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AirMaster Filtration and Accessories

I have an air master that needs to be upgraded. the house that we purchased was built in 1992; don't know model number. can I use bags in it? if I buy thru you, do Ihave to pay tax? What system do you recommend; the $251 or $500? how to decide? we have a 21oo sy foot home; mostly carpet. please help? have no powerhead and need one!

The AirMaster doesn't use bags and can't. You should replace the foam filter at the top of the debris tank under the motor. Since you have mainly carpet we highly suggest the Stealth Complete Attachment Kit. It is worth every dime guaranteed. Buy the corded version and choose the 30ft or 35ft hose. Tax is paid in California only.

Dust in Exhaust

Just moved into a new house with this system. According to the Q&A above: NO Air Master uses bags. Correct? I dont have the model number . Where can I find this so I can order a new filter? When I use the vacuum, dust comes out of the side exhaust and into the garage. Is it a filter problem?

That is correct, all our AirMaster systems as of 2006 only have a foam filter at the very top of the inside of the unit. That is why these units must be exhausted to the outdoors with an exhaust vent cap. Here are the foam filters, and the materials for exhausting.

Filters and Accessories

We moved into the house built in 1990 with Air Master system built in. I don't know the model. Do I need to change filters in my vacuum? Also, lately the round brush inside the bottom vacuuming part stoped rotating and it seems that the suction is weak. I removed all debris from rotating brush, but it still does not rotate. Why? Is it time to purchase all new hoses and vacuuming parts? Thank you.

There is a single foam filter inside the unit at the very top that needs to be beat out every couple months. We do sell replacements here,731S. Yes, to get the very most from the central vacuum you should test drive our Stealth Attachment Kit with corded hose. Please take a moment to see it and read the hundreds of testimonials at

Connecting a C210 AirMaster

How does the two section Air Master C210 connect together?

The bottom, dirt collecting unit has two connections on top. The center one goes to the two ports on the underside of the motor section. Use a Y fitting and some 45 angles, central vacuum pipe and fittings, to tie them together. The off centered port on the top of the dirt collector is where the run to the home is connected, where the dirt will go in. There are two ports on the side of the top motor section that are the exhaust. You can run two exhausts a maximum of about 15ft each.

C300 Amp Circuit

What amperage does the dedicated 110v circuit for an AirMaster C300 power unit need to be (20 or 30 amps)? Steve Breckenridge, CO

The C300 is 110 volt and requires a 20 amp circuit.

C300 Mounting

How is the C300 mounted.

There is a single hook on the back of the C300 about 4 inches from the top to the top of the hook (which is about 1 inch long). A metal piece is mounted to the wall and holds the C300 securely in place. The metal piece looks like an upside down capital T only with two horizontal pieces. There are four screw holes in it. The first two are on the vertical bar. The first one is 1 inch down from the hook, or 6 inches from the top of the C300. The next hole is 4-3/4 below the first hole. The first horizontal bar is 7 inches from the hook bottom, or 8 inches from the top. The two screw holes on it are 6-1/4 apart from each other. The horizontal bar below that is 10 inches below the hook and has no screw holes but is curved to hug the shape of the unit.

C300 Manufactured

were is the c 300 made in ?

The AirMaster C300 is manufactured in China.

Replace Vacuflo?

I have a vac u flo system that is 20 yrs. old. I believe it might be time for a new motor/unit. The unit has stopped suctioning although the unit clicks.(as you have asked of other questioners. What unit do I replace with, it is a bottom emtying so I thought this might be the one and how much is the unit.?

Hello, you have options. You can replace the motor and clean the screen below it which should give you the power you have lost over the years. Also, a newer hose will deliver a lot more power. Older ones get tiny holes that equate to loss of suction and there airflow characteristics are poor. But if you want to replace the unit you can. There is no end to the possibilities. The latest units have incredible suction and run at 15 amps. The best of those is the SilentMaster S44 which you can gaze on here The AirMaster C300 is similiar to what you have now, it is bottom emptying. But we encourage disposable bag filter units such as the SilentMaster. Please call us for more information.

AirMaster Foam Filter

We have an older airmaster central vac. YOu have sent us parts before. The serial number on ours is 39944, 115 volts gray canister, with red lettering. I need replacement filters as it coats the closet with large amounts of dust. It seems like the filter sat on the top and was circular, and inch or two thick. Can you help me with this: Our last order with you was 2 years ago, #84953 if that helps. Thank you, Sandi

Hi, Sandi you will take one of these filters,731S. The unit is dusty because it was designed to have minimal filtration, it is a cyclonic. When the motor dies we suggest a disposable bag version for sanity sake. Let us know if you have any more questions.

CT14L Metal Tube

We have a CN-TC model CT14L beater for our Air Flow central vac system. We need to replace the top metal tube and plastic chassis that the hose plugs in to. Do you carry this part?


Type of Bag or Filter? Accessories?

We just moved into a house that was built in 1989 and it has an AirMaster central vac system. We need to replace the bag, but don't know what model it is. The top round cover has a 14 inch diameter. I read on here that the AirMaster doesn't use bags, but ours had a bag in it that was really full and got a hole in it when we took it out. Also, will the accessories that you have for the AirMaster fit our old system? Thanks!


Hi, it sounds like someone converted the unit to a bag type. It was probably a long bag with a hole towards the top like with our Closed Microfilter Bags. And yes, all the accessories you see will fit your system. We highly suggest a new kit, they ALL fit. Compare our Electric Kits and our Air Driven Kits to find a solution that works best for you.

AirMaster C95 Filter

What is the part # for the replacement filter for the C-95? Cheryl, Center Twp, PA

CN-300 Lights On

MODEL NO.: CN-300 CVI AIRWATTS 560: Hi I am renting a property in Israel where the above has been installed. Two lights have come on - one next to a picture of a bin and another next to a brush and filter(?). I do not have a manual. What does this mean and what measures do I need to take? Thanks Regards Samantha

The light with the picture of the bin means the debris collection bin needs to be emptied. The light with the picture of the filter means the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

C300 Filter Plate

I have an airmaster c300 and the part that holds the filter on got thrown away. How do I order a replacement.

You can use the retainer plate found here,

Vacuum Overheating

Hi. I had the problem with the units that were overheating (more recently the electrolux quiet clean system). Again - everything checks out (no blockages and the vac is on a dedicated circuit that has been wired correctly). However the install manual asks for a 20 amp circuit versus a 15 amp which is what it is connected to. Would this lack of power cause the motor to work harder than required and cause it to overheat (after 15 minutes of use)

No, the circuit limits the amount of amps allowed to run on the circuit but does not affect heat in the unit. If the unit is running hot, it is either a motor going bad or restricted air flow. Check your filters and have pipe line cleaned out to remove any buildup that can slow airflow. The motors in central vacuums use the air to cool down. Not enough air moving through the motors, too much heat builds up and trips the safety.

Modern Day B2 Motor Replacement

My unit model number is B 2 what motor will I need to replace a motor.

You can find replacement motors for Modern Day units listed by model number here,

Some Inlets Not Working

I have a Chamerlain Air Vac Blue Series. Two of the hose plug in outlets are not working. We have others and they are working fine. In order for these two that are not working we turn the button on that is on the vacuum unit and then they work. Can you help us. Thanks Don Auburn


In the troubleshooting chart see the box that has the #4 solution attached to it. Follow the directions in that box to test your inlets.