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Simply choose your brand below for 100s of parts, upgrades, help and more - or give us a call at 1-800-997-2278.

Let us help you repair, replace, troubleshoot, and maintain your vacuum system no matter how old or new. Every system can be upgraded and enhanced to meet your cleaning needs. Compare us to others! We have incredible reviews and all our products are under our roof (we do not drop ship from third party warehouses). Please choose your brand below or give us a call.

Simply choose your brand below for 100s of parts, upgrades, help and more - or give us a call at 1-800-997-2278.

Customer Testimonials for MD Central Vacuum

"We are very happy with our MD central vacuum unit accessories."

"Had to call to find out which part I needed. They were great at helping me. Later I ordered online and that was super easy."

"Like the products and were glad they were still available for my vacuum. Would use this company again."

"Excellent product, great service, reasonable pricing."

"I'm a returning customer. I've always been impressed with the quality products and high level of customer support. I would not go anywhere else for my central vac needs."

"Competitive pricing and great service. Easy to order with Amazon checkout."

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We have one goal - that your central vacuum works to your complete satisfaction. The versatility and benefits of a proper working and accessorized integrated vacuum are superior to all other cleaning options. To that end, we are here to help you, give you options, and never try to sell you something you don't need or want. We are truly your best online source for central vacuum parts and information. We have more parts, tutorials, troubleshooting tips, FAQs, product reviews, and technical support staff than all of the other central vacuum retailers. AND unlike many other online stores, we ship directly from our warehouse where we keep all of our inventory; this means less delays and no restocking fees for our customers. Confidently order and get the parts you expect. With 20 years of online experience, you can be sure your home and central vacuum will receive the care and quality they deserve.

Inlet Valves
Inlet Valves

Replace broken or old inlets. Many options available, how-to video, and VacPans too.

Installation Parts
Installation Parts

All the necessary universal pipe, wire, and fittings to get the job, repair, or addition done right.

Tools and Accessories
Tools and Accessories

Clean more surfaces better with new and improved tools. Keep the dust and allergies down.

Extension Wands
Extension Wands

Take the frustration out of vacuuming. Connect easily and reach further.

Hoses and Parts
Central Vacuum Hoses and Hose Parts

One of the best changes you can make is a new hose, or repair with hose parts instead.

Motors and Parts
Central Vacuum Motors and Parts

Brand new replacement vacuum motors, electronics, parts. See brand for details.

Filtration and Storage
Filtration and Storage

Replace bags, filters, and filtration parts to get your machine running at 100%.

Carpet Brushes and Kits
Carpet Brushes and Kits

Get the best clean possible with a new carpet brush or kit. They fit all vacuum systems.

Decades of experience with central vacuums means that you can rest assured that no matter which central vacuum system you have or what your question is, we have the knowledge, resources, and parts necessary to assist you. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system, add to it, or replace part of it, we look forward to helping you find the right central vac solution for your needs.

VacShield Accessories

Central vacuum parts can sometimes be difficult to find, and it can be even harder to be sure you’re getting the right part. We have a vast collection of questions and answers specific to each brand and product to help guide you online, or you can get the answers you need by simply calling one of our helpful customer service agents. All brand names are property of their respective owners.

The following is a list of some other brands we can assist you with. Use the navigation at the top of the page for compatible products.

Action, Aqua Air, AMS, Aristocrat by Certified Vacuum, Aspro, Beamco (call us for help), DoraVac, Electron, GE, Grand Central, Homematix, Majestas, Miami Carey, Pow-R-King, PowerVac by Western Vac Engineering, Progressive, Rotool, Seravac, Simplicity, Sistem Air, Soluvac, Spartan, Stor-Vac, TrendVac, UltraClean, and Wanda.

Some top replacements available for central vacuum systems:

  1. How to upgrade to an electrical driven power head and hose without changing anything.
  2. 110 volt ELECTRIC central vacuum hose, power brush, complete kit, or inlet valve.
  3. NON-ELECTRIC hose, power brush, complete attachment kit, or inlet valve.
  4. Accessories for all central vacuum systems and installations.

Parts for central vacuum units, power brushes, installation, and more:

  1. Central vacuum power head parts inventory (such as belts).
  2. Central vacuum power unit parts inventory (motor, relay, transformer).
  3. Central vacuum bags, filtration and parts inventory.
  4. Central vacuum basic inlet valves or electric voltage inlets inventory.
  5. Central vacuum installation parts, PVC fittings, pipe inventory.
  6. Central vacuum installation tools and low voltage wire inventory.
  7. Central vacuum hose parts.

If your system is not listed above, you can start here.

Basic Inlet has Low Voltage Electric Inlet has Low Voltage and High Voltage

Regardless of what your inlet valve looks like, if the inner diameter of the inlet hole is 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches, then it is a universal size and all central vacuum parts will fit the inlets and work with the system regardless of the name or age of the system. If your system is not universal, we have adapters to fit nearly any central vacuum hose or accessory you need. Just ask us.

Finding information and help online for central vacuums is easier than ever, and at MD our goal is simple: we want you to love using your central vacuum. So, since 1996, we have been developing a comprehensive, easy to use knowledge base for anyone to use. Through MD, hundreds of thousands of homeowners have found help and parts for their central vacuum system. While many other sites now have the same idea, we have made it our mission to continue to improve and offer the best central vacuum parts and service available.

There is so much more than simply finding the right replacement part for your central vacuum. Learn how your vacuum works, how to maintain it, and how to update or upgrade it to keep it running its best. It is easy to replace an old central vac unit with a new one, even if it's a different brand. Or, simply replace parts such as the motor or filtration system to bring new life to an existing system. Add an inlet or remodel your home and move the main vacuum with our installation parts. Simply check out our guides for do-it-yourself instructions, or partner with one of our numerous dealers to get the job done.

If you come across something you need that isn't offered on our site, contact us for help. If we don't have what you are looking for, we'll direct you to the next best place to look.