M.D. MFG, Inc. Announces New Manufacturing Plant

M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. has reaffirmed its commitment to the American workforce by building a brand new, state-of-the-art operations facility in Bakersfield, California. Many U.S. manufacturers committed to American-made goods continue to give in to the lure of low-cost labor by moving production outside the United States; MD, however, puts action behind their beliefs by keeping quality jobs in America.

The new MD plant is double the size of the former location and offers three times the storage capacity. The new facility houses all manufacturing, inventory, sales and support staff in one central location. A priority for investment capital was to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible while increasing MD's competitive edge. MD's new technology-based infrastructure is a tremendous advancement toward this goal. Other initiatives were successful, as well, including solar lighting designed to reduce electrical consumption and provide an open, creative atmosphere.

MD has a commitment to sustain staffing while improving capabilities. Each employee is aware of his or her vital role in the company to ensure an accurate and timely response to every client's needs. The result is excellent intra-office communication, efficient order taking, and same-day shipping. Within MD's new operations facility, the commitment for on-going research and development will remain a priority and focus.

All of the employees at MD are true central vacuum enthusiasts. Experienced professionals will get the right product, right away, and for the right price. Accessories for any central vacuum brand, year, or model are also available.

MD has laid industry foundations with the first quiet central vacuum with the most extensive filtration, the bulletproof Stealth Power Brush, and many other innovative products. All vacuum units are assembled in the facility using all North American parts.