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How to Mount Your Central Vacuum Unit - Instructions

Read all installation instructions carefully before installing your built-in vacuum power unit.



  • These units require a separate grounded circuit: S2 20 amp, 120 volts, and the 220/240 volts units.
  • Do not install unit in a confined space (closet or under an enclosed staircase). Improper ventilation can seriously damage the power unit. Consult the factory if in doubt as to suitable size of area.
  • Do not vent exhaust into walls, ceilings, or attics.
  • Do connect power unit into a separate ground circuit.
  • Do check circuit to ensure proper voltage.
  • Do check to ensure that the circuit breaker and wiring are the proper size (check electrical codes).
  • Do keep power supply cord away from heated surfaces.

Mounting Power Unit

  1. Install the mounting bracket high enough to allow the bottom of the power unit to hang a minimum of 6 inches above the floor. Secure mounting bracket to wall using two (2) #10 x 1-1/2 inch screws. Holes are provided for 13" to 16" stud centers. If a stud cannot be located, use wall anchors or toggles for maximum strength.
  2. Run two inch (2") vacuum tubing from wall inlet on right or left side of power unit. Do Not glue or cement the connection to the unit! Use the red or white cap provided to seal the power unit intake not used.
  3. Connect the two low voltage wires from the wall inlet to the leads on the power unit using the blue wire nuts provided.
  4. Make sure that filters and bag gasket are properly in place and that the lid is on the unit.
  5. Plug in the power unit.
Diagram of the central vacuum unit installed

Specifications for each MD Central Vacuum brand

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