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Vacuum Installation Through a Closet

How to install a central vacuum system through a closet

On the floor below, apply glue to an adequate length of tubing and aim it upwards through the hole in the sole plate and into the short 90 degree fitting on the back of the mounting plate. Join this branch line to the trunk line using a sweep tee. Note the airflow direction of the tee. When strapping wire to the pipe, leave several inches loose at the valve. This facilitates servicing the valve by having slack in the wire.

If the inlet valve is to be serviced from the attic, shorter pieces of tubing joined by couplings may be required due to overhead space restrictions. Precut these pieces and work quickly to prevent the cement on the end of the tubing from drying before it reaches the fitting at the valve below.

Diagram showing installation of vacuum inlet valve

Installation through the closet

If obstructions make it impossible to run vertical tube lines through partition walls, the best and easiest alternative is to go through the insides of closets, particularly, when a closet on the second floor is directly above a closet on the main floor. Look for other possibilities such as well return air areas or under stairs.

Drill a horizontal pilot hole through the center of a suitable inlet valve location on the wall. Probe for hidden obstructions in the wall with a bent piece of coat hanger. With the pilot hole as a center, drill a 2-1/2" hole through both sides of the wall. Using a keyhole, saw cut a 2-1/2" x 4-3/8" hole in the outside wall (the side that will have the valve).

Diagram showing installation central vacuum pipe through closets in an existing house

Feed the low voltage wire through from the inside of the closet and thread it through the top hole of a trimmed mounting plate and attach it to the lugs on the back of the valve. Instead of a 90-degree fitting that was used in a partition wall, glue a coupling on the spigot of the mounting plate. Attach this assembly to the wall as described above in the partition wall section. Then, from inside the closet, insert a short piece of tubing into the coupling. Dry fit a tight 90-degree fitting pointed in the direction of the trunk line below or above. Cut a 2-1/2" hole below or above the fitting and feed a length of tubing through the trunk line. When you are satisfied with the fit, permanently glue the fittings in place.

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