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Assembled in USA
Discerning buyers and conscientious homeowners will appreciate the superior craftsmanship as well as the numerous benefits of a SilentMaster Central Vacuum. SilentMaster, with its tried-and-true characteristics and its patented quiet operation, is the culmination of over fifty years devoted to designing and manufacturing central vacuum cleaning systems. What else would you expect from a USA-based, family-owned company whose founder only wanted one thing: to make people's lives better? Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with all North American parts, SilentMaster is ready to be the core of your central vacuum system.
Smart and Friendly Filtration

Silent-Master FiltrationSilentMaster's unique filtration design makes for a healthier home and simple maintenance. SilentMaster brings debris in from the top where it compacts into a large paper bag with over 11 feet of surface area. The tapered shape of the bag allows air to flow around the debris. By contrast, most competitive central vacuums have a design flaw that involves bringing debris into the bottom, causing it to constantly swirl around. This impedes the small filter which has only one foot of surface area.

Because of SilentMaster's huge trash capacity, it is months before a filtration change is needed. Compared to other systems, changing the filter is easy. There is no bucket to dump or filter to shake; instead, just set the dirty paper bag in the trash. Plus, having the motors at the bottom with two exhaust ports allows them to stay cooler and last longer than ones in top mounted cyclonic units. Learn about MD's filtration and the competitors.

SilentMaster Highlights
  • Ultra Quiet Sound Suppression
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  • Excellent Power and Longevity
  • Extra Large 12-Gallon Capacity
  • Less Filtration Maintenance
  • More Sustained Suction
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Utility Valve Hose Connection
Any Home, Any Job

SilentMaster has a huge presence in California, which makes for some interesting bragging rights. The SilentMaster vacuum has been installed in many Hollywood mansions and celebrity homes. Just take a look at our Hall of Fame. The powerful SilentMaster Model S5 is the go-to model for homes up to 20,000 square feet. However, you don't have to live in a mansion to use SilentMaster. SilentMaster has top-of-the-line models for homes of any size. You will not be limited using the SilentMaster. It is versatile, adapting to all vacuum accessories and installation options on the market today. Fearlessly clean carpet, wood, tile, garages, cars, RVs, wood shops, and more.

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