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How Does A Central Vacuum Work?

Central Vacuum Features, Tips, and Tricks.


There are five components to a central vacuum system that make it work: The Power Unit, the Piping System, the Low Voltage System, the Hose, and the Attachments. The right combination can provide you with the most efficient clean and we are more than happy to help you with the right selection for your needs. Contact a local dealer or call our highly experienced customer service team for further assistance.

Power Unit

The Power Unit remains stationary and is normally heavier than a portable vacuum, containing much stronger motors. It also has a far more extensive filtering system to increase motor longevity. The units reside in a remote location such as a basement, garage, or mechanical room. This allows for debris particles to be removed from the living space and into an encapsulated unit. It is also easy to access the trash bags and replace them when necessary.

Piping System

The Piping System is installed in the walls, attic, and crawlspace to connect inlet valves to the remote Power Unit. Inlet valves, about the size of electrical outlets, are installed strategically throughout the home so that a hose length of 30-35 can easily clean all surfaces of the home from the inlets. Typically one inlet will cover 600ft2 of living space. The rigid PVC pipe is 2 (50mm) in diameter and has a very smooth interior to ensure a unobstructed flow of air all the way to the remote Power Unit.

Low Voltage System

The Low Voltage System consists of a small wire that follows the pipe from the inlets all the way to the Power Unit. Similar to a doorbell, closing the circuit activates the device on the opposite end. The inlet valves have two small contact points inside that mate with the hose.


The Hose is available with many options. We have a large variety of different hoses for different purposes in your home. You can select between the large variety of regular hoses which are inserted into the inlet valves around your house or you can select to go with the Hide-A-Hose option which retracts back into your wall for an easier storage solution.


Attachments are all standardized at 1.25 (32mm) diameter and fit in the end of the hose. Flip the switch on the end of the hose and it will both turn on the remote Power Unit (via the low voltage wire) and the electric beater brush (via the hose as described above). The suction from the remote Power Unit pulls through the piping system, the hose and the attachment to safely and effectively remove unwanted dust and debris from the home.

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