Ace Central Vacuum Kit


Powerful Cleaning and Helpful Features

Experience the benefits of the fully featured Ace Vacuum Kit and the newly redesigned Ace Electric Power Brush. The Ace is the all around winner for longevity, power, edge cleaning, and price. Plus it is lightweight, easy to lift and maneuver. Ace's most popular features include:

Great for plush carpet
Great for Plush Carpet
The Ace Kit features:
  • V-Belt Protection Technology
  • Quiet Operation
  • Highest Height Adjustment
  • Foot Release of Wands
  • Accessories and Storage Tools
Check out all the Ace Kit highlights, and then test drive it for 30-days with our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Take a look at every part of the Ace Vacuum Kit for its efficiency in cleaning hard floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Trust in a vacuum is hard to come by, that is why we are proud to offer and stand behind Ace. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Ace Vacuum Kit
The Ace Vacuum Kit is a wonderful complement to ALL central vacuums no matter the make, model, or year. It is guaranteed to fit all systems without retrofitting. Review your brand for more information.
"The Ace is much lighter and quieter. Suction is great."
- T. Chippewa, WI

"Much more suction. Carpets are cleaner. I wish I had done this sooner."
- Sandra, California

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