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Buy Direct from the Factory?

There is no dealer in my area. Can we buy direct? Terri


Please call the factory direct at 800-997-2278 for sales of the Modern Day system when no independent dealer is present in your area.

2 Green and 1 Foam Filter Replacement

I purchased a cream mesh filter (740) for my MD (115 volt, model B2). When I removed the paper and cloth bag I found two green mesh filters with a foam disc in between. Should I replace the foam disc with the new cream mesh filer or is the cream mesh filter a replacement for the green mesh filter?


Our part number 740 replaces all three filters on older MD systems. MD Manufacturing now makes the units with only this single #740 filter instead of the old style three filters.

Venting Outside

I have an older unit which does not vent outside. In order to vent outside, do I have to change the entire unit (which works fine)?


Some older Modern Day power units vented through many louvers making them unable to vent outdoors. Our new models, however, can all vent outdoors. Please give us a call to let help you transition.

Needs Service?

my md unit is 14 years old. it just doesnt clean as well as it used to. is there something we should be doing to tune it? restore the motor power? etc? (outside of changing the bag) gail needham, ma


Please start with this easy MD Central Vacuum Troubleshooting Flowchart to find the issue and let us know if you have any questions.

Need Attachment Kit

Hi I have a Modern Day in house vacuum. I need a new head and I dont know the model number or the serial number.... What can I replace it with....Please let me know.... fran......


You have a lot of great options with your Modern Day. You can use any attachment kit we have. Please start your consideration on this page and if you have any questions let us know.

Unit Remains On

I have a MD, Model B2 central vacuum system that has been working just fine for about six years...until now. The problem is it won't shut off...even when the hose is removed from the wall. The only way I was able to turn it off was to unplug the main vacuum unit from the wall socket where it is mounted in the garage. The system still "sucks" fine and I was able to finish cleaning the house. What is going on and what do I need to do to fix it??? PV,AZ


Please follow these directions to find and resolve the issue Troubleshooting Central Vacuum Guide. Also take some time to read through the MD Vacuum Manual.

Change to Closed Bag

I have a MD model B2. Can I use the conversion kit with this to change it to use a closed microfilter bag as shown on your website? I couldn't see any model numbers listed - it just said for MD vacs. That would be so much better. Linda West Bloomfield, NY


Yes you can convert any vacuum made by MD that has an open bag to a closed bag. You can find all filtration parts and upgrades for Modern Day Vacuum here.

How to Change Bag

How do I install replacement bag? Can the unit be run without it? Martin


There is a cloth support bag and then a paper bag in it that wraps over the edges. If you really need to run the unit with only the cloth support and no paper filter, you can, but order the paper bags and put them in right away. We have the bags and filtration items for MD Modern Day online and maybe there is a dealer in your area. Also take some time to read through the MD Vacuum Manual.

New to Central Vacuums, New Home

I moved into a home built in 1989. Well, when I plug in the hoses into outlets nothing happens. It will work if I turn it on outside. But I can run up and down stairs and rush cleaning. It smells like dirt in garage. It has open bag and its full, but I can't get it out and don't have instructions. Can I order bags from a vacuum store in town?


Congratulations on the home and central vacuum. To find why the hose will not turn the vacuum on, go through this Troubleshooting Central Vacuum Guide. Thankfully you have a top-emptying bag type unit that is not damaged at all when over filled for years. Take some time to scoop dirt out first so it weighs less. We have the bags and filtration items for MD Modern Day online and maybe there is a dealer in your area. Also take some time to read through the MD Vacuum Manual.

Model 82 Filter Paper Bag?

What bag do I need for a MD Modern Day Model 82?


That is actually an MD Model B2 and here are the 8-gallon replacement bags and other filter items. As the manufacturer of MD we have everything you need for your vacuum and to get the most out of using it. Let us know how we can help in the future.

Compare Central Vac to Shop Vac

PLEASE! How do central vac's create suction compared to say a std. Shop Vac (single impeller) or compared to a true positive-displacement vacuum pump ? Would allowing holes in the suction pipe provide more cooling air? Also, what sort of suction (vacuum) can they create? A shop vac can go to about 2 psig I have found out. And what sort of 'pump' is a Lamb pump? impeller or pos-displacement and with what suction performance possibility (in psig). Looking for options to do some vacuum-bagging for improved bonding. Thanks a million mike


Central vacuums have historically had far greater performance than any portable or shop vacuums. The friction loss in the tubes has proven to be quite minimal as long as a quality filtering system is employed. Top-of-the-line portable vacuums such as Shop Vac’s would have about 65 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) whereas our standard Model S2 would have 183. The tubing system is to be completely sealed to allow maximum suction through the entire system. Each bypass motor has it’s own cooling fan that draws air from around the motor to cool it; so there would be no need to add additional holes in the piping system. Central vacuums have not normally been rated in PSIG but it would be around 13-15 on some of them. Lamb Electric is the major manufacturer of vacuum motors in North America and the one that we have represented for almost 50 years. They are on the NYSE and make excellent products. The motors have actually a series of fans attached to the end of the rotating shaft. Fan structure is quite critical to achieve the correct waterlift and CFM for the intended use. Hope this helps you out. Please feel free to reference our website with any additional questions.

Never Changed Filter Bag?

I have an older MD built-in vac system. We have never changed the bag and I intend to start doing so. It is a model B2. Which bags do I need, and how are they installed? I opened the top of the unit but can't quite see how they attach. Also, do you have a list of available attachments and options? I would like to get full use out of the system. It seems to work great.


Thankfully, you have our signature top-emptying vacuum tank that will never be damaged when the filtration is not maintained. For your information, here is the Owner's Manual for Modern Day. You will find bag changing, replacing, and buying information there too. If your bag is full of dirt it can weight as much as 50lbs so you'll have to scoop out a lot of it to begin with. Getting new attachments will take your cleaning to the next level as well. Your system is universal so it can use any of the tools, kits and hoses for Modern Day. If you have a carpet consider an electric kit. Simply changing the bag and buying a new kit will take you to a whole new level in CLEAN.

Complete Filtration Cleaning

Have had MD vac for 30 years and it's working fine. A friend has another brand of central vac and his motor burned out due to clogged filter above motor. So I removed my secondary filter and cleaned out obvious large dust. Should I do anything else with it, like rinse it with water? Thanks, Al King, Calgary, Canada


With the MD filtration system, there is nothing that can get clogged so much as to burn out the motor. You have done everything that is needed for a complete filtration cleaning. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Old MD System Needs Hose

I have a Modern Day central vacuum system installed about 25 years ago. I need a new hose. The female wall outlet has 2 small metal protrusions on the internal top aspect and the male on the hose has a metal collar. Thanks, TC


At MD Manufacturing, all our hoses are compatible with your MD whole house vacuum system. You may also consider a new complete hose and tool set too, especially an electric one if you have any wall to wall carpet.

Best Replacement Central Vacuum for Buck?

I am looking at replacing an old central vacuum system that was in my home when I purchased. It really doesn't have much suction. I would love to have something that has great suction. My home is approx. 2500 sq ft. What do you recommend. I would like to get the most bang for my buck. I also would like to get the power head, what do you recommend? Katy Kelso, WA


We highly recommend any of our mid-line central vacuum models. They will all have better power than older systems and the price is affordable. We also recommend our electric attachment kits for deep cleaning. The main vacuum units are sold through local independent dealers so purchase both as you find a dealer through the Dealer Locator.

Older MD - Desiring Electric Powered Grooming

My parents have a Modern Day System Central Vacuum that is 20 years old. They have 3 dogs and live in the country. These circumstances constantly break any of the air powered brushes they buy. Is it possible for them to upgrade to an electric powered brush? What does that involve? I would like to purchase one for them for Xmas. Thanks for your help, Tawny


The electric kit, especially Stealth, will make a HUGE difference in cleaning and will last a very long time. The belt has a lifetime warranty! You don't need to change anything in the system, just buy any electric kit with the 8ft Cord/Pigtail option. The hose, on the wall end of it, has an attached electric cord that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. You don't need to plug it in if you are not using the electric head and if the outlet is too far use a small extension cord. The wires are hidden in the lightweight hose. We're confident they will be very pleased. Here are the Electric Kits for Modern Day Vacuums.

Modern Day E2 Replacement Filters

I have a Modern Day E2 central vac. There is no rubber gasket. How to get a replacement? Also, I find three filters: the paper filter, cloth support bag, then a ring-shaped foam filter, behind perforated metal. Can I replace this third filter?


As the manufacturer of Modern Day whole house vacuum, we have everything you need on this page Replacement Bags and Filters for Modern Day Central Vacuum Systems.

B2 Model - Hose and Vacuum Needed



Model B2 works with Electic Kits and Air Kits. They are all compatible with your system, but one would be best considering the flooring in your home. If you have wall-to-wall carpets an Electric Kit is our recommendation, but if the majority of your home is hard floors then you can save some money with an air only hose and tool kit. Start here for buying a complete central vacuum kit for your home.

Modern Day Wiring Diagrams

schematic for E3 central vac 3 motor instalation


You can find wiring diagrams and motor replacement instructions for all the Modern Day models on the replacement motor page for Modern Day.

Old System Works, T210 Power Head Not Working

I have model T210 cleaning head and the Friction extension wand. I just moved in so I do no know how old the model is, but I suspect it is quite old. My problem is that the vacuum head will not stay on for more than 3-4 passes. Can you give some advice? I do not know if filters were changed regularly. How can I tell?


This vacuum head should spin really good and slow down slightly when on the carpet. If it doesn't then change the filter first. Test the vac directly from at the main vacuum unit with and without the hose using the manual switch on the right side bottom. The Turbocat can be on its last legs. We are glad to here the vacuum system itself is working well.

Easier Latching Wand

I love the MD system for cleaning. I had this recently installed in my newly remodeled home. I have difficulty, however, disengaging the hardfloor wand from the hose. It is nearly impossible for me to find the button. To compound the issue, I don't have great arm strength to pull it loose once I find it. I wish the units came apart easier. I always need help when cleaning! This is my reservation in recommending your product to others.

Thank you for writing in and we understand the problem. That is why we recently brought on a new wand that makes this so much easier. Take a look at the Comfort Grip Wand here. Please give it a try and if you don't think it helps we will reward you all your money back including shipping. Do note that this wand is for hard floor vacuuming or turbine TurboCat carpet vacuuming, not for electric driven carpet nozzles such as Stealth.