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Independent MD Dealership Interest Form

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M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. seeks businesses, throughout the USA and world, who have excellent mechanical and sales skills to independently represent our quality products. MD provides good territorial protection, limiting MD's products to a highly selective dealer network. Satisfaction awaits your customers and staff as each MD vacuum unit, part, and accessory is sold and installed through your hands. We trust you will become a successful business.
All information will be kept confidential. Privacy Statement

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* We have past experience selling or installing central vacuums.

* Our core business is:

* We will install and sell central vacuums:

* We currently have the following number of retail locations:

* For our installations we will:

* We have been in the central vacuum business since:
* We offer the following types of installations: (Check all that apply)

* We normally stock central vacuum inventory:

* We currently sell/install the following average number of installations per year:

* We currently sell the following brands: (Check all that apply)

* We currently obtain our fittings/miscellaneous parts from the following companies:

* We service the following:

* Regarding a demo system:

* Our company advertises central vacuums:

* We use the following advertising methods for central vacuums: (Check all that apply)

* Regarding computers:

* Regarding marketing:

Regarding business:
Have you ever been involved in sales?

Have you ever operated a business?

Do you currently hold any contractor licenses?

Have you ever been in any construction trade?

What trades are you currently involved in (if any)?
What type of products are you currently selling (if any)?
* Have you ever installed central vacuums?

Would you feel comfortable with the installation aspects of central vacuums?

What product volume do you anticipate for the areas?
What area or cities would you be willing to service?

Upon reviewing your dealership interest form we will review your territory. Based on this we hope to send catalog, price list, and short dealership application. MD Central Vacuums offers you a wonderful opportunity for personal and financial growth.