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Questions & Answers

Are The Hayden Power Heads Sold Separately?

Need to replace hayden superpack head does it come alone or do I need the hose attachments

We do sell Hayden carpets heads separately (Item #480). You can view/purchase this item by clicking here: Hayden Head #480,

How to Open Hayden Head

I have a new Hayden power head/SUPERPACK DELUXE. I JUST SUCKED UP SOME LACES AND NOW IT WILL NOT WORK. Did the belt come off? How do I open the unit? It is a HAY203 03. The laces were part of a sleeping bag and came out easily. Help!

You'll have to open it to check it out. To open, lift the top cover off by pressing the sides in. There are two screws next to the bulb. Remove those then pry the halves apart by separating the back corner first.

Kenmore Replacement Kit

I have a kenmore head #116 5718180 with a hose that has seen better days the valve is a universal will this kit work ?

The Kenmore systems had inlets with a diameter of 1.25", you will need the adapter for the hose found here,

Hayden Brush Motor Replacement

We just bought a house with a Hayden powerhead, which worked fine... briefly. Now the motor hums momentarily then goes quiet ... no brush action. I took it apart (great info on your site!) to make sure the roller moves freely ... it does, so it seem the motor is unhappy. No way to know how many hours on the unit. Should I replace the motor?

You know that the motor is getting power since it is making the brief humming sound. We would recommend replacing it with this motor

116.5717180 Powermate Belt

I need a belt for my 116.5717180 powermate head do you have this?


Our Hayden Belt is the belt that you need to replace for your powermate head.

Canada Dealers

need to replace our power head for Hayden central vacuum system Please advise of distributor to order close to our address, Live in Waterloo, ONTARIO N2T 2P2

We only have 1 distributor in Canada. You can find thier contact information here,

Parts and Diagram Needed

I have a Hayden 202 power head. I need to replace the roller and belts. Is there any place to get the owners manual to download so I can order parts and have instructions? Thank you

Electroglide Vacuflo Parts?

I'm looking for parts for a Electroglide Powerhead for a Vacuflo System. Specifically PN#7942 Cord/plug assembly. Vacuflo discontinued this head in January and doesn't sell parts for it anymore. I've seen seen this exact same powerhead badged Nutone and M & S in different colors. Do you know the actual manufacturer or where I can obtain parts for this?

Yes, that is actually a common brush sold under a variety of names including Hayden and PowerMate. We have the parts on this web page. If you have questions let us know.

116.5717180 Replacement?

hi, i just ordered the hayden super pack deluxe vacuum for my mother. I looked at her old brush & it was a kenmore double brush Power-mate, model 116-5717180. She never complained about the hose or any other parts of the vacuum, so i didnt feel it necessary to buy whole kit. I really can't afford it & this was just going to be a surprise for my Mom. I was under the impression that Hayden product was comparable to Kenmore. Can you just let me know. Not sure size of outlet but suction begins after hose inserted. Would greatly appreciate your help.

Yes, this is the correct replacement vacuum head for model 116-5717180 PowerMate. You can buy the vacuum or the entire kit, or replace it all with a newer Electric Kit.

Kenmore 600 Electric Kit

I have a Kenmore 600 central vacumm model no. 20.40520, serial no. OJ3 45898, with a Powermate head Model no. 116.29135. The system has the 1-1/4" openings that are power when opened. I am looking for new hose, wands, attachments, and powermate head. Do you have any equipment for this vacuum? Lee, Anchorage Alaska

We have several excellent options that fit your system. We have explained the options and adapters on this page Be sure read the "NOTE" text under the Electric Kits section. Also, you may want to call us directly so we can help you get exactly what you need.

PowerMate 11629429990 Replacement Vacuum Head

Hi, I am searching for a replacement powermate attachment for a kenmore whispertone. Model # 11629429990. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Pam from NY

We have two electric brushes with fit right into your vacuum hose and wands. They are here All the accessories and hard floor brushes on the site also fit your vacuum.

Suction Switch Not Working

I have a hayden system love it.still works great after 10yrs,but have a problem with connection.the hose/vacuum doesn't work unless i pit a piece of aluminum foil on the under side of the hose that connects to the outlet tomake the connection.then i get power but can't use the on/off or switch to the rotating head for you have any idea what the problem could be? my hose?the head?or the works the same fro all 4 of my outlets.thank you lynn

Your system is working correctly apart from the hose. Usually the switch is the issue but there are a few connections within the hose that may have failed. You can try the switch and see what happens. If that doesn't solve it, we'll put that money toward a new hose for you. Here is the switch

VacTrack, Steel Reinforced Hose

Which part number contains: 1) VacTrack (LED) 2) 14" Brushroll 3) 30' (or 35') steel reinforced hose 4) grey

The LED version is not available, but the kit as described in your list is. Here are four kits, top two have the pigtail cord, bottom two are direct connect to the voltage in the vacuum wall inlet. They are availabe here in 30ft or 35ft,419GC,418G,419G

Nutone, Old, Compatible?

I have a cv450 @20 years old. Works good but the low voltage hose is worn out. Can I upgrade to the 120v with powerhead for rugs? Will the 419g kit work? Thanks!! Jimmy Pocomoke Md.

Jimmy, you most certainly can upgrade to any of our electric kits. Simply buy the version with the "Cord" and it will fit right in. If you like the Hayden Kit over the others and want the 35ft hose then you need want this kit

Kenmore Inlets - Fit Small and Large?

My name is Dee from floral park. I have a kenmore central vacuuming system from 1986 will the hayden hose fit into the wall outlets that we currently have. Please let us know the diameter of the hose that goes into the wall. We are thinking about purchasing the kit. We really don't want to change the wall outlets if we don't have to. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dee, the hose (and the hose in the kit) will fit even if you have a 1.5 or 1.25 inch diameter inlet. We have both and adapters for the hoses that don't come in the smaller size. This is available for all kits and individual hoses. Please click on hoses or kits from this page for clear direction or give us a call and we'll gladly walk you through it.

Canada Shipping - Price?

Hi! I am interested in buying the Powermate replacement kit (30 ft) and the Dynamic Duo set. Could you give me an estimate including Shipping and Duty in US funds (and Canadian if possible)? Thanks so much! Jenn Koens

Hi Jenn, we have developed an accurate shipping calculation in the "Canada Only Checkout" option available in the shopping cart. Click it with the items in the cart that you want, put in your address and then you will see the shipping options and final price all detailed out by taxes, brokerage, and shipping. Hope this helps, and enjoy your new, wonderful products.

PowerMate Compatible? Other Accessories?

Hi! I'm interested in the Powermate accessory replacement kit (30 or 35ft) I have the 1.5" diameter wall inlets and the model number of my Kenmore Powermate is 116.3489890C. Will this kit work in my home? I am also interested in the hardwood floor kit the one with the duster and the mop (can't remember the exact name: something duo or team)will it work with the Powermate kit? Thanks, Jennifer Koens

Hi Jennifer, yes this kit and the Dynamic Duo all work with your system and with each other without any modifications. If you'd had the 1-1/4 inch diameter wall inlets all you'd need is one adapter to keep in the hose. Nevertheless you are good to go, enjoy!

Replace Hose and Accessories on 24-year Old PowerMate

I have a Kenmore Model # 116.4053280, almost 24 years old. I would like to replace the electric hose, the Powermate, the electric wands, the non electric wands and the floor brush for the non electric wands. What kit(s) should I order? Charles Smith Allentown, PA

Hi Charles, we have several options for you. But first see if you need the adapter that will stay in the wall end of the new hose. If your inlet port hole on the wall is 1-1/4 inches in diameter then you need this adapter no matter what attachment kit you buy That adapter works with all the electric kits we sell and all of them work with your Kenmore Central Vacuum System. The first three full kits listed here are all upgrades to your original equipment The photo above them, along with the link, is for original equipment (called Hayden by us). Usually our Kenmore customers buy the Stealth Kit or BlackHawk Kit. Stealth is pricey and super high quality. BlackHawk is the least expensive but does a great job. Both have auto shutoff so the belt will not break when jammed. All the electric kits come with the wands for the electric brush and the non-electric hard floor brush (though it is not pictured in the BlackHawk photograph). If you have more questions please let us know.

Hose and Nozzle for 116.5716180

Re Kenmore model 116.5716180. Please recommend replacements for powermate head and for hose. Don't need wands or accessories, but will buy if package price is cheaper than powerhead/hose separately. Outlet is 1.5" and suction begins after hose inserted. Thanks!

Hi, with your model and the 1-1/2 inch diameter wall ports you have excellent options. The best value would be this,352GC,353GC (choose between the 30 or 35 foot long hose). But for that cost you can get the entire BlackHawk Kit here: (buy one with 8ft pigtail cord hose). It is a toss up for us, we love both solutions.

1165718180 PowerMate Replacement?

I have a Powermate #1165718180. Will your part# PowerMate Accessory Kit Replacement, 30ft hose Part#418C-PM replace what I have?

Hi, yes, congratulations on finding us. This kit will replace your PowerMate and function just like the original because it is the same thing. The hose is a bit lighter now which you will like. Note if you need the adapter for inlets with 1-1/4 diameter hole Also, you are not limited to this kit. The Stealth, EdgeLift, and BlackHawk will all work with your system perfectly. They offer upgraded technology such as never breaking a belt. The adapter fits them as well, if needed. If you buy a Stealth or Blackhawk be sure to get the 8ft cord version (the pigtail on the end of the hose like you have now). These kits are the first ones here

116.5717180 Kenmore Vacuum Hose

i have a kenmore 1165717180 central vac system. i need the hose and pig tale , I don't see my model # in your information, can I buy the electric hose and plug it into my wand ?

Hi, yes, the original hose are any of these,343C,342GC,343GC,302-1.25ST (color and length vary) and you will need the adaptor as well if you have the 1-1/4 inch diameter wall port holes. This hose will connect right into the PowerMate wand with the electric cord's two pins at the top.

Other Options

I have a kenmore power mate 116571780 and head the replacement kit pig tail hose wand power bar

Besides this original replacement kit you can purchase these kits here (they have the pigtail hose and are also available in 35ft hose lengths). They are all going to have longer lasting belt life and a lighter hose. Included in the list is the adaptor if you have the smaller wall inlets.,421E30,423GC30,302-1.25ST

116.57184 Power-Mate Compatible?

Does this replace the Kenmore Power-Mate #116.57184? Also, looks like the motor unit was replaced in '98 with an Astro-Vac #SR-38. It has bags in it (HPB-) ... does it have to have bags and if so - where do I get them? And while I have your attention: HELP! This unit was installed under the house... not exactly my idea of fun. I would like to have it moved to either outside under a covered porch or into the back bedroom closet. Does it need to be vented outside or anything? It seems to work fine - so am hoping it is worth potentially putting all of this money into it... is this replacement power unit (the Astro-Vac) a good one? Even though it is 10 years old - I doubt if it was used much. Thanks, Rita in Portland Oregon.

Hello, we have the nozzle and the kits that replace the Kenmore model you have here but you are not stuck with that hose and nozzle. You can use any of these complete sets here For the bags they are found here Regarding moving the unit, it sounds like a great idea. We have "central vacuum" piping here (not available at hardware stores). If you need anything give us a call.

Sears Replacement?

Perhaps you can help me. I have a Sears/Kenmore central vacuum system that is 20 years old- model # 116 5419083. The connections are plastic and suction begins when the hose is inserted. The outlet measures 1.5 inches (I know you have told people to measure again but I already have and the actual hose opening/outlet is really 1.5 inches NOT 1.25 inches). I need a replacement power unit and new hoses. Which system do I buy? Thank you. Ron Mount Laurel NJ

Hi Ron, you can buy any electric kit here and it will fit right into your system You most likely need the "8ft Cord" version of the kit when offered. This system will not start when the hose is inserted but after you flip the hose handle switch to "on". This is a great convenience. The 8ft cord is a pigtail coming off the wall end of the hose that is inserted into a nearby electrical outlet. You are not dragging around a power cord, thankfully. Do you also want to replace the suction unit in the basement or garage? You can quite easily. We suggest our SilentMaster S44 or S2.

Replace PowerMate Central Vacuum Hose and Tools

Hi Norma in Paragould,AR Q:I have a Kenmore model # 1165717180 we purchased 11/92.I need to upgrade to new one.My wall opening is 1.50 and starts when you insert hose. I would like a one with a good power mate. What are my options? Thanks!!!

Hello Norma, thankfully you have the 1.5 diameter wall inlets. That makes for an easier fit and opens more options. You can buy any of the electric kits found on MD's Site. The only thing to remember is to buy the version of that kit that is corded or 8ft cord . That means the hose has a pigtail extension cord off the wall end of the hose. Here are your choices: The Hayden Kit is the same as the Kenmore one sold years ago. The Stealth is the best, top-of-the-line, and BlackHawk is awesome for the cost. Please call us if you have any questions.

What are My Replacement Options for Hose and Head?

We have a Kenmore model #116-4053481. We need a new 35 foot hose and power head. Ours starts when the door is lifted and you insert the hose. Which one do we need? Thank you! Carmen L/ Buffalo, NY

Hi, you have a lot of great options. You can stick with the 70s vintage Hayden or Kenmore products or treat your home to quieter, more durable, and easy to use product such as the Stealth and in many ways the BlackHawk. No matter which electric kit you buy you will need this adaptor to put permanently into the hose Start off here for an overview of the kits and when you buy one be sure it is the 8ft Cord version. All the kits have a 35ft version available. Let us know if you have any more questions.

116.44920 Kenmore Replacement?

I have a Kenmore Model number 116.44920 Will this fit? Thanks Robert West Monroe

Hello Robert, yes this nozzle and the wands that come with it fit into the original Kenmore electric hose. You can see that hose and this vacuum head and wands here as well:

Need Complete Replacement

I have a Kenmore central vac, model 34806, I am looking for a new hose and power bar (hose is 1.5 inches)

Hi, if the wall end of your hose and the inlet hole is just about 1.5 wide then this kit is the exact replacement to the Kenmore PowerMate Central Vacuum Unit. If it is 1.25 wide then use the #302-1.25ST adapter on the hose end for the perfect fit. You can use this adapter with any of our complete kits and use them with your Kenmore. Call us if you have any questions.

Low Suction, Low Power

Hi, I have a Hayden 7000 power head. Recently it sucked up some carpet and I can't get full power from the head, only low power with poor suction. I tried pushing the belt protector button down and have cleaned all 'bits' from inside the head to no effect.

So you have low suction with the hose only, without any accessories? Sounds like a clog. The brush doesn't spin well? It has an electric cord out the back, right? Then the belt, bushings, or motor is messed up. Pull the brush and clean the side bushings by pulling them off. No cord? Then the lack of suction equals lack of spinning.

Replace Complete Kit, No Small Parts

I have a vacume with the model no# 11640532. I need the 30 foot hose and the attachments for vacuming hardwood floors and also carpet. I do not need any of the small attachments. what would the price be and do I need an adapter? The vacume comes on when you open the cover. Thank you

Hi, yes you need the adaptor with your inlets The complete kits save you a lot of money and DO come with the accessories. Putting the kit together a-la-cart without them would be more expensive. Here are the electric kits that will work with your system using the adaptor. If you have any questions please all us toll-free.

Hose Only

Hi. I have a Kenmore 116.4462180 Central Vac. I assume I can use the Powermate #418C as a replacement with 1.25 adaptor. Is this the same as I have today? I noticed this option is less expensive than the Stealth...are there any considerations that I should know using one verses the other? Tony - Milan, NY

Hello Tony, you can save money and replace the hose (with stub tube if you have 1.25 diameter wall ports). It is the perfect replacement. If your PowerMate nozzle was ready to be replaced you could buy any of our electric kits and the stub tube and it would be beautifully into your system. Your call. Enjoy!

Vacuum Starts After Hose Insertion

Jan- Conyers, GA We have the Kenmore built in Powermate Model number 1165419081.We are looking to replace the power brush and possibly purchase the whole replacement kit. We were wondering if this is the correct kit to purchase. Our vacuum does not start when the door opens but must have the hose inserted first.

Hello Jan, you are correct, this is one that will work just fine. You do have options though of the Stealth and BlackHawk. They are new technology, durable, and completely compatible with your vacuum system. Take a look

CT14DX Vacuum Brush Overload

My air vac brush ct14dx carpet brush stopped working. The brush does not turn anymore. The overload button keeps popping up. What could be wrong.

Hello, the overload could be the motor is bad, there is material jamming up the roller brush ends, or there is a short. Most likely it is material that sneeked down into the roller ends. Remove the roller and clean the bushings.

11640532 PowerMate Wand and Brush

I have a Kenmore central vac 11640532. I have the hose but need the wand and beater bar brush. Which would fit my unit the best? And which one if I decide to get teh whole kit? (Hose, wand,and beaterbrush) Mike Huntsville, Al

Hello Mike, most of the time Kenmore used PowerMate vacuum hoses and heads. If yours looks anything like the items on this page then you have found the perfect match. You will see the brush and wands sold together here as well.


This is Alan in Lilburn, GA (Metro Atlanta). Q: Does the #419C-PM Kit include everything in the photo, including the tool accessory kit (#4001-PM if separate)? Q: What is the grey plastic device in the center of the picture next to the upholstery brush? Q: I assume the black, square object is an accessory carrying bag that hangs on what appears to be a matching plastic hanger that attaches to a wall or closet door, correct?

Hello Allan, yes it includes everything in the photo including the four piece set and the grey thing in the middle is a clip-on tool caddy for the metal wand. Yes, the large black object is a bag to hang on the hose hanger. Enjoy!

Kenmore Central Vacuum Kit

Carolyn from Elgin, IL.- I just moved into a home which has a central vacuum system. It's a Kenmore model #116.4462381. I am looking for a new 30/35 ft hose and also a new power brush. My existing Power-mate brush is model #57181. I would like to know which replacement parts I would need to order to fit my existing system and which web-site I would need to go to. The opening in the wall is a 1.5 inch diameter for the hose and the suction begins when the hose is inserted into the wall.

Hello Carolyn, thankfully you have the 1.5" diameter wall inlets. That makes for an easier fit and opens more options. You can buy any of the electric kits found here. The only thing to remember is to buy the verion of that kit that is "corded" or "8ft cord". That means the hose has a pigtail extension cord off the wall end of the hose. The Hayden Kit is the same as the Kenmore one sold years ago. The Stealth is the best, top-of-the-line, and EdgeLift is awesome for the cost. Please call us if you have any questions.

Sears Complete Accessory Kit

from Gerry I have a older sears in-house vac system and want to upgrade my hose and power bar. the model # on the power bar is 116578180. the outlet does not come on when the door is lifted you need to insert the hose first. Which unit do you recomend. Thanks

Hello Gerry, you have all your options. Just look at the Electric Kit and be sure you get a "corded" version of the kit. The Stealth is the best, then the EdgeLift, then the Hayden, finally the BlackHawk.

PowerMate Kit

My Kenmore central vac was installed in 1987. The opening is 1.5 inch and the unit starts suction when the cover is lifted. Will I still need an adapter if I am purchasing the powermate accessory kit?

From our past experience the inlets that start the vacuum when opened are 1 1/4 . Please measure the inside diameter of your inlet again as we wouldn’t want you to get the incorrect hose. You could also upgrade to our Stealth kit, which many of our Kenmore customers have done. See the following link.

CT14DX Information

My electric CT14DX carpet brush stopped working. I checked and the voltage is coming through down to the head. How do I open it to see if it is the belt?

Hello, to open the CT14DX simply press the sides of the light cover in and lift up. The screws are under it. Being also sold as Hayden the CT14DX has a list of parts and a diagram here

Need Filter for Unit

I don't think the filter has ever been changed on my Hayden. The house was built in 2000 and I recently moved in--second owner. Where can I get filters. I live in a fairly remote area with not much in the way of stores.

Hello, we have the washable replacement filter here and you should get a retainer clip as well since they have a tendency to break.,730HAYR

Sears Central Vac Attachments Upgrade

Debbie Smith, Howell, New Jersey I have a sears unit central vacuum model on the canister is 1164053380 and I want to replace the hose and electric beaterbar - the connection has a 1.5 inch. dia. hole insert into the wall. Please direct me, what replacement parts am I to purchase.

Hello Debbie, we and our customers highly recommend the Stealth Kit. It will fit right into your Sears system without any modifications on the kit or your system. Be sure to buy a "8-foot Cord" Stealth Kit and then a 30 or 35 foot hose length kit - your choice. You can start here at the Electric Kit page, but the Stealth will get you the most vacuum for the buck.

Only need the head and wands?

I have a 7 year old Hayden central vac system. The hose works fine when I take the wand and vacuum cleaner head thingy off. Can I order just a new wand and cleaner head thingy? Erin

Yes you can order them together on this page

11G2745528 Hose and Brush

I have a sears-kenmore power mate, model number 11G2745528. I need to buy a replacement hose (in grey) and brush. Can you please tell me which website to order these items from or send me the numbers in email and I can do it from there? Thank you.

Is this a central vacuum built into the house? We don't see it on Sears' site for parts.

Need New Attachment Kit

I have a nutone 353 model and need to replace the 599model head. The hose has wire thru it and that needs replacing with a lighter weight one. Which is the kit to get?

We have had tremendous customer satisfaction with the Stealth Kit and we just released Stealth II - all on this Stealth Page. It will fit right into your Nutone inlets. Some older Nutone inlets may have a slightly tight fit (simply scrape some a bit off the end of the hose). You most likely need the 'corded' hose kit. All kits wil give your older system 27% more vacuum power!

Only Need One Wand

I only need one piece the wand. How do I find where to order it.The button lock broke off of the piece of the wand that goes into the handle. It is a Hayden Super Pack unit.

We have a list of parts for sale for Hayden vacuum here. It is also a vacuum under other names as well, such as PowerMate and Panasonic. If the brush looks like yours it is, so the parts will work.

How to Change Belt

I have a Hayden head on my unit. How do I change the belt? Thanks, Tom Grube

Where the headlight is, press in the sides and lift that light cover off. You will see two screws. When undone you will see how to lift the roller bar out and put in a new belt.

Neck Connection Trouble

We bought our Hayden Super Deluxe kit about 1 1/2 years ago. The spring loaded pin at the end of the metal tube will not stay engaged with the head unit. I discovered that the rivet that connects the end of the metal tube at the cord connector broke and allows the tube to rotate slightly which causes the metal spring pin to disengage from the plastic receiver part of the head unit. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to order a new plastic receiver? Do you know the part number and cost? It appears that this is the same design for many other brands and models. Who is the actual manf?

Do you need a new lower wand or a new neck? This should be covered under our warranty.

Replace Kenmore Hose and Brush

I have a kenmore built in vacuum model number 11640540. i need a replacement electric hose and beater bar. Is this replacement kit the right one for this unit. i have the 1.25" wall opening. thanks for your help

Yes, you have the right one. You will also need this stub tube to fit your smaller diameter inlets, though. Simply push the tube into the hose end and you are set.

Kenmore Hose and Wands

I have a sears unit central vacuum model on the canister is 1164053380 and i need to replace the hose and wand and get attachments strictly for hardwood floors- my old hose was electric and could attach to my electric beater brush via a plug near the hand held area- but i do not need the powermate anymore- only a brush type to attach to the new hose if you have one or can recommend one

Not a problem and you will save a lot of money no needing electric carpet brushes. Measure the diameter of the hole the hose is inserted into in the wall. If it is around 1.25 inches you will by a basic hose with reduced cuff (and friction wands and any hard floor brush), if around 1.5 inches you will by a low voltage hose without button lock (and friction wands and any hard floor brush). See the Kenmore page if you are not already on it.