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The Ace Only Works When Hose Switch Is In The "II" Position - Is This Normal?

Hi, I just received the Ace Central Vacuum Kit with 35' hose with corded pigtail to use on my Beam system. I notice the power switch has two on positions, one left and one right. The power head only comes on when the switch is in the position to the right. Is the switch working correctly? Charlie


The switch is functioning properly. The right position controls both suction and the Ace power brush. The left position controls suction only, for on-electric cleaning tools.

Can I Purchase The Ace Separately?

Can I purchase just the head? If so, how much?


Yes, the Ace Electric Powerbrush Head #485 is available for purchase and can ship within 24 hours (during normal business hours).

Can I Upgrade My Air Powered Kit?

I would like to go from my current air powered MD central vac to electric powered. Will the ACE central kit work for me? I do not see any smaller holes near the inlet valves on the wall. Thanks, Liz Anne Newcastle, WA

Yes, the Ace kit will be a great upgrade. Please select the corded option when placing your order.

Filtex Compatible?

I have a hose Series X Y Model S C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE that I believe is Kenmore but not sure. It has an electric pigtail so I am looking for a power unit like the ACE for use on carpet. Will this electric unit work with this hose/wand? I also need a cloth filter for a Filtex VSI model #TSP-300L. It is a very old system, but it still works. Can I still order a cloth filter that would fit? Thanks, Tamara. Mandeville, La.

Yes, the Ace kit will work with your central vacuum system. If you have metal inlet valves you may need the Taper Cuff adapter that slides on the hose end. Can you use your older hose as a back up with the Ace? Maybe, it depends on the distance between the hose handle plastic and the button lock on the stub tube coming out of the handle. It needs to be two inches. If not, we may have a handle to replace yours. Regarding the cloth filter there are none available for the top emtying units. Sorry about that.

Kenmore Compatible?

I want to replace the hose and Power Mate on my Kenmore built-in vacuum cleaning system Model # 116.4054 and Power Mate Model # 116.29200. Will either the ACE kit or the STEALTH kit work with my system (installed 1980-81), or should I get the Hayden kit?

We recommend the Ace or Stealth Kit over the Hayden (Kenmore) Kit. They are all compatible with your and every Kenmore Models after you determine the wall connection and diameter. There is a note above the Stealth Kit that will help you make the right wall end connection and possible adapter need. Please start here or give us a call

Airvac AV3500 Carpet Brush Has No Power

I have a 6 year old Air Vac Model AV3500 central vacuum. I have good suction but my beater bar will not come on. I have checked the breakers -- everything appears to be working. What parts might I need. I have a two prung conector into the wall outlet. Is my problem in the hose or the power bar?

Most likely you have a bad fuse in the hose. It's molded inside the plastic where the two prongs come out, it is not accessible. Replacing the two prongs should solve the issue. If your hose looks like our electric hose, then you can use this

Eureka Replacement Tool Kit

Hi! I have a central air vacuum system named the "boss plus" model from Eureka. It's a bit of an older model number CV299A and serial number 960323088. Will this kit work? And also what would be the closest kit available to what was originally given with this particular model? Thanks!

This kit will work with your Eureka vacuum. It may not be close to what you originally purchased, but you'll be happy with the performance of the Ace brush. It has adjustable height, overload protector, foot-release wand, and a headlight to see where you're going.

Kenmore Compatible Brush

I have a Powermate attachment for a Kenmore 116 256 1290 Whispermate Kenmore vacuum. I just need the bottom part - the electric attachment. Will this work with the wands, which are still okay?

Yes, the wand connections are the same as the old Kenmore brushes. You'll be able to plug right in and get back to cleaning.

What Hose End To Use

Just got a house with a MD FloMaster ( M80 ) unit. But no hose or vacume, or attachments. Im looking at the Ace Central Vacuum. and not sure if i need the one with pigtale or direct conect? please advise. Hugh , High Point

If your wall inlets have two small holes just outside the large hole for the hose, then you can use the Direct Connect hose option. If not, then you will need the corded hose for electrical power.

Beam Replacement Carpet Brush

I have a BEAM CV model SA-1500 that was installed in 1996. I would like to replace only the electric power brush and noticed that the BEAM power brush has an electric cord that plugs into the hose. Can I simply purchase the Ace electric power brush or do I need to replace the hose as well?

If your old wand measures 3.75 inches from the end to the bottom of the cord bracket, then the Ace will connect correctly. If it is longer, then you will need a new wand that will connect to the brush. You can find them both here,,406HSP,485

Ace Compatibility

I need the electrically powered brush head only - no hose - for a white westinghouse SM 1193A / 610071. will this work? Sue-Hopkins, MN

The Ace brush will be compatible with any standard hose. There is a foot release for the extension wands, so the cord is part of that wand. The brush with the wands needed can be found here,,406su,485

Nutone CV352 Compatible Carpet Brush

Hi I have a CV-352 Nutone central vac. It's telling me the original part is discontinued. Is this compatible with my model? Thank you, Jupiter, FL

This brush will work with your system. You can find the brush and the wands needed here,,406su,485

Ace Brush Compatibility With Wands


That brush, like many, used a different style wand and cord connection. You will need to replace the wands as well to make the proper connection into the brush neck. You can find the right wand here,,406HSP

AirVac VM455

I need to replace the POWERHEAD for my AirVac VM455 Electric Brush (Part #115989 rev.a)Red Series. What do you recommend? Thanks, Maria, Overland Park, KS

Please send us a photo of the brush and the cord on it and we will gladly give you your options. However, if it looks like the Ace then the Ace will fit it. It is made by the same company and there are no variations of the components on it compatibility wise.

Kenmore 11657718180 Replacement?

I need to replace my old Kenmore Power-Mate vacuum, model #11657718180. I don't need/want to replace the hose or pigtail cord. Will the Ace fit my existing hose? Thanks :) Katie, Dixon, Missouri.

We don't have a cross reference for that model. If it looks like the "Hayden" brushes you see on the website and has a wand food release at the neck, then yes, the Ace head alone will replace it.

Kenmore 116.3493590C Replacement?

I have Kemore Central Vac S107 34430 (Canada). Power head part number is 116.3493590C. Is this head compatible without modofications? P

Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for this model but if it looks anything like this brush here in this link then this brush and the Ace are compatible without modification.,480I

Replace Eureka Power Head?

I have a 15 year old Eureka built in and the power brush unit, SC1199, won't spin anymore on my burbur carpets. There is no hair restricting the spin. Do I need a new unit? Is this one compatible? Scott

Most likely the first one listed here is the replacement. It looks more like the one you have, right? The Ace has a different neck connection. However, hoses and heads are not system specific so you could of had one that is compatible with the Ace. Please call us if you want us to walk you through this.

Nutone CT-600 Replacement? Bad Cord Too.

need to replace a ct-600 power head, older pig tail power hose orginal broan system , will this work what other parts do I need .

The Ace is a great replacement for the CT600 but if your cord is bad you'll need a new lower wand. Also replace the upper wand with one of the last two in these link,406H,406HL. The first one is if your cord it locked in at the top of the upper wand with a plastic holder. The last one is if the cord dangles at the top and you manually plug it in. Nevermind that the last one says "lower".

Remove Brush

How difficult is it to remove the beater bar on the Ace? With my current vacuum, strands of hair quickly get tangled in the beater bar and it's something of a pain to take it off the belt so I can remove the hair. - Jon, Madison, WI

Requires two screws to be removed and the brush to be opened (in half). Homes with long hair should cut the hair off the roller after every use for best performance.

Fasco Compatible?

What is compatibility with Fasco 862EB (Master Vac) power brush?

The Ace brush may be able to replace your older power brush. It depends on the connection style on the hose handle. If it is two pin holes then yes, but you'll need the correct new wand setup for that to work. You'll need these wands,406HL. Also consider the complete Ace Kit. It fits all Fasco systems and is more convenient and powerful as a complete kit. Thank you for the question and let us know if you need more help.

MasterVac II Replacements

What kits do you have to replace the power beater for a Mastervac II? Do you need me to provide the serial and or model number? THANK YOU!

With all MasterVac vacuums replace the entire hose and tool kit. The hose the vacuum connection on these old parts are no longer available. All our electric kits fit into these systems without a hitch and work flawlessly with it. Buy the pigtail corded version of the kit and enjoy the benefits a new hose and tool kit. If you home doesn't have much carpet, consider a non-electric, air-driven, kit.

Hoover Compatible?

Bought a house with an old Hoover G-III system (1990?). Understand I need a pigtail, but hose does have electric contacts to turn system on. Does this Ace work as a replacement? George, Baltimore

Yes, it will fit right in and work flawlessly with your system. Buy the pigtail hose version. The contacts you refer to are for controlling the suction and do not provide electricity to the vacuum head. Ace works with those contacts so you will be able to control the suction from the hose handle, as well as the electric vacuum head.

Nutone Compatible?

Hello, I have a Nutone central vac system with a model #598 vacuum that doesnt work anymore. What systems will work for my central vac system? Will the Ace Attachment Kit fit?

Yes, all these electric kits will fit your system including Ace: You don't have to change a thing. When you are on the kit's homepage choose a version of the kit with a pigtail cord.

Canada Orders

Im in Canada, can I order on from your site or do I need to call? Hilary

Hi, Canada orders go through our website checkout. Simply use the Canada Checkout button in your shopping cart. We have excellent rates for the border via UPS or you can choose USPS and pay the fees yourself later.

AirVac Central Vacuum Compatible? Other Kits?

I have an AirVac whole house vac system Model AV3500, serial no. K031687. Will the Ace Kit fit my system? If not, what do you recommend. Thanks,Brenda, Simpsonville, SC

Brenda, the Ace Kit will fit directly into your AirVac system. Most likely you do not have the two holes for 110 volts in the vacuum inlets so you need to buy the Ace Kit with "8ft Cord Pigtail". It comes in the standard 30ft long hose or longer 35ft version. Take a look at the Ace Kit page to fully understand the simple 8ft Cord Pigtail that is plugged into a nearby electrical inlet after you plug the hose into the existing vacuum inlet on your wall. Also, just for your information, the other electric kits fit your system as well. So Stealth and BlackHawk are also options for you.

Suction Not Coming On

Marie, Auburn, CA We just moved into a house with a beam Central Vac. It has the Beam Butler Floor Attachment which works on the carpet switch, but does not work on the bare floor switch. We bought a hard wood floor attachment, but the tube it uses has no electric connection, and just pushing the hose into the wall connection does not turn the unit on. What do I need to do?

Hello, sounds like the suction never comes on but you think it does with the carpet brush sound. Use this trouble guide to find the exact issue

Nutone Vooglas Brush Motor

have a nutone power brush motor that has "vooglas mfg. co. " on a label along with no's - 243-017 and a replacement available? Thanks- Keith, Grants Pass Oregon

Hi Keith, we don't have one of those and doubt Nutone does as well but check with their website. Nutone users have replaced there brush with the Original Stealth power head from us and been very pleased. The BlackHawk works as well and costs have as much.