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Wiring Instructions for Current SuperValve

How to properly wire the Current Carrying Hayden SuperValve


New Construction

  1. Install BUILDING WIRE CONDUCTORS (1) through the approved type electrical CONNECTOR (2) (supplied) until they protrude approximately six inches from connector. Seat connector firmly into the opening atop the WIRING COMPARTMENT (4). Insert and secure LOCKING TAB (3).
  2. Splice wires from INLET VALVE RECEPTACLE (7) to the protruding building wire conductors with #31 TWIST-ON WIRE CONNECTORS (8) (not supplied). NOTE: White wire to white wire & black wire to black wire.
  3. Feed LOW VOLTAGE RELAY WIRES (5) through opening in the LVT COVER PLATE (6) and connect to the two contact screws of INLET VALVE FACE PLATE (9).
  4. Push INLET VALVE FACE PLATE (10) into MOUNTING PLATE (11). At the same time, push ELECTRICAL CONDUCTORS (12) and CONNECTORS (8) into WIRING COMPARTMENT (4). Back out the two screws that hold the wiring compartment in place. Slip upper FINISHED WALL CLIP (13) under the screw heads and tightly fasten both wiring compartment and upper finished-wall clip (13) with MOUNTING SCREWS (supplied).
  5. Install the lower FINISHED WALL CLIP (14) with screws (supplied).
  6. Secure INLET VALVE FACE PLATE (10) to MOUNTING PLATE (11) using the two supplied color matched SCREWS (15).

Finished Construction

  1. After pipe, low voltage relay control wire, electrical building wires, and opening in wall have been cut:
  2. Remove mounting plate NAILING FLANGE (16). Use a hack saw or score with razor knife along dotted line and snap off.
  3. Repeat step one (from NEW CONSTRUCTION)
  4. Install modified mounting plate with short 90 degree ELL glued in position into wall opening.
  5. Repeat steps 2-6 (from NEW CONSTRUCTION).

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