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"Without a doubt, the best internet service that I've ever experienced. My vacuum now works like new! I'll definitely forward this site to friends in Canada and sing your praises."
Dr. Pasemco, Alberta

"I didn't speak with anyone as I ordered online, but the service from that point on is UNBEATABLE. Our order was on our doorstep in 5 days and we live in the south east corner of B.C. Canada.
Great job."
Bob & Jean Mowbray

Many thanks for your rapid service and to CANADA to boot! Wish we could get this kind of service from throughout the US shopping!!
Ed, Edmonton, AB

Product Certification

Our vacuums are ETL Certified for Canada, meaning that they meet all electrical safety requirements as directed by Canadian Law. This certification is through Intertek which is approved to test and apply certifications by the Canadian Government. The ETL certification is basically equivalent to UL, CSA, and other regulatory certifications.

Questions about Canada
Orders and Shipping?

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Welcome Canada Customers!

We are glad to provide our customers in Canada with excellent products, service, and top-notch delivery.
Canadian customers say it best:

"I'm in Canada, QC. I just ordered some accessories. The quality is very good, shipping not too expensive, and the declaration for customs very perfect! Thank you very much, I recorded your website for other accessories. I won't hesitate to re-order products from you! I recommend you to everyone. A+"
Reviewed by: Bruno
What Can I Expect When Placing an Order?

Note that orders including installation pipe over 46" long cannot ship Postal and will be shipped UPS.

UPS Shipping Features

An inclusive one-time charge that includes ALL associated taxes, brokerage and duty fees. You will not incur any further charges or fees when you recieve your order. We guarantee it. And we even lower your brokerage and shipping fees at checkout, depending on the product and subtotal, by paying for part of them ourselves!

100% Guarantee

MD will pay any additional charge or fee or brokerage cost (Our negotiated brokerage fee for all orders over $20 is $14.50) incurred on your order when using UPS checkout. Your final price is your true, final price. If for any reason an additional fee occurs, MD will pay for it. However, if an additional fee is a result of choosing the wrong usuage option during checkout (business vs. residential), then you will be liable for that additional fee. This 100% Guarantee excludes any charges your credit card company may charge you such as commission or exchange rate fees.

Exception for guaranteed shipping rate: For areas in Canada that are only serviced through air shipment and our system doesn't catch it, you will receive a phone call regarding your order. Air shipments to these areas are very expensive and we will try to work out an arrangement with you for the new freight. There is no obligation to buy and you will not be charged unless an agreement is made, otherwise the order will be canceled. If a credit card charge occurs you will be remitted if no order is placed.

Postal Shipping Features

Lower shipping costs (usually) and a lower final charge amount online then UPS for most orders. However the associated fees and taxes will be collected from you when you receive the order.

How Is the Exchange Rate Being Applied to My Order?

Although all charges are being itemized and paid in U.S. Dollars, real-time exchange rates are being calculated and costs converted to Canadian Dollars for the appropriate assessment of duties, taxes, and customs preparation fees (when using UPS, not Postal) which are based on Canadian purchase values. The credit card statement's line item charge on your credit card bill will be your banks conversion of funds from USD to Canadian.

Determining Applicability of Duty Charges and Amount

When using UPS shipping, not Postal, your duty rates are determined by such factors as commodity classification, country of manufacture, quantity and value of the goods being imported. There will be an assessment on the total value of the commodity that is non-exempt from duty in accordance with NAFTA. If your order contains items requiring a duty assessment this will be itemized in your cart total prior to checkout. Postal shipping does not calculate or charge for any taxes or duties. They are paid when the product is recieved.

How Are Province Taxes Determined and Charged?

When using UPS shipping, the tax rate depends on your ship-to-destination. Please refer to the chart below to determine the relevant rate for you. Note that a fraction of a percent is added to GST or HST above the 5% by UPS for a UPS brokerage tax. When using Postal shipping there will be no tax charged online, you will pay the taxes and fees upon receiving your order.

How Are Canadian Shipping Costs Determined?

UPS shipping charges are dynamically calculated by our site-integrated UPS rate generator and determined by the carrier service type, ship-to-destination, number of packages, and the respective weight and dimensions of each.

Postal shipping charges are determined by the Postal categories and determined by the ship-to-destination, number of packages, and the respective weight of each.

How Are Canadian Customs Entry Preparation Fees Determined?

For UPS shipping, customs preparation fees are also programmatically calculated in accordance with our UPS Brokerage rate of $14.50 for the product sum of $20 and more.


Your credit card will be billed in U.S. dollars by on behalf of MD. Manufacturing immediately upon completion of your online order. "MD Manufacturing" will appear as the billing company on your credit card statement.

Order Confirmation & Tracking

Within 24-Hours of placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email.
Orders to Canada will ship only when all items are in stock. If an item within your order is on back order you will be notified within one business day and provided with a projected shipment date or applicable options.

Once your order has been processed for shipment, you will receive a fulfillment status and shipment notification e-mail which includes UPS tracking information if using UPS.

Return Policy for Canada

M.D. Manufacturing's Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Tax Table for Canada

NA - Tax is not applicable
NA - Tax is not applicable
Alberta AB 5% NA NA 5% NA NA
British Columbia BC 5% NA NA 5% 7% NA
Manitoba MB 5% NA NA 5% 7% NA
New Brunswick NB 5% NA 8%* NA NA 13%
Nova Scotia NS 5% NA 8%* NA NA 13%
Newfoundland NL 5% NA 8%* NA NA 13%
Northwest Territories NT 5% NA NA 5% NA NA
Nunavut NU 5% NA NA 5% NA NA
Ontario ON 5% NA NA 5% 8% NA
Prince Edward Island PE 5% NA NA 5% NA NA
Quebec QC 5% 7.5%** NA 5% 7.5% NA
Saskatchewan SK 5% NA NA 5% NA NA
Yukon YK 5% NA NA 5% NA NA

*The Canada Border Services Agency is obligated to collect only GST on commercial imports. For those provinces that have harmonized taxes (Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia), only the GST portion of the HST is collected.

**Commercial importers subject to PST will self assess directly to their provincial governments.

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