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History of MD Manufacturing, Inc.

A decade-by-decade summary of M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.'s history since 1961.



Charles Emdy, a master metal worker, makes his first central vacuum prototype out of a wooden box to prove his concept. Finding success, he purchases 12 motors from Ametek and starts M.D. Manufacturing in his garage in North Hollywood.

Charles Emdy would make elaborate metal toys for his sons.
Charles Emdy would make elaborate metal toys for his sons.
  • The first 100 units had a huge 14-inch decal on the front
  • M.D. produces the first 2-motor unit
  • M.D. produces the first unit with dual intake necks
  • 1963 - M.D. establishes its first independent dealership


Marketing materials developed and dealerships grew.

Colorful Central Vacuum Units from the Seventies
Colorful Central Vacuum Units from the Seventies
  • 1971 - Wayne Emdy, Charles' son, purchases the business from his father
  • 1976 - M.D. moves to Sunland, California and settles into its first shop
  • 1976 - The first non-family members are hired
  • 1978 - Wayne quits local installing to concentrate on dealers and distributors
  • 1978 - M.D. becomes an early computer adopter with its billing and inventory system
  • 1978 - Sales of units expands to Hayden in Canada
  • 1979 - The business moves to North Hollywood on Magnolia Blvd
  • 1979 - AirMaster and Flo-Master brands initiated


Growth and expansion, with first distribution to nationwide distributors.

Fire at Sun Valley M.D. Plant
A fire at the Sun Valley Plant destroys all tooling and inventory.
  • 1981 - M.D. moves its factory to Sun Valley, California
  • 1983 - The company begins exhibiting and teaching seminars at VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association)
  • 1983 - A fire destroys all tooling and inventory at the Sun Valley Plant, so M.D. moves operations back to Charles' garage with units shipping two weeks later
  • 1987 - The factory moves to a much larger facility in Bakersfield, California
  • 1989 - Wayne Emdy receives a patent for the first quiet central vacuum and SilentMaster brand


New Beginnings.

M.D. Vacuum Unit with the Stealth power brush
M.D. SilentMaster Vacuum Unit with the Stealth power brush
  • International sales expands
  • 1992 - Wayne Emdy passes away and is succeeded by Grant Olewiler as General Manager
  • 1994 - M.D. begins sales of incredible new Stealth power brush
  • 1995 - Charles and Wayne Emdy were inducted into the VDTA Hall of Fame
  • 1995 - Charles Emdy quits sewing the cloth bags for units at age 89
  • 1996 - M.D. goes online with our website,


Internal Growth.

M.D. Manufacturing USA facility
M.D.'s new USA facility in Bakersfield, California
  • 2001 - U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issues M.D. patent for noise reduction mechanism for use in central vacuum systems
  • 2006 - M.D. receives first report of broken belt on a Stealth after 12 years
  • 2006 - M.D. introduces new patented CentraMop and MantaMop
  • 2007 - The new Warehouse Management System software benefits all customers by improving order accuracy and fulfillment time
  • 2009 - M.D. completes construction of new USA facility


Dealer Development and Distribution Expansion

M.D. Distribution Center
M.D. Distribution Expands
  • Numerous dealer seminars benefit and educate many industry players
  • 2011 - M.D. celebrates 50th Anniversary
  • 2012 - Our Sales Team shifts its approach to better support local dealerships in the field
  • 2014 - M.D. begins program for creating and maintaining websites on behalf its dealers
  • 2016 - U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issues M.D. patent for a retractable hose system
  • 2019 - The M.D. East Coast Distribution Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana opens, providing reduced transit time and cost for all customers


  • 2020 - Launched the AirMaster XL, a larger capacity bottom emptying central vacuum
  • 2020 - The M.D. East Coast Distribution Center moved to larger facility in Kentucky
  • 2021 - Celebrated 60 years of growth, success, and stability in selling high quality central vacuum products