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Converting Your Open Bag System the Right Way

Have you ever been frustrated when changing the SilentMaster Central Vacuum bag and wanted a cleaner method to dispose of the debris? Most do not mind cleaning around the top edge of the regular bag or pulling it out to change it; but there is an alternative. All the debris can be contained within a closed bag which creates less mess during a bag change. Printable Conversion Steps.

There are some possible drawbacks to this alternate closed filter bag. Mis-vacuumed items are not easy to retreive (whereas you can easily reach into an open type bag to quickly find an item). Use of the utility valve on the SilentMaster is taken away (used for cleaning a car, garage, or basement). And the bag has less capacity and some air restriction due to finer filtration. If these are not deterrents and you'd like to keep your hands cleaner, then the Closed Bag Conversion Kit is the perfect match for you.

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Step 1: Pipe Removal
Remove the 2" PVC pipe connection from the side of the can by sliding power unit on the wall in the opposite direction.

Option to convert all sizes and models of SilentMaster, MD, FloMaster, AirForce, and Airflo from an open filter bag to a closed bag.

The conversion kit includes two products; Pipe Adapter and Closed Microfilter Bags (sold separately and together). This conversion can be done ONLY IF your incoming pipe system is directed to ONE side of your central vacuum unit (most installations).
Step 2: Keep or Remove Current Bag
If an open-top paper bag exists, you may leave it in (for finer protection) or remove it. Keep the cloth support bag in place.
Step 3: Installing Pipe Adapter
Gasket Instructions: Before moving to the next step, slide the included gasket on to the "teeth" end of the adapter. The gasket is going to be sandwiched between the plastic adapter collar and the inside metal wall. Insert #726M Bag Adapter from inside the can through the metal neck until it “clicks”. Insert it pointing down toward the center of the inside of the unit.
Step 4: Installing Microfilter Bag
Push new Microfilter Part # 723MF-5 onto pipe adapter until rubber neck passes "teeth" of Bag Adapter.
Step 5: Finishing Up
Reconnect 2" PVC connection to metal neck. Replace lid on power unit. You are done!