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Customer Reviews

Stealth Kit

5 Stars

Just received the Stealth Kit. I did not realize that I would need an adaptor for the hose. I called customer service and they sent the part No cost and no problem. Excellent Service. Haven't used enough to comment on performance but the build quality is much better than the VacuMaid power head that was supposed to be top end quality and did not last 3 yrs.

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SilentMaster Vacuum

5 Stars

We had this in our last house we built and it was amazing. We had hard wood floors and we live out in a very open area with horse properties so there was dust almost every few days. This vacuum was easy to use and it always made the house look brand new. I was 100% endorse this product. We got it again for our house we just built just a few miles away!!!

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ModernDay Vacuum

5 Stars

Bought M465h to replace 31 yr old vacu maid that had separate motor and canister. What a difference.

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Flo-Master Vacuum

5 Stars

Zero issues with the previous unit over five+ years, so just installed another MD unit in the new house.

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AirMaster Vacuum

5 Stars

Purchased from Just Central Vacuums in Chicago. The dealer was knowledgeable and friendly and provided outstanding service. I could not be happier with the experience. This unit replaced a 8 year old Beam system and the suction and airflow is far superior. I am very pleased with the Airmaster CVS.

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