Delivers Excellent Cleaning Results

The Response Vacuum Kit delivers a single solution for today's traditional and high-density soft carpets, including Bliss Beaulieu SoftSense, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk, Shaw Caress, Platinum Plus Softspring, TruSoft Stainmaster, and Dream Weaver PureSoft Cashmere. The Response is ideal for those struggling to clean their plush carpets and seek an all-around winner for edge cleaning, ease of use, and versatility. The kit's quick wand release, low profile, and high styling speak to its quality.

  • True Edge Cleaning
  • LED Headlight
  • Four Height Adjustment
  • Double Swivel Neck
  • Accessories and Storage Tools
  • Includes a Convertible Black Hose
Stealth Vacuum Kit

Electric Hose

Supplying Suction and Power

  • Ergonomic Gas-pump Style Handle
  • Available in 30- and 35-foot Lengths
  • 3-way Switch Controls Suction and Vacuum
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses
  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Home
  • 360-Degree Swivel Prevents Kinking
  • Lightweight, Easy to Store
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Comes in Black
Electric Hose

Durable Resilient Hose

The most abused part of any central vacuum is the hose. It gets pulled, stretched, dropped, squashed, slammed, and hung in a closet. Facing this roughness, why settle for a generic hose? The Response Kit includes the MD Electric Hose, the best hose in the industry for its durability and performance. It has a comfortable gas-pump handle, three-way switch, 27 percent more airflow than older hoses, is crushproof, light, and swivels 360 degrees. Comes in black.

Durable Resilient Hose

Gentler on Your Home

Being completely pliable, this hose is easier to handle and is less abrasive on baseboards and furniture. If you step on the hose or accidentally twist it in a knot, it quickly bounces right back into shape. Remarkably, this pliable hose is as durable as the older, wire-reinforced hoses, but without the liability of becoming misshapen or wearing out the baseboards in your home. Comes in black.

Gentler on Your Home

Swivels More - Kinks Less

There is nothing worse then a hose that constantly kinks. Walking back or having to twist it to release is a waste of time. With the Response Hose, kinks are virtually a thing of the past. You can get right to work because, as the hose is stretched, the 360-degree swivel at the hose handle spins to release each twist that would otherwise stop work from getting done efficiently. Comes in black.

Swivels More - Kinks Less

Feel Good Vacuuming

Enjoy the ergonomic gas-pump style handle and convenient three-way switch for finger tip control over everything. Turn the Response Head on or off and the actual suction on and off as you please. If the phone rings or you need to stop to move something, simply turn off the vacuum at the hose handle - no need to run back to the wall connection. A handy air flow adjuster comes standard on the heavy duty metal hose end. Use it to reduce the suction when vacuuming drapes or using the crevice tool. Comes in black.

Feel Good Vacuuming

Fits All Central Vacuums Ever Made

The Response Central Vacuum Kit will bring life back to any central vacuum system no matter the year, make, or model. Your carpets will be forever grateful, and will last longer than ever before.

The Response Hose easily converts to either a pigtail connection or a direct connection. Inlet wall valves all have a wire going to them that controls the suction. Some have four wires that include 110-volts. The 110-volt inlets have two small holes just above or below the main suction hole. These take the direct connect hose end. If there are not two holes it will need the pigtail version, which has an 8-foot cord that easily plugs into a nearby electrical socket. Comes in black.

Fits all Central Vacuums Ever Made

Lightweight & Easy to Store

You have to feel this to believe it, but the Response Vacuum Hose is amazingly lightweight for its size. In use, it moves freely without much pull at all. After using it, simply make four or five loops and set it into the included hose hanger. The hose is available in 30- and 35-feet. We recommend using the shorter length, but if you need the longer hose, have no worries, there is no suction loss, and it is just as manageable. Comes in black.

We also recommend a hose sock to protect your baseboards and furniture as the hose passes by them. Besides providing protection, the hose sock also allows the hose to slide across all floor types with less effort. There is plenty of room on the hose hanger for the hose with the sock installed.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

For online retail sales, M.D. provides a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Test drive your new vacuum attachment kit for up to 30 days after product receipt. We are confident you will be satisfied. If not, you may return it for a full product refund. 100% of the product cost will be refunded, including taxes and applicable duties. The initial shipping and return shipping charges, and applicable international entrance/brokerage fees, will not be refunded.