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Receive a 24-page Product and Help Guide for all central vacuums or a Complete MD Central Vac packet. Free Literature


Watch the MD Central Vacuum company video, as well as other videos featuring the most popular accessories. Videos


MD's line of power units and the Stealth power brush can be registered online. Registration

General FAQs

If you are new to central vacuums, here are some of the most commonly asked questions.


Review our Satisfaction Guarantee as well as Warranties for all power units and products. Warranty

Order Information

Everything you need to know about online ordering from MD. Track past shipments, as well. Order Information

Technical Information


Learn about installation options, price ranges, and how-to's. Includes links to manuals, parts, and FAQs. Installation

Filtration Methods Compared

Educate yourself on the variety of filtration methods used in the industry.
Filtration Methods

Manuals & Basic Help

Excellent resource containing information about central vacuums in general, as well as in-depth information about MD Vacuum products.
Manuals & Help

Terms & Definitions

To learn more about the technical aspect of vacuums and central vacuums, start here.
Terms & Definitions

Information on Reviews

The internet can be a scary place. Who can you trust, who has credibility, and what do expert reviewers say. Information on Reviews


Navigate through this section for assistance with the most common central vacuum issues. Includes FAQ's by topic. Troubleshooting