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Central Vacuum ElectraValves Installation

How to install an ElectraValve for Household Use

  1. Fasten the mounting plate to a stud within three studs (48") of an electrical outlet box. Measure and mark the wire 10" from the plug. Feed the wire through the top hole in the mounting plate (just above the circular opening). Snap the molded plug into the mounting plate as pictured (1). This will keep it secure and out of harm's way during drywalling and finishing. Line up the wire at the previously measured 10" mark with the strain relief channel on the back of the mounting plate. Secure it in place with the supplied wire tie (2).
  2. Run the ElectraValve wire to the adjacent electrical box. If you must run wire through a stud, drill directly through the center of the stud (4).
  3. Place the exposed ends of the wires into the electrical box through a strain relief channel (5). Tighten the strain relief (do not overtighten) on the white sheathing leaving 1/2" of this sheathing exposed inside the outlet box. Fold the 6" of black and white wire into the outlet box. Leave the wires to be connected by the electrician when plug receptacles are being installed. (Attention: Power tools such as routers are not recommended for use with the ElectraValve installation as removal of drywall with these devices may cause damage to the mounting plate and/or Electra Valve plug.)
  4. Once drywall and finishing processes have been completed, remove molded plug from mounting plate (with the aid of a slot screw-driver) and snap it into the wing slot at the back of the ElectraValve (6). (Please note: molded plug fits one way only, "Vaculine" engraving up.) Attach low voltage wires to screw contacts. Insert valve into mounting plate and secure valve to mounting plate with screws provided.

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