Differences Between Low Voltage Mounting Plates

Learn about the differences between low voltage mounting plates as well as low voltage inlet valves for central vacuum systems.

Standard Plate Installation Parts

Plastic Plate Parts
Standard Plastic Plate Parts
Metal Plate Parts
Standard Metal Plate Parts
Short Tight 90 Plate Parts
Short Tight Plate Parts

Spaces between the plate and pipe

The photos below show the differences in space between the plate and pipe. The "Short Tight 90" image has a special mounting plate used inside walls not deep enough for the standard Tight 90, the plastic moulded screw tap on top is cut in half to allow the pipe to be so close.

Plastic Plate Pipe Space
Plate and Pipe Space Difference: Tight 90
Metal Plate Pipe Space
Plate and Pipe Space Difference: Metal
Short Tight 90
Plate and Pipe Space Difference: Short 90

The different inlets mounted

The photos below show what the different types of inlet look like mounted on studs.

Plastic Plate
Plastic Plate Mounted on Studs
Metal Plate
Metal Plate Mounted on Studs
Short Tight 90 Plate
Short 90 Mounted on Studs

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