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Delivers Excellent Cleaning Results

The Response Vacuum Kit delivers a single solution for today's traditional and high-density soft carpets, including Bliss Beaulieu SoftSense, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk, Shaw Caress, Platinum Plus Softspring, TruSoft Stainmaster, and Dream Weaver PureSoft Cashmere. The Response is ideal for those struggling to clean their plush carpets and seek an all-around winner for edge cleaning, ease of use, and versatility. The kit's quick wand release, low profile, and high styling speak to its quality.

  • True Edge Cleaning
  • LED Headlight
  • Four Height Adjustment
  • Double Swivel Neck
  • Accessories and Storage Tools
  • Includes a Convertible Black Hose
Stealth Vacuum Kit

Response Power Brush


  • 15" Wide Cleaning Width
  • Poly V Belt for Long Life
  • Double Swivel Neck to Improve Maneuverability
  • Self-Adjusting Air Relief
  • Edge Cleaning Design
  • Four Position Height Adjustment
  • Soft Wrap Around Bumper
  • Quick, Easy-to-Access Wand Release
  • Low Profile
  • Over Molded Wheels Inside the Agitator
Response Power Brush

Self-Regulating Air Bypass System

Power brushes on traditional carpets permit air to flow under the agitator, traveling up and back to carry dirt into the air stream. The new high-density soft carpets prevent air from entering through this traditional means. As a result, homeowners with ultra-soft carpets have difficulty pushing their vacuums across the surface. The Response Kit addresses this issue by allowing air to pass into the vacuum head, as needed, to prevent it from sealing to the carpet. No matter what type of carpet you have, the result is a deeper, more effective clean.

Self-adjusting air relief enters through vents

Four-Position Height Adjustment

The Response Power Brush has 4 height positions to accommodate both traditional and high-density soft carpets. Thoughtful placement of the height adjustment and wand release eliminates the need to raise your foot from the floor.

Four-Position Height Adjustment

Quiet Drive Poly V Belt and Over Molded Wheels

The Response Kit's Poly V Belt system is positioned away from the end of the agitator, providing true edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. Trouble-free tilt and roll over molded wheels positioned inside the agitator deliver excellent surface grooming.

Poly V Belt and Over Molded Wheels

Low Profile with Non-Marking Bumper

You can vacuum rest assured that your home is taken care of. The Response Power Brush has a soft wrap around its bumper that protects your furnishings and baseboards from unwanted marks. Also, with one of the lowest furniture clearance heights at 3-3/8", the Response allows you to clean your home more effectively.

Non-Marking Bumper

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

For online retail sales, M.D. provides a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Test drive your new vacuum attachment kit for up to 30 days after product receipt. We are confident you will be satisfied. If not, you may return it for a full product refund. 100% of the product cost will be refunded, including taxes and applicable duties. The initial shipping and return shipping charges, and applicable international entrance/brokerage fees, will not be refunded.