VacPan, VacPan II, and VacuSweep

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Imagine a broom that never needs a dustpan and has the cleaning power of a central vacuum system. With our revolutionary new central vacuum outlet, any broom can have this power.

(VacPan installation instructions.)

M.D. Manufacturing introduces Vac Pan and VacPan II, the automatic dust pan. The VacPan and VacPan II are new central vacuum outlets that are easily installed using standard fittings and pipe, in both new and existing systems. Vac Pan and Vac Pan II are great for home entries and a must in the kitchen kick plate! Simply sweep dirt over to the VacPan inlet and it's gone - as easy as sweeping dirt under the rug! And the On/Off kick switch or the VacPan eliminates any bending over. Homeowners will love it! VacPan solves your quick clean up dilemmas while providing you a fantastic new and revolutionary tool!

The ideal complements your built-in vacuum system! Your VacPan installs flush-mounted to your wall or cabinet kickboard or kick-plate, never in the way and practically unnoticed. Homeowners will love it!

Available in white, black or ivory, your VacPan will match any decor - any room. This concept has also been called a Toe Sweep, Toe Kick Vacuum, or Kick Pan.

To activate your VacPan simply direct the foot switch to the on position, sweep dirt and debris toward the powerful suction of your VacPan (powered by your central vacuum), and you floor is clean - instantly!

When your sweeping is complete, just use your foot to turn off theVacPan image VacPan suction power, automatically closing the valve.

Constructed with a strong ABS resin, VacPan and VacPan II are perfect for any room, in the garage or workshop, or for use in the workplace: barber shops, beauty salons, retail stores, restaurants; anywhere frequent cleanup and sweeping is needed.

Read the VacPan installation instructions.
Read the VacPan II installation instructions.

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