M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Giveaway

Maine The Meyers won a brand new Maximum Cleaning Accessory Kit I.

"Centramop: This one is our favorite so far, not only do we use it on our hardwood floor, but it works great on wooden stairs since the vac opening picks up anything pushed to the back of the stair. We've also used this to dust and clean doors with wooden slats. So far we've used it with Bona floor cleaner.

RugRat mini hand turbine: We like this one for couches. It seems to have enough power to rotate the beater brush. We're looking into getting a larger one for the floor.

Vibrating beater head: We've only used this on the mattress so far. It is kind of silly but does seem to vibrate the mattress enough to suck up the particles that are in the deep grooves of the pillow top mattress.

Lint brush: We've started using this one on the couch regularly to keep it clean and looking good. "


The Vallees won a brand new Stealth Central Vacuum Kit w/Vacuum Bumper!

"I love that my Silentmaster S3 has been reliable for about 20 years, and then to get this marvelous gift of a Stealth Kit from you really was the icing on the cake. I love the new adjustable height wands. My old Eureka powerhead was outfitted with a new belt, but that poor old gal can't hold a candle to the new Stealth. The rugs have never looked better."


The VanderWalls won a brand new Flo-Master C650 Central Vacuum Unit!

"This is the best unit I have had. The suction is vastly better than either of the other 2 units I have owned. This unit is substantially quieter than either of the other units. This unit has surpassed my expectations on every level."


The Weisgerbers won a brand new Flo-Master M85 Unit.

"As the winner of this great vacuum, I can not thank you enough. Our old Astro Mark X Vac was almost dead and causing us trouble with dog hair clogs. Now with this new MD FloMaster 650 the vacuum headache is over. Thank you again!"


The Csrnkos won a brand new Ace Attachment Kit.

"This is our first central vacuum system and there is no doubt that MD provides excellent performance and the service has no equal. The Ace Attachment Kit is perfect and became our downstairs system. We thoroughly enjoy all the products and would definitely recommend MD as the system for any household."


Congratulations to The Runkels for winning a Maximum Cleaning Accessory Kit I!


Congratulations to The Schmidts for winning a $100 shopping spree on www.builtinvacuum.com!


Congratulations to The Bullocks for winning a brand new Mini Electric Brush!

New York

The Kruchkows won some brand new Central Vacuum Accessories!

"About 1 1/2 years ago I bought my Stealth Vacuum, and it has made vacuuming our carpets much easier. Not only does it pick-up more "dirt", but it is quicker and has less motor noise than our previous vacuum head. In combination with our SilentMaster, and all the accessories that I won, we now have a complete system that would be hard to beat."

New York

The Pattersons won a brand new MD Flo-Master M85 Central Vac Unit!

"We are going to love this machine. It will be a great help with the dog hair from our two dogs and the dust and dirt from every day life. Thank you so much!"


The Shermans won a brand new Stealth Attachment Kit!

"One happy housekeeper - The photo depicts Sra. Socorro smiling while using our Stealth Attachment Kit with our MD whole house vacuum system. The carpets have never been cleaner. The carpet nap is uniform making the flooring look even better. The Stealth attachment is easy to use. We have a 5000 square foot home that is neat and clean making our family happy, too."


The Soderquists won a brand new Ace Attachment Kit!

"We LOVE the Ace Attachment Kit. I would like to get another for another level of my house. It is the very BEST! I am very very satisfied."


The Grigsbys won a brand new SilentMaster S44 Central Vacuum Unit!

"Our old unit is going into the detached garage/workshop as it is still working after 18 years (we did replace a motor last year). The new unit works great! Now I will be ordering some new accessories so the old hose can go out to the garage, as well. Thank you MD Manufacturing." - Gayle Grigsby


The Underwoods won a brand new Stealth Attachment Kit!

Jean and Larry had their 1700s farmhouse retrofitted with a Silent Master Central Vac. The installation was done by Dan Henderson of Only Central Vacuum. Mr. Underwood was skeptical of the central vacuum, but after his wife took the initiative to install it, he soon loved using it. After using the Stealth Kit, the couple's appreciation for the system has increased, partly due to how it cleans up the constantly shedding fur from their four German Shepherd dogs!


Congratulations to The Lambertons for winning a brand new Ace Kit and Mini Electric Brush!


The Fites won a brand new FloMaster M80 Unit and a new Ace Kit!

"MD Vacuum's personnel have bent over backward to get me the vacuum and whatever accessories I needed for the complete central vacuum experience. I would recommend MD Vacuum to anyone wanting a built in vacuum system."

North Carolina

The Buchanans won a brand new SilentMaster S44!

"We have been very pleased with our new central vac unit. With pets in the house, plus the dust from our country homestead, we have to vacuum frequently. When our old Kenmore gave out, we looked at several brands, and were most impressed with the Silentmaster S44. I was going to buy the unit anyway, but then we won the Giveaway prize! It arrived on time, was fairly simple to install ourselves, and runs quieter than our old one while being more powerful!" - Scot & Pam


The Readys won a brand new SilentMaster S44!

"We are excited about the Central Whole House Vac! We've always dreamed of finding a simple solution to help keep our home dust and allergy free. Living in an area that consistently ranks as one of the top 10 pollen-producing cities in the country, the central vac with an exterior canister will be a breath of fresh air. Winning the vacuum was also perfect timing as we just finished the framing process of our new home, making for a very simple installation."


Fred and his family won a brand new Flo-Master M85. As a retired contractor, Fred is going to install the entire system himself. It was a pleasure chatting with him to strategize the layout of installation, and we wish him the best.

"Thanks to MD Manufacturing Central Vacuums for their generosity in support of the MD VACUUM 'Winter Giveaway.'" - Fred

Central Vacuum Winner


Richard & Gayleene won a brand new Stealth attachment kit. Cleaning a multi-leveled home can get tiring. But they now have an attachment kit for every floor of their home! Gayleen raves about her Twin Stealths:

"We have black area rugs in our kitchen and a dog that sheds her long hair. The Stealth keeps our rugs like new. It's also much quieter than our previous vacuums and easier on my back." - Gayleen

Central Vacuum Winner


Brenda won a SilentMaster S44 and an electric kit. She has a large, lovely home with 8 dogs, so the extra S44 power and attachment kit was an appreciated upgrade from her old unit.

"With the new system came a new hose and attachments that work great! What an amazing gift you have given me. I would recommend the SilentMaster to anyone!" -Brenda

Central Vacuum Winner


Rick & Ada won a SilentMaster S44 central vacuum, upgrading from an older MD unit they had previously owned. For such a large family, MD threw in a brand new electric kit also!

"It's the nicest thing I never had to buy." -Rick

"We are so impressed. We would have paid for this system.
This beats any vacuum cleaner, any day!" -Ada

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