Vacuum Bumpers

Vacuum Bumpers - All Carpet Brush Brands


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Vacuum Bumpers - All Carpet Brush Brands
Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and scuffs on furniture, baseboards, and walls! By adding an American made, high quality, affordable VacuBumper, not only do you resolve the everyday problem of household damage caused by vacuuming but you are at rest no matter who is pushing the appliance!

Whether it's yourself, roommate, maid, or child - YOU don't have to worry when the vacuum inevitable hits baseboards, furniture, or doors. That's worry-free vacuuming the VacuBumper way!
  • Fits snug, stays snug
  • Very easy to install
  • Includes plenty of Velcro
  • Machine washable (air dry)
  • Soft yet tough fabric front & back
  • Lined inside with dense foam rubber
  • Eliminate unnecessary damage!
Ease to Apply
Simply apply the super sticky, wide, and plenty-of-it Velcro to the vacuum head. Then set the Vacu-Bumper on the Velcro to cover the sides and some of the top of the vacuum head. The fabric bumper grabs the Velcro and stays put with real strength.

Large VacuBumper
The large vacuum bumper fits Ace, BlackHawk, TurboCat, TP210 (all), TL2000, and TurboCat Zoom & EX.

Large VacuBumper- Stealth
The large, Stealth VacuBumper is designed to specifically fit the Stealth power brush.

Medium VacuBumper
The medium VacuBumper is made for the power brush in the Complete 360 Kit, the EBK 360, Rugmaster, Eureka, VacuFlo Edge, Kenmore, PowerMate, CT14DX, Centec, AirVac, Beam, Nutone, and more.

Small VacuBumper
The smaller vacuum bumper fits all hard floor brushes (and nearly all vacuum heads found on Canister Vacuums) including Axis, Combo, and 12" & 14" Hard Floor Tools.

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