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Power Unit and Inlet Valve Location - Installation Manual

Locate the best placement for your central vacuum unit and inlet valves.

The Power Unit Location

The power unit can be located in the garage, basement, utility room, or any other area that is dry and remote enough that living areas will not be affected by the sound of the electric motor.

Diagram showing vacuum power unit location

The unit must be mounted within three feet of an electrical outlet. Electrical specifications of the power unit should be checked to avoid overloading the circuit. The unit should be mounted so that it is out of the way and still accessible for emptying. If the system is to be exhausted outdoors, the power unit should be located on an exterior wall. Venting to areas such as patios and entranceways should be avoided. Vacuums must breath - do not enclose. If the unit is to be located in a closet or utility room, it must be vented. Louvered doors fulfill this purpose. A muffler can be used to minimize noise.

Inlet Valve Locations

Correctly positioned inlet valves will ensure trouble-free vacuuming over the many years of service that will be received from a central vacuum system. The hose must be able to reach every corner of the house and go around furniture to get there. Drapes, closets, and ceiling corners all much be reached as well. Central locations such as hallways, bedside doors, and adjacent to the bottom of staircases are ideal. Areas such as behind furniture or behind doors should be avoided.

Diagram showing inlet valve locations in the home

A thirty-foot string or the hose itself can be used to help plan the layout. If working with 1/4 scale blueprints, a seven-inch string can be used to represent the hose. If an electrical beater brush is to be used at present or in the future, the inlet valve should be located within five feet of an electrical outlet. Air-turbine driven beater brush heads do not require electricity and thus allow more flexibility when choosing inlet valve locations.

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