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About MD Manufacturing

Since 1961, M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. has created high quality central vacuum systems for homes and offices around the globe.


M.D. Manufacturing's number one passion is central vacuums. M.D. is also the complete resource for all central vacuum products and knowledge based needs. This solutions-oriented American company operates in the heart of California and is eager to partner with homeowners and businesses alike.

Before household brand names threw their hat into this industry, M.D. Manufacturing was already miles ahead. It all started with Charles Emdy, who, as a 56-year old metal worker with only an 8th grade education, wanted to make something that would better society, provide for his family, and allow him to give back to the community. Little did he know when he began selling central vacuum systems out of his North Hollywood garage in the early sixties, that his dream would become a reality.

For the next five decades, M.D. Manufacturing would not only invent and design helpful products and patent better vacuums, but it would grow into a company with worldwide distribution and a robust independent dealer network. Selling the M.D. Manufacturing power units, SilentMaster, ModernDay, Flo-Master, and AirMaster through dealers only, ensures top-level, personalized, local service. At the same time, our ever-growing website is an industry standard for everything related to central vacuums and is a wealth of information for both professionals and homeowners.

Decades passed since Charles Emdy designed his central vacuum prototype and began selling units out of his garage and M.D. Manufacturing is now one of the largest central vacuum manufacturers in North America. Our passion is to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices and provide accurate, personalized, first-rate customer service. Best of all, the founders original goals are coming true: customers experience the practical and healthful benefits of an outstanding product, employees provide for their families, and M.D. gives back to the community and our affiliates through gifts and scholarships.