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3 star user rating.

Apr 16 2019 2:23PM

Still waiting on part of my purchase made on March 15, 2019. What happened to the:


Part #: 416CAR

(BIV Notes: Customer was contacted regarding the ETA of the 416CAR)

5 star user rating.
Apr 1 2019 7:38AM

The part was shipped in bubble envelope and was damaged. I contacted customer service the next business day and they sent me a replacement in a box this time and the replacement was ok. Quick and friendly customer service.

5 star user rating.
Mar 28 2019 5:17AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Mar 7 2019 11:22AM

Erica was extremely helpful and very professional.

5 star user rating.

Feb 25 2019 6:40PM

Replaced my 11 year old central vacuum motor that had passed on. The replacement was identical with a recent manufacturing date. Its so quiet I had to walk over to make sure there was air flowing. The motor was well packaged with its 13 lbs securely floating in packaging that kept it centered in the box for the entire trip. Communications on the transaction and shipping were just what I expect in a purchase.

1 star user rating.

Feb 24 2019 9:14PM

I ordered a part on Saturday afternoon it is now Sunday night.

I have received a confirmation e-mail every 9 minutes followed by another e-mail one minute thereafter. So 12 per hour now for 30 hours- 360 and counting. Can not call to stop its a weekend. A unique terrible experience.

(BIV Notes: We are very sorry for the system glitch that caused so many emails to be sent to many of our customers over this 2 day period. We rectified the issue as soon as we arrived on Monday morning. Luckily the emails were the only thing that duplicated, but we understand the frustration this caused.)

5 star user rating.

Feb 22 2019 5:22AM

The hose I selected on line would not work with my old system, your agent (on phone) explained exactly what I did need and it works perfectly. Thanks!!!

1 star user rating.

Feb 12 2019 6:39PM

The worst Central Vacuum company. Non patriotic and terrible customer service. Refused to help a disabled veteran out and made the warranty Exchange more difficult for me to physically handle. They said it's your problem not theirs. The only manager who will speak to you at this company is Dominic and good luck with that. nobody higher than her will give you a minute of their time to assist in any way. That demonstrates how important customers mean to them. I only had my central vacuum system for 3 years and the motor stop working along with poor quality components on the unit which is causing my canister to rust. The warranty process is the worst. It's a slow process so invest in a backup vacuum.

MD Response:

Dear Peter,

We are quite saddened by the response you left online reviewing our company. It appears that we disappointed you in three areas: 1) We did not honor you as a disabled veteran, 2) We provided terrible customer service, 3) The quality of our products is poor. I would like you to consider our response to each of these claims because we take these quite seriously. If after reading this response you see our perspective, we would kindly request that you recall any postings you may have made online. If you do not feel that we have addressed your issues, we will be posting this response where deemed appropriate.

Claim #1. We did not honor you as a disabled veteran: We greatly appreciate any and all who serve or have served in the US military, especially those who have sacrificed parts of their lives (or bodies) that cannot be restored. We have provided many free central vacuum systems to our local Wounded Warrior Project Bakersfield knowing the honor that disabled American veterans deserve. We have hired vets and see the extra value that they provide to our operation. Our owner, Wayne Emdy was a Vietnam War veteran until his untimely death in 1992 and both of his children served in the US military with various tours abroad. We partially understand the sacrifice you have made. You did state in your conversation with our staff that you were a vet and we did try to accommodate you above and beyond requirements, even offering to send out shipping supplies and a return address label to recall your power unit to the factory. We are the manufacturer and certainly cannot provide staff to travel to your home to replace any product that might be considered under warranty. By the way, all of our manufacturing and customer service is located 100% in California, USA, a very difficult state to run a manufacturing operation.

Claim #2. We provided terrible customer service: It appears that you initially were dealing with an independent dealer of ours in your region. His communication with you was that he could not get a hold of us for a week. That is not a normal occurrence as per the 3443 Customer Service reviews that are shown on our website. We are very clear that our offices are only open Mon-Thurs and we work diligently to respond quickly to all requests. I actually was at a trade show in Las Vegas with him the very day you initially contacted our factory. You called us February 11th indicating a problem of “rust” and a motor that stopped working. Over the next day we worked with your dealer to better determine exactly what the issue was. You spoke with three different staff members; Ally, Jenny and their supervisor Dominique. All three of these representatives have been with MD for a long time, Dominique for 15 years. They have been given full authority to handle all warranty and service issues. Your request was for a completely new power unit but the pictures provided indicated that there was a scratch, less than an .5 inches long right above the utility valve, partially hidden by the valve. For this you wanted a full replacement for your three-year old unit. The following day after you initially contacted us we sent out the packaging to you to return the product to us. That same day you posted your review on our website indicating that our warranty process “is a slow process.” We do not see how we could have sent anything out to you sooner. From what I found, all of our staff were courteous and listened carefully to your requests offering reasonable options to resolve your issues.

Our staff explained our warranty covers all parts and that if you returned it to the factory, we could determine if there were any defects. We even offered to send you all shipping supplies free of charge along with a call tag to pick the package up on our dime. We indicated that if there was a defect we would repair it and ship it back to you as a priority. We received your unit Monday, February 25th - Tracking #774492475664. We returned it back to you the same day Monday, February 25th - Tracking #785695344517. Records indicate it was returned to you Thursday, February 28th. There was no charge for any of this service. From all indications our staff listened attentively to each of your calls and requests and attempted to meet your needs, short of simply sending you out a brand new replacement unit.

On one of your online postings you indicated that we “pick and choose” what reviews are posted on our website. Other than blatantly false and spam reviews, we do post ALL reviews on our site. Your issue was rather complex, now requiring my personal review and I apologize for not getting this uploaded quicker. Your post will be put on our site with our response unless you tell us otherwise.

Claim #3. The quality of our products is poor: Your presenting issue was “rust” on the unit. Your own picture as seen below indicates a small scratch right above the utility valve.

We did not find any rust on this component, only a scratch which was likely caused when the utility valve was lifted which likely was caused by the valve being inserted tighter than necessary. Remember that this unit is three years old and likely is located in the garage of your home. Because of your initial comment to one of our staff that the unit had stopped working, we ran the unit for a prolonged period of time and did not find anything wrong with it. See the attached video that we took of your unit in operation. Not finding any indications of any problems we did replace both the entire can and the circuit board just to make sure you had no further issues. It is possible that other issues within the system may have caused this failure including the low voltage wires in the home, the hose, and even the electrical circuit breakers in your home.

While we are not a perfect company by any means, we work diligently with each and every customer to understand their needs and to meet them in the most efficient manner for all parties involved. We regret that you feel that our level of service was not adequate for your needs and would hope that we can earn your trust back in the future should you have any other central vacuum needs. Again, thank you for your service to our country!

5 star user rating.

Feb 3 2019 1:52PM


5 star user rating.
Jan 30 2019 10:09AM

I received very good personal support as I tried to change out the motors in my central vacuum system. I know I called a few times to get help and was greeted pleasantly and was talked through what I was working on. Great customer service.

1 star user rating.
Jan 26 2019 8:49AM

I never received the bumper and I never got a response for my request to return a handle.

(MD Notes: Credit was given for the handle without the requirement to return the item on 1/28. The VacuBumper was out of stock (customer was notified) and shipped as soon as it was back in stock)

5 star user rating.
Dec 27 2018 6:53AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Dec 12 2018 2:46PM

Purchased a home that was empty for 3 years. The system was an "OLD DINOSAUR" to say the least. Joe was an absolute angel!! Walked me through a lot over the phone then came out today and took time to check out the old system. Sad to say it was d.o.a.!! Within a short time frame JOE had the new one up and running!! Took time to explain everything to me. PROFESSIONAL AS THEY GET!! I would recommend JOE to anyone!! EXCELLENT WORKMAN SHIP!! OLD TIME WORK ETHICS TOO!! He said if I have any QUESTIONS, HE IS A PHONE CALL AWAY!! THANK YOU JOE...GREAT JOB!!

5 star user rating.
Nov 19 2018 5:46AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Nov 16 2018 8:12PM

A1 Vacuum, Inc in Kelso, WA did an outstanding job of explaining the new features and was on time and clean during the installation.

5 star user rating.
Nov 12 2018 12:25PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Oct 31 2018 2:43PM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.
Oct 24 2018 6:01AM

( Customer service representative has contacted customer for further information on how to improve customer experience as there were no details left in review. )

5 star user rating.

Oct 15 2018 12:11PM

Customer Service was great. I should have ordered the lock handle, but the standard stub worked as well. My agent was incredibly knowledgeable and even offered to refund my money when we thought my equipment required manufacturer replacement parts. After further discussion the part worked. The idea that they would refund fund a customers money due to a customer error speaks volumes about this company. I would recommend this company to family and friends.

1 star user rating.

Oct 12 2018 8:44AM

I belatedly opened a new MD hose for my vacuum cleaner, only to discover that the switch does not work. It will come on if we twist the hose, but it goes off randomly. As this was shipped internationally returning it for repair is impractical. It is very disappointing that MD quality control is such that a defective item was shipped. It is on me that I did not open the package within the 30 day coverage window.

( Customer service representative has contacted customer with information on the warranty of this hose so we may best resolve this issue. )

1 star user rating.
Oct 8 2018 3:20PM

Your web page is misleading. Did not receive what I ordered. Contacted service was told they didn't sell what I ordered so they sent out the wrong product.

(MD Notes: We worked with the customer to remedy the issue.)

3 star user rating.
Sep 20 2018 7:52AM

The assistance I received was polite & helpful but the product didn't fix the problem.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer and remedied the issue.)

5 star user rating.

Sep 12 2018 8:14PM

I have no complaints

5 star user rating.
Sep 6 2018 12:44PM

Total thumbs up. We ordered the wrong part - our fault - not MD and your company made it right. Much appreciate the great customer service. We are very happy

5 star user rating.
Aug 30 2018 8:49AM

Hey, I was happy you had the motor in stock and shipped promptly. Received via ground transport in eight days including crossing the border, organizing brokerage fees et-al.

keep up the good service


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