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Central Vacuum Installation

Guides, tips, tutorials on how to install or expand a central vacuum system.


How to Mount Your Central Vacuum Unit - Instructions

Read all installation instructions carefully before installing your built-in vacuum power unit.

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Installing Built-In Vacuums in Large Homes

Installation theory is quite simple for small 2,400 square-foot homes but how do you insure proper installation in a 12,000 square-foot mansion?

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Installing Central Vacuums in Concrete Homes

Many homes around the world are made by pouring concrete, and therefore have unique installation requirements.

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Double Y Elbow Issues

The Double Y fitting for Central Vacuum Systems can create potential issues that prevent your system from operating at its full potential.

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Central Vacuum ElectraValves Installation

How to install an ElectraValve for Household Use

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Wiring Instructions for Current SuperValve

How to properly wire the Current Carrying Hayden SuperValve

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Central Vacuum Installation FAQ

Some of the most Frequent Questions Asked about the Installation of a Central Vacuum System in your home, to help you plan and know what to expect.

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Central Vacuum Pipe Installation Options

The three major pipe options for installing a central vacuum plumbing pipe, flexible hose and vacuum tubing.

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Installing a Central Vacuum Dustpan

Learn how to properly install a VacPan Kick Valve to a central vacuum system.

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Installing central vacuum electrical inlet valves

Learn about the difference between electrical current and low voltage in central vacuum inlet valves, when to use certain valves over others.

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Central Vacuum Rough-in Installation

A outline of parts and steps for building your own central vacuum installation rough-in kit.

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