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Quick Clean Kit with Stretch Hose

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Quick Clean Kit with Stretch Hose
Eliminate the hassle of getting out your long vacuum hose for quick clean ups. Easily Clean up spills and mud rooms, or touch-up bathrooms and kitchens, fast and easy using the Quick Clean Kit. The amazing Stretch Hose expands from 7 to 30 feet and fits right into your wall valves. Store it near high traffic areas - the hose even fits in a drawer. Also available with a floor brush designed for picking up pet hair.
    Kit Features:
  • Hose Stretches 7 to 30 feet!
  • Easy to Store, Retrieve and Use
  • Cleaner Home with Less Hassle
  • Includes Stretch Hose (#315), Metal Telescopic Wand (#406T), and 12-inch Floor Brush (Regular Kit - #402D and Kit for Pets - #402W).
There is no on/off switch on this hose as it is for suction only. The suction starts and stops when the hose is inserted and removed from the wall inlet.

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