Thoroughly Impressive Quality and Performance

The EBK 360 Complete Attachment Kit for all Central Vacuum Systems. A fully featured vacuum kit for all of your cleaning needs including carpet, hard floors, and external surfaces.

The Power Brush is ideal for anyone looking for a well-built, powerful brush head with a bright LED headlight, five height levels, and more and is an excellent value for every home. Plus, its large wheels and pivot and swivel neck make rotation and maneuverability a breeze.

The Complete 360's most popular features include:

  • Sculpted Brush Roll
  • LED Headlight
  • Five Height Adjustment
  • Pivot and Swivel Neck
  • Accessories and Storage Tools
Stealth Vacuum Kit

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

For online retail sales, M.D. provides a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Test drive your new vacuum attachment kit for up to 30 days after product receipt. We are confident you will be satisfied. If not, you may return it for a full product refund. 100% of the product cost will be refunded, including taxes and applicable duties. The initial shipping and return shipping charges, and applicable international entrance/brokerage fees, will not be refunded.

Complete 360 Power Brush


  • Powerful 240-watt Motor
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Long-Life Cogged Belt
  • Wide Wheels
  • Pivot and Swivel Neck
  • Edge Cleaning Design
  • Height Adjustment Pedal with Height Indicator
  • Five Position Height Adjustment
  • Long-Lasting LED Headlight
  • Well-Built Overall
  • Sculpted Brush Roll with Chevron/V-Shaped Brush Configuration
  • Quick Disconnect Neck
  • 3-year Warranty
EBK 360 Complete

LED Headlight

Most vacuum cleaners that feature a headlight use incandescent bulbs, however, the Complete 360 features a high-powered LED headlight. The Complete 360 utilizes five powerful, long-lasting LED bulbs to illuminate dark spaces and corners, and allows you to easily see small objects on the floor.

LED Headlight

Five-Position Height Adjustment

The Complete 360 Power Brush has 5 height positions to accommodate most carpet piles and thicknesses. It has a height adjustment pedal, as well as a height indicator to allow you to easily adjust the height position based on your needs. The Complete 360 makes it easy to provide a deep clean to every type of carpet in your home.

Five-Position Height Adjustment

Large Intake Oriface and Sculpted Brush Roll

The large intake oriface in the Complete 360 dramatically reduces the risks of clogging your vacuum, and increases air flow to allow for greater effeciency. The sculpted brush roll design guides debris toward the intake oriface, and does not need the extra ribs other vacuums need to hold it in place. Without the ribs, it is much easier to remove long hairs or fibers that get caught in the roll, and allows for more constant, even brush contact for a deeper clean.

Large Intake Oriface and Sculpted Brush Roll

Increased Maneuverability

The Complete 360 is designed for ease of use and maneuverability. The large, rear wheels prevent the nozzle from sinking into plush carpet and running slowly. The swivel joint at the neck is able to swivel 180 degrees, allowing the handle to lay flat while the vacuum stays grounded on the floor. Combined with the LED headlight, the 180 degree flexibility makes vacuuming under furniture a breeze. The nozzle is also able to pivot 180 degrees, allowing for a more natural vacuuming pattern.

Increased Maneuverability