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Troubleshoot Motor, Relay, Transformer, Motor Brushes

Need to test or troubleshoot a vacuum motor or even a relay or circuit brush? You'll find the steps you need here, and we recommend letting a vacuum specialist do the troubleshooting outlined below. You can locate a local dealer here or contact us for references near you.

Test and Troubleshoot the Vacuum Motor:
Check and Troubleshoot Vacuum Motor Brushes:
Test and Troubleshoot Vacuum Transformer:
Test and Troubleshoot Relay:
Test and Trouble Shoot Vacuum Circuit Boards:
  1. Ensure that you are powering up the board with the proper voltage (120 or 240).
  2. Attach the power cord white wire to the “Neutral" (NTL) connection.
  3. Attach the black power cord wire to the “power in" or “line" connection.
  4. Plug the power cord into your power source.
  5. Now arc a wire across the low voltage terminals.
  6. You should see a little spark when you touch the terminals and you should hear a "click" inside the board.
  7. If there is no spark, then the transformer is bad. If there is no spark and you do not hear a "click" then the relay is likely bad. Either way replace the entire board.
  8. If you do see a spark and hear a "click" then you want to test for voltage output. Attach any 110 volt electronic device (or functional vacuum motor) to the output terminals - "Motor Neutral" and "Motor Power" for a complete circuit.(240 volt output cannot be tested on a 110 volt appliance.) If the electronic device does not run then you have a bad relay and the board needs to be replaced.

Our boards are made by Alutron, a common supplier for many vacuum brands. Since the basic functions of the boards are the same, our boards can replace other brands. The mounting may vary slightly, and there are no idiot lights on our board. These lights are not necessary, as they are based on hours ran, and not truly helpful data. Here is a sample circuit board, and they are available under electronics and vacuum circuit boards.