Filter for Electrolux E130A

Deluxe Foam Filter 6x6, Washable

Foam Filter for Central Vacuums - 6x6, Washable

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Deluxe Foam Filter 6x6, Washable
Higher quality over Standard.
Deluxe Foam Filter is a long lasting, dense, breathable, 6x6 inch filter. It has about a 2-inch diameter center hole and fits most models of Electrolux Central Vacuum, Centralux, Aerus Central Vacuum, Nutone CV110, M & S, Astro-Vac, Air-Vac including models including AV400, AV480, AV410, VM110, VM600, some VM180, Vacumaid, and others. Also fits some Hayden SuperVac and Vent-a-Vac models. Filter is washable and replaces all other colored and ridged 6x6 foam filters.

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