Classic AirMaster Highlights

Proven power and longevity. The vacuum unit has 5-Gallon capacity and dual debris intake. Cleaner filtration maintenance and more Sustained Suction. It is compatible with all Hose Management Systems. Designed and Assembled in USA.

AirMaster Central Vacuum

AirMaster XL Highlights

New AirMaster XL Models A850 and A900 include dual-motor performance for ultra-high Waterlift or CFM. A larger 8-gallon capacity and all-metal lower bucket further enhance these models along with the Model A715. All Air Master units also are equipped with a convenient Utility Valve and on/off switch.

AirMaster XL Central Vacuum

Simply Powerful and Durable

Each Air Master power unit is equipped with a powerful North-American made Ametek motor delivering optimum performance for each home. A full line of varying models and motor configurations are designed to clean homes from 1,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. The power unit's main body and motor housing are all heavy-gauge steel, while the lower bucket is high-impact ABS to ensure years of reliability.


The AirMaster XL uses MD’s proprietary Tru Seal filtration system for mess free bag changes. The classic AirMaster has a unique hybrid system allowing homeowners two choices of filtration; either reduce maintenance costs by operating solely with the pre-installed inverted Microtex cloth filter (without any disposable bags) or enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of using Tru Seal filtration bags to encapsulate all the fine dirt particles.

Quality Vacuum for the Popular Choice

Assembled in USA, the MD AirMaster, a full line of industry popular, bottom-emptying central vacuums. Designed and assembled in the USA, AirMaster reflects the craftsmanship and quality known to all MD brands for almost 60 years.

In addition to their powerful performance, AirMaster are extremely quiet and provide years of outstanding performance.

Assembled in USA

Recent Review

AirMaster Vacuum

5 Stars

Purchased from Just Central Vacuums in Chicago. The dealer was knowledgeable and friendly and provided outstanding service. I could not be happier with the experience. This unit replaced a 8 year old Beam system and the suction and airflow is far superior. I am very pleased with the Airmaster CVS.

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