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Central Vacuum of Jackson Reviews

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Central Vacuum of Jackson
54 Misty Ridge
Oakfield, TN 38362
Phone: 731-616-0686
from 36 reviews

35 customer comments

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T. Gray
Joe and his team are the epitome of Sales and Service! There are few times in life when things are actually too good to be true... this is one of those times! They take great pride in their work and are always there for you after the sale! I HIGHLY recommend Central Vacuum of Jackson!!


Joe was ontime and kept me updated thru the entire installation process. The actual installation was performed by Joe with minimal mess and noise. He was patient and courteous with all the questions I posed to him. We chose the in wall storage central vac sys. My wife loves it. One hose does the entire first floor of our ranch style house and even reaches the bonus room. Added bonus is Joe placed the outlet strategically so I could use it to vacuum my car if I so choose. (As long as my wife doesn't see me ). He took time to explain the attachments and system operation thoroughly. We are extremely satisfied with the purchase of the MD vac inpipe hose Central Vac system. Another plus is that when we need vac replacement bags we can call Joe and they drop them off when in the area saving shipping cost.


Cindy Smith
Very helpful in solving my issue with my vacuum. Very friendly and a pleasure to work with. I will call in the future should I have more troubles.


Carolyn York
I wanted to let you know how impressed I was after meeting JOE REECE! Very personable, knowledgeable, just a great guy to meet! He went right to the source of the problem and repaired it. This trait might not mean a lot to some folks these days, but it means a lot to me - he was very honest, and I could tell that from our short exchange. Better keep him on board, people like him are few and far between!!! Thanks, Carolyn York


Excellent service! Prompt, friendly and adfordable, couldn't be happier


Shirley Butler
Very good service and on time.


Joe is friendly very professional and knowledgeable about Central Vacuum units. He is prompt in responding to customer needs and answers questions immediately.


I needed a new hose and power drive for my central vac. I told Joe I had an air driven system and he brought one over. As it turns out I have an electric. Joe was very nice and said he would order an electric one. I felt bad about wasting his time and having him order the wrong parts. He was very nice about. Got the right one and I love it. Highly recommend.


Brenda Watts
Thank you to Joe for the professional, timely installation of our central vac system. Everything was done on time and just as he said it would be. We just love it. We did add the wireless on/off switch about a week after installation and that was the best addition. I give Joe and his company 5 stars!!!! Thank you Joe!!


Blake R.
Great customer service, friendly, and professional. Diagnosed my problem with my old unit that was another brand and since motor was out we replaced with new MD unit. Couldn't be more pleased with product. Joe is great to deal with. Highly recommend.


Exceptional customer service! Fast response & very helpful. I highly recommend them.


Ms Ann Harrell
Great representative for MD. Execllent Service. Pleasure to deal with.


Deb Cummings
Joe definitely has the patience of "JOBE". I had a unique situation coupled with the fact my central vacuum was 8 years old. Joe was great to work with and very persistent in getting the job done...never gave up trying. Long story short, I received the parts he ordered and now my vacuum is in perfect working order and I couldn't be happier with the quality and service I received from Central Vacuum of Dickson. It was such a pleasure and easy process for me in working with Joe. You will be very pleased as well.


Extremely friendly and great person to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions! Very professional service.


Joe did an excellent job installing my new central vac. He installed it in a house a year old and you can't tell it wasn't installed before it was built. I would use him again if I ever need another one. Thanks Bobby


Ron Pennel
Mr. Reece was very helpful in helping determine our needs and explaining the product and servicing of the product. Mr. Reece and his assistant were very courteous and professional with us. I would recommend this company to others.


Chris & Melissa Todd
We have used Joe's MD system in our new house for 3 yrs. now and absolutely love it. It works flawlessly and keeps the dust outside. In the past, if I heard the traditional vacuum running, I'd start sneezing. No filtration system seemed to relieve that. The MD system does an excellent job of filtering the discharge into the garage where it is mounted. Never notice any dust and I don't sneeze in the garage when it is running. We sucked up some large hard pieces a couple times and created a blockage (totally our fault). Joe came quickly on the first one, since it was during the final construction and cleared it up immediately. The second time was recently and he guided me through the process over the phone, saving me a service call. When I needed bags after almost 3 yrs., he was at my door within a day or so. Better than UPS! Couldn't ask for better service or higher satisfaction.


Brenda DePriest
Joe was a system saver!


Mark Foote
Excellent sales and service. Would highly recommend.


Mike Freeman
I have had the pleasure of working with Joe for many years. His central vacuum is one of our customers favorite options. Joe has always been honest and reliable, if he says he will be there, he will be there and that makes my job a lot easier. I have used and recommended Joe for many years and will continue to do so. Joe also installed his vacuum in our home and we love it.
Thanks for all you do Joe.

Mike Freeman
Madison Construction, LLC


C Morgan
I love my central Vac.. can't imagine life without it. I vacuum my garage, porches and anything else I can think of. We have lived here almost 2 years and just now changed vac bags.. How cool is that??
Also Joe is a super good person, excellent sales person for the central vacuum.


Maryanne Shaver
Talk about fast service! I called Joe last Friday morning about 9am just to see if he would be able to answer a couple of questions about why my Stealth vac. attachment wasn't working...not only did he listen to me - he got my number and called me back about an hour later and said that he could stop by and check it out.
He was so personable, professional and pleasant - not to mention he was able to fix it in no time!
THANK YOU JOE! And give our best to your beautiful blessed family...including the 4 legged ones!


Becky Paschall, Cottage Grove, TN
Joe was so friendly and he ALWAYS did what he said he was going to do, WHEN he said he would do it. Everyone tried to talk me out of putting a central vac in my new home. I'm glad I didn't listen. I don't regret it at all. I absolutely love it. And I know if I have a problem with my system, I can count on Joe to help me out. Thanks Joe.


Jill Holloway
Joe did a great job installing our system. He is very courteous, friendly and professional. I had a problem with something and he answered my phone call, came to my house and fixed the problem all within a hour! It is refreshing to see someone so proud of his business and his product. He was great to do business with!
Chris & Jill Holloway


Tommy and Lesia Harper
We found it refreshing to deal with Joe. He not only does what he says he will do and does it when he says he will (unusual in this day), but goes beyond simply getting the job done. He does his job with a spirit of excellence and integrity. We have found the system to perform even better than expected, but to know the kind of service behind the system is very important to us.


John Hopper
Joe is one of the most courteous and dependable sub-contractors that I deal with. He is always on the job and completeted when he says he will be. Joe is easy to deal with and never complains when another sub causes a problem with his work or extra work for him. These qualities make him a Contractor's dream.


Beau Arnold
Joe fixed my central system even though I did not buy it from him. Even more astonishing was the fact that my 5 year old daughter,s kitten climbed in his trailer. Two days later I called Joe after remembering that his trailer had been open at my house after we missed the kitten. I asked him if he had seen my daughters kitten. He said he had and met me at one of his job sites to search for the kitten. Later that day after we had still not found the kitten he called telling me that he would check his house. Joe found the kitten in his trailer again two days later over 80 miles from my home and returned him to my grateful daughter. Joe went way beyond the level of service that I expected for a supplier/service contractor. Thanks Joe!


Karen Meadow
Joe installed a central vac unit for us as a combination anniversary/Christmas gift from our 4 kids. He did a fantastic job and gave the kids a great deal. He has always provided terrific service when it was needed and in a timely manner. We luv ya Joe.


Pat English
I called Joe and indicated that I was building my own house and wanted to install the unit myself. He was nice enough to tell me exactly what materials I needed and how to install the unit. Any time I called him for more materials or with questions he was quick to respond. It was the best experience I had in building the house and and I love the central vac. If using a vacuum makes you a sissy, then I am the biggest sissy of them all. All the noise and dust is on the outside of the house and it makes using the unit effortless. Thanks Joe for a great experience.


Judy Solgaard
Joe does an excellent job of taking good care of his customers. We have had our central unit for 11 years and never had a problem with it. Joe is always responsive when we have had questions or wished to purchase attachments. He's Great!
Judy & Toby Solgaard


Taylor Pendergrass
I have used Joe, Central Vacuum of Jackson, for over ten years. I and the owners of my homes have always been pleased with the service and the quality of the products received from Joe.

Singed, Taylor Pendergrass
Glenco Construction Co.


Brandi Cooper
I love my central vac! I'm a neat freak and love for my house to be clean. The central vac pulls out a lot of the dust that accumulates in the carpets. Joe Reece has also been great to work with. When I accidentally sucked up an area rug, he was very helpful! He's always polite and doesn't seem to be bothered by service calls-even on Saturdays. I would definitely recommend Central Vac of Jackson!


Joe Reese is the best. He needs to give seminars on customer service because there in no one in Jackson to compare. The vacuum is great too.

Donna & Rick Selby


Brent & Lamesa Earwood
Joe has installed two systems for us since we moved to Jackson. The first was a new construction installation which we purchased from the builder in 2000. Joe worked with us to relocate the unit from a downstairs closet (what was the builder thinking??), to the attic. When we contacted Joe about moving the unit, he came out the next day and relocated the unit at no charge. We recently moved into a larger home that lacked a central vacuum. Our first investment was having Joe come out and install a system for us. This allowed us an opportunity to see Joe actually install a system. The installation was done in one afternoon with no disturbance to our routine. We love the system, and Joe even came back to slightly modify one of the outlets to suit our needs - again at no charge. I can highly recommend Joe to anyone desiring a central system.


Neal & Janice Strickland
Mr. Reece of Central Vacuum of Jackson was great. We bought a lot and then planned our new home for several years. We would go to the home shows in Jackson and picked up brochures about central vac units that Mr. Reece had displayed. While in the process of building we contacted him and he met us at the house site the day after Thanksgiving. He gave excellent advice, answered all of our questions. He installed the unit on time and we are very pleased. This is the first house we have lived in that doesn't have to be dusted every week. We have e-mailed him a couple of times with questions and he always responds within the day.

Mr. Reece deserves 5 stars.