, you will gain a huge 27% more air flow with this new hose (and get a cleaner home as well). If you really only want the handle please give our customer service team a call.

Repair Old Beam Hose Metal Prong?

I have a broken prong on my hose for the carpet function. I was wondering if I could just replace the prong portion instead of buying the entire hose? Model #A.B. 27 LR82648. Thanks. Vicki, Santa Maria
You can replace the prong part on the wall end of the hose but beware that they changed the internal connection so it requires very fine skill to strip wire, crimp, and modify very small parts. It includes the parts and instructions. Here it is http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352CP

Replace Hose Now, Brush Later?

I have a Beam vacuum installed in 1997. It has a Direct Connect hose. The handle with the switch is cracked and broken. Will your hose work with the existing power brush? And can I buy a new power brush by itself later? Mike Santa Clara
That is a good plan. This hose is made for the better electric brushes such as Stealth and Ace but comes with the adaptors needed in order for you to use it with the older Beam Electric Hose. When the hose passes you can buy a new nozzle.

Replacement Brush Belt

We have a Beam Central Vac with an Imperial Powerbrush which was installed in 2005 by previous owners. The power head is B 1500 with S/N 100519334. The belt on the powerbrush has broken. Please inform me what belt would work to purchase. Robert Ashfield, MA 01330
You can find your relacement belt here http://builtinvacuum.com/parts/belts.html Just compare the measurements of the belts with your current one to determine which one will be the perfect fit.

RugMaster Compatible? Need Extended Electrical Connection on Handle.

bob-southport: we have a beam rugmaster plus and the electrical connection requires the hose to have a female slide-in that measures approximately (OD)1 1/4x7/8x1 3/8. it appears to be an "add on" part to a standard beam direct connect 30' hose. the hose i'm replacing is similar but the connection, on the hose, is a molded part of the hose handle, not an "add on". how do i get an adapter since the replacement hoses all seem to have a flush, vice extended, connector on the hose handle.
Beam is made by Electrolux and sometimes there is a cross over. Take a look at the second hose on this page of Electrolux hoses. It is exactly like what you need. The female electrical connection on the hose is extended out and is 3/8H x 11/16W x 1-1/4L. http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/hoses.html. Everything else about the hose is industry standard.

Rugmaster Hose in Model 1200 Replacement

Hi I have a Beam central vac model 1200 and it also has rugmaster My hose is sliced nearly in half so I need a new one but don't know which hose to order. Thanks, Maureen Sandy Springs, Georgia
This is the correct hose. Just choose the length you want for your home (30 or 35 ft) and the wall connect type - pigtail cord or direct connect with two pins going directly into the wall port as you plug the hose into the inlet port. If you have any questions please call.

Rugmaster Not Working Well

I have the beam189D and rugmaster plus, lately when I vacuum I feel like the carpet is not getting cleaned. Not everything gets picked up as if the brush is not working properly or the unit itself lost suction power. Any advice? thank you
We suggest testing the system from the "ground up" using www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. We certainly think that if the system checks out fine then the hose and nozzle kit need to be replaced with one of these www.builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html.

Rugmaster Vacuum Not Spinning

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus power head. It seems as if the self-leveling feature is not functional as I can tell from the window on the top of the unit that the belt is not turning the brush roller when flat on the carpet. If I pick up the power head completely off the carpet, the belt does turn the brushes. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to correct this problem?
The self cleaning you mention is actually in reference to the vacuums filtration at the canister debris collector in the garage or basement. Your brush not spinning can be several things. Please call us for help.

Short in Old Hose

Patti in Tulsa My Beam Total Control hose seems to have a short in it when using the brush. If you bend the hose, it would still work, then cut off. Now it won't work at all when using the brush. Could you let me know what part I need to repair it? Purchased in 2000. Power head is Beam Butler, SN#0039003458 Model #BM1197. Hose has the electric cord attached, not direct connect. Hose model #A.B.27 LR82648 E56267 are on the hose end that plugs into the wall.Thanks
You may be able to fix it. There are contacts in the hose that may not be working. You'll see brass rings that have a contact on top and under them. Each one has to have some good pressure on it. Also, since it was shorting, the cord on the end may have shorted out. There is a hidden diode in the plug. This cord is replaceable. If you want to replace the hose you can buy this one or look elsewhere for the Total Control but it may not be made any longer.

Short in the Hose? Or Bad Motor in Unit?

I have a 30 foot electric hose. Every other time I use it, it throws the circuit breaker in our basement. The electrical system in our house checks out fine, plus it doesn't seem to matter what plug I use. Is there a short in the hose causing this, and what can be done about it? I would prefer not to spend $200 on a new hose when this one is less than 4 years old. Thank you-- Shary, Roanoke, VA
Actually, it sounds like your motor is going bad. It is the same circuit that pops right? Then that would be your vacuum unit's motor. You probably have it on a 15 amp circuit so it is popping the home breaker on the unit breaker. The motor will eventually stop working but you can replace it now and get it over with. We have the motor and it is not hard to replace it. Look up your brand and model on our site.

Short in the Length of the Hose

I have an electrical short in my Beam hose somewhere close to the wall connection. The sweeper cuts out sometimes, to get it running you have to bend the hose upward by the wall connection and wiggle it to get the head to start operating. Suction always works, just not the power attachment. I have taken the wall connection hose section apart and do not see any problems with the prong connections. This leads me to believe it has to be in the hose. Is there a way to repair a short in a hose? Thanks!
A broken wire in the hose is not repairable, sorry to say. Call us up and we will take care of you with a new hose (as long as it is not for Beam Q or Solaire, we don't carry those hoses).

Short Metal Tube Replacement?

I have Beam 2900 with the Serenity hose & powerhead. The end of the hose that slides into the wands with the button-lock is my problem. I accidently started to suck up a necktie, so of course I cut the power but in pulling the tie back out it was stuck. So I pulled harder and got it. What I didn't realize is that it was caught on the button lock with in the hose. We have tried to bend it back to it's original position but of course it's just not as tight and snug as it should be. Can I replace just that tube that in the handle and NOT the whole handle? Kathie in Hawaii
Yes you can replace the tube. Please call us for further directions.

Suction Control Too?

I am looking to upgrade our beam vacuum with a 110 volt electric brush kit & hose. It is currently a low voltage hose. Does the new hose with the 110 voltage also has the low voltage wire to turn the unit on?
Yes, all electric kits have the low voltage control at the hose handle as well as the 110 volt control. They are our best kits and are fully featured.

Switch Available?

Hello, I have a 20 yr old Beam model 189 which works great. The switch in the vacuum hose "gas-pump" handle appears to have failed. It appears to be a DPST switch. It bears the legend 575-378-5494 1852.4(1)250 ~T85 6A 125 VAC 1/10 HP 125-230 VC . The switch is a :"snap in" part, not using mounting screws. It has 4 spade lug terminals which fit into spade receptacles on the ends of the connecting wires. Is a replacement available? Thanks for your help! Warren Cloudcroft, New Mexico
Please call us for information and recommendations on this.

Switch Replacement

I have a hose Model A.B.27 LR82648. The electic switch in the handle is intermittent in the position for both suction and brush. The position for suction only is OK. I have cleaned by air pressure to get dust out but the switch works only sometimes and you have to tap it to get it to work other times. There appears to be no other short or broken connection in the hose. Do you sell a replacement switch assembly for the handle only, which is an exact duplicate of the original and can be installed into the existing handle. I've seen assembly replacements for newer models like CH515 and CH 615 that visually look correct but don't know if they would work. Thanks. Walt El Cajon, CA
The correct replacement switch is here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352S. Let us know if you have questions.

Tired of Moving Couch

I have an inlet valve that is behind a couch, everytime I go to use that inlet I have to move the couch away from the wall. Is there an attachment that I can plug into the inlet valve that will get me to the end of the couch and I can leave pluged in or do I have to move the Inlet Valve? Thank You Andy, Ajax.
We feel your pain! Strange the contractor would put an inlet in that location on a long wall like that. Sorry to say, though, there is not a product on the market that will prevent you having to move the couch.

Upgrade to Electric?

Can I purchase an electric hose when this is not my original system? I have the lower voltage unit and would prefer something stronger. I am trying to find a second hose and set of tools to keep in the upstairs of my home instead of dragging the hose up and down the stairs. (I vacuum a lot!) Jenn Highland Mills, NY
Upgrading to an electric hose and vacuum tool kit is a fantastic improvement. The hose that comes with any of the electric kits fits right into your vacuum wall inlets and works with your Beam System. Since you don't have 110 volt inlets you'd buy a kit with a cord, or 8ft cord as it is referred to sometimes. Wires are hidden in the hose and at the wall end of the hose a pigtail cord comes out that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet...really easy to do! Our most popular is the Stealth Kit and there is the Ace Kit for a good all around value. Start here http://builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html and enjoy your new vacuum. If you have more questions please let us know.

Wand Replacement Color Options?

Does the Telescopic wand - button lock top #F406TB come in your new lighter color? I am replacing my old hose with #353GB and would like them to match if possible!! Basically, I would like to replace all the parts (except the Beam Master Plus Power Head)....is there a "replacement kit" that does not include the power head? I plan to use the "old" set in the garage area. Thanks again for your help! Linda in Summerfield, Fl.
That is a really good question but we don't have them in any other color. Sorry.

Weight of All Hoses

Could you tell me if there is much difference in weight between a 30 foot electric hose, a low voltage hose, and a non-electric hose?
Weight for 30ft hoses: Electric is 8.85 lbs, Low Voltage is 6.90 lbs, and the Basic is actually more than the Low Voltage coming in at 7.45 lbs.

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