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Stealth II Attachment Kit

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May 8 2014 4:02PM
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MikeW Westfield NJ
Apr 30 2011 5:57PM
never gets to the point that red light will light to indicate dirt removal. no 'off' switch for suction only. wish it had a light on unit for extra visibility. had to adjust connection on hose even though it was claimed to be compatible with NUTONE. pretty pricey for what I got.

Anthony Quaglia, RI
Apr 22 2011 4:21PM
Would like to have a foot height adjustment.

Mike, Clarksburg, MD
Mar 31 2011 5:59AM
So far, this Stealth model is excellent. Breathed new life into our carpets and I had no idea our old original Beam power unit wasn't doing a good job...what a difference. Delivery was fast too. The plastic extension wand had a small crack on one end but MD quickly replaced it no questions asked...much appreciated. Well worth the money!

Mar 30 2011 3:52AM
not as quiet as I hoped it would be, seems to be about the same loudness as our original that came with the airvac. needed to trim some rubber off the plug of the hose to get it to make a good electrical connection. now we just hope it lasts longer than the original!

Mar 26 2011 12:10PM
Purchased the Stealth vacuum head and accessories to replace original equipment. Am very pleased with the performance. Performs as described. Carpet looks great. Would recommend the Stealth to anyone.

Mar 3 2011 5:09AM
Comments not provided.

Jan 28 2011 6:23AM
This kit is great. Adjustable height wands make for much easier vacuuming. The hose is much sturdier than my easy-flo parts. I am very happy with my purchase. I will buy another set soon for upstairs.

Jan 22 2011 7:32AM
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Tom R., Maine
Jan 12 2011 4:08PM
My only problem with this unit is the wands are extremely tight. My wife could not separate them once clicked into position. I struggled mightily and finally did get it to come apart. I filed the inside of the metal wands to remove some burrs left from the manufacturing process but they still are very difficult to separate. Our solution is not to insert them all the way till the button latches. I can only hope that over time they will wear in and will start to work more effortlessly. We found this unit to be everything as advertised, quiet, efficient and easy to operate. An excellent product.

Jim T. Ishpeming, Mi.
Jan 4 2011 4:35AM
The attachments are a little loose and disconnecting from the sweeper is rather tight. Otherwise the Stealth II is wonderful.

Dec 16 2010 9:29AM
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Nov 27 2010 5:43AM
Vacuum works great. It fit my very old Sears system without the adapter. Only negative is that the wall clamps were missing from the box. They were promptly shipped, when I notified customer service.

Nov 15 2010 2:03PM
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Oct 28 2010 8:29AM
Very happy with my new Stealth.

Oct 19 2010 1:37PM
I am not sure why the attachments "slide" onto hose nozzle when it has a "clip on" connection button. The attachments do not have the coorelating hole to attach in this way. Am I missing something? (MD NOTES: The button lock feature is to keep the metal wand and power brush tight when vacuuming. The other accessories do not this type of lock to remain on the hose securely.)

Kathleen A., Bath, Ohio
Oct 15 2010 8:58PM
It's been a long time since we felt like our carpet has been really cleaned with the right vacuum. We finally are happy with the result.

Ventimiglia, D, White Lake, MI
Sep 24 2010 6:44AM
Love, Love, Love! Light, easy to manuever and strong!

Nov 19 2008 11:48AM

Nov 14 2008 10:24AM
This does an excellent job and provides lots of power.

Ken Davis, Taneytown MD
Oct 4 2008 7:21PM
Comments not provided.

Sep 27 2008 10:21AM
I bought the Stealth II to replace a Turbo Cat the builder installed in my house. I have a Golden Retriever so I have a dog hair problem. The Turbo Cat was not doing the job. I had to use a standard vacuum in the rooms the dog was allowed. I was skeptical since the Stealth II seems over priced and I don't trust Internet reviews (You never know who posts them.). I ordered the Stealth II and it does a good job; even the problem carpets with dog hair come clean. I would give it 5 stars but the connector to the power head sticks so it is hard to separate. Also I think it is over priced but it does work. I ordered the one with the electric plug tail and I use a light extension cord to reach the outlet in the rooms that the standard cord won't reach. The plug tail works fine and is not a problem. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to replace the noisy Turbo Cat.

Linda Tague
Sep 27 2008 9:02AM
Love the hose! It's much better than the one that came with our Nutone system (which is now 14 years old). It's lighter, more flexible, and easier to handle, even without the hose sock. What I don't like about the system: Removing the hose from the telescoping wand is an ordeal. (It's a very tight fit.) If there is a "trick" to it, I haven't figured out what it is. My husband also has trouble removing it. The brush height adjustment (turning a knob on the power brush head) is inconvenient. (The Nutone has a button you push with your toe to adjust it.) Instruction manual seems sparse and incomplete. It apparently is from an earlier model. (For example, the hose hanger shown in the manual is different.) (MD NOTES: The fit is tight and instructions come attached to show the best way to disconnect. It gets better over time. The height adjustment has 10 settings to get the perfect vacuum - that was not too possible to do with a foot pedal.)

Sep 24 2008 10:32PM
The Stealth II seems to vacuum much better than the Vacu-Maid which we previously owned and it is quieter. I'm very satisfied.

Sep 18 2008 7:10AM
The hose has to be plugged into an electrical outlet, our old hose had the electrical attachment built into the end you put into the wall vacuum outlet. We do not have outlets by the vacuum outlets and so it makes it very difficult to use. Why is the cord/hose different??????????? (MD NOTES: We sell "direct connect" versions of the Stealth Kit right along with the "corded" versions. We can send you the parts to easily swap the cord out for the direct connection.)
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